Got bored on the drive home from Nothe Carolina and I had this one-shot stuck in my head all night before. So here you are! My first non-dialog fic! It's exciting.

Taylor Townsend was scared. Her knees were shaking. Her heart was pounding. She was having a panic attack. She had never seen herself ever getting married. To be honest she thought she'd spend her life jumping from one man to another. It had seemed like the way to go but then she met him. He had changed her mind in more ways than one. He had somehow made her fall in love with him. She hadn't even seen it coming, it had just hit her like a ton of bricks one morning as she laid in his arms after amazing sex. They had decided to keep their relationship secret from everyone at that time but she realized that morning that she didn't want to hide it any long. So she woke him up and told him either they told everyone or it was over. She knew she wouldn't leave him. She knew if he said he didn't want to tell anyone then she wouldn't argue but she needed to make their relationship known. He had told her that he would tell the whole world if it meant she wouldn't ever leave him. That was enough to hook her.

They had barely lasted through college. She had gone to France to only return home to be in his arms. She couldn't live without him and being away from him for those few months made that evident. She came home unexpectedly. He wasn't even in his dorm when she had come back. Instead he was out. That had worried her. So she sat down in front of his dorm and decided she'd wait for him to get back. He hadn't made it back until past four. He had a girl on his arm. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. He hadn't even noticed her sitting there. The girl had seen her first. He tried to explain himself quickly but she had already seen enough. She found herself slapping him across his face. She hadn't ever been this angry with him. Her heart was breaking. The one guy she thought she could ever trust had let her down. Sure, she knew that she had come out of nowhere but he had promised her he would never cheat on her even if she was 3,000 miles away from him.

She spent the next two months skipping from one man to another to ease her pain. Nothing was working. She had been excepted into Berkeley. She had tried avoiding him but everywhere she had turned he was there. Of course, that was probably her fault seeing as she spent her free time following him around campus to see what he was doing exactly. She had seen him with the slut from that night a few times. She figured he was fucking her because their relationship had seemed anything but friendly. Her best friend had tried assuring her he was miserable and very sorry for what he had done to her but she refused to take that. He hadn't even tried contacting her since. She never thought that one guy could make her feel like this.

It had been four months to the day since she had returned. That's when he contacted her. He said he was only giving her some space to cool off. That had only pissed her off more but it was him and she had gladly excepted his apology. She told him she thought they should take things with their relationship slowly. He had agreed saying he'd do anything for her to be back in his life.

They had spent the next 6 months taking their relationship slow. She had barely been able to refrain from jumping him every time she was around him. The night they had become reacquainted with each other was the ending to a perfect day. They had just spent the entire day together visiting family and then with a very romantic dinner that he had planned all on his own. She had declared that that night the sex had never been better.

They had broken up four months after that. He said he wanted to try being single for awhile. He said he didn't want any type attachments during the summer. He was spending his summer with his foster-brother in Rhode Island. He left her broken and miserable, again. Shecontacted her best friend and was able to join her for the summer going across the country fighting for animal rights or something like that. She wasn't even sure what she was doing but it was better than being alone.

They had returned for their junior year at Berkeley that fall. She had heard from his brother that he was dating some girl in Providence over that summer. She tried to make him believe that she didn't care but truthfully she had cared.

She tried dating this guy but he had only bored her to death. There had been nothing interesting about this guy that could make her interested in him in the least bit. He had been the worst fuck she'd ever had in her life. He had no idea what he was doing. Maybe it was because she had compared him to him. No one could get her as wet as he could.

He was dating the girl she had caught him taking back to his dorm that night that seemed like so long ago. She spent her days walking around like a ghost. She didn't go out, ever. Her life consisted of school. She dumped the boring guy, he hadn't even been able to ease her loneliness.

She was depressed, again. She couldn't understand how she had let him do this to her. He hadn't said a word to her since their breakup those months ago. Her best-friend hadn't even tried telling her he was upset. Because she knew he was happy. She could see it all over his face when she caught glimpses at him. She had stopped following him after the first month they had come back to Berkeley.

Somehow that year they had managed to have a class together. She sat in the back while he sat closer to the front. She would watch his blonde head intently barely able to listen to the professor and his lecture.

She had 'accidentally' bumped into him one day after class. He wouldn't look her in the eye as they both said sorry. She asked him why they hadn't spoken to each other. She asked why they couldn't at least be friends. He told her there was too much history between them to let that happen. She didn't understand him all too well at that point.

She went out dancing one night. She had decided if he could move on so could she and for real this time. Not just random fucks or stupid boring guys. She met a guy. He seemed nice enough. They went to his house where she found a picture of his wife. Needless to say she stalked right out of there. She wasn't going to help him cheat on her. She tried again the next night. He was there. She had her eyes on him all night but not once did he look at her. His eyes stayed on the girl he was with. She wasn't happy. This wasn't how her life was supposed to go. So she grabbed the closest cute guy she could and grinded her hips into his. She kept glancing back at him to see if he was watching her. And he was. He looked jealous and that had only made her kiss this random guy on the mouth. Random guy asked her to get out of there. She told him no. She said she didn't want a random fuck. She had tried that too many times for it to actually work right.

Two days later random guy called her and asked her on a date. She agreed. He seemed nice enough but he was no him. She ended up dating random guy for two weeks to only find out he was using her to get into her pants. She didn't want that, not this time around.

He contacted her a month later. Asked her if she wanted to have lunch or something. She declined. Told him that there was too much history and she hung up on him.

He called a week later. Asked her the same question. She declined, again. Then she hung up on him without saying anything else.

This went on for over a month until she had finally agreed on lunch. She said this wasn't a date and if he even thought she would run back to him he was stupid.

They went ate lunch every day together for two months before he asked her on a real date. She had wanted to decline but had decided that she'd go on this date with him and see how it went. After all she still loved him.

She wanted to know what had changed his mind and why she should agree to be with him this time around. She asked if he was tired of his other girlfriends or if he wanted to just have her to fill his free time. She wasn't sure she liked this. She just wanted him to want her, all of her. She wanted him to want to be with her and love her like she did him.

That night they reunited once again. She knew this was wrong. She knew she should hold out but it was him and she couldn't deny him her body.

He told he loved her for the first time that night. He said he didn't want to lose her again. Seemed like she had heard those words before but this time they sounded more real than ever. She had told him that this was his last chance. That if he screwed this up she would never take him back again.

They finished college. She had gotten a job offer in New York while he had gotten offered a job right there in Berkeley. She left. He stayed.

He had shown up unexpectedly. It was almost 5 am when the knock had come to her door. He was standing there looking more tired than ever but seeing him she ran and jumped into his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist as they stumbled into her apartment forgetting to even shut the front door.

He moved in with her the next week.

They were together 5 years when he asked her to marry him. They were visiting family in Berkeley. It had been perfect and she had forgotten to even say yes when she jumped him. She figured that was as good an answer as any.

Nine months after that night they were blessed with a baby. Four years later she's standing in the middle of a room staring at herself in a mirror.

She smoothed her white dress down. She pulled a piece of hair behind her ear. They had a challenging relationship but they had made it through everything.

It's time. Time for her to walk down that isle. Time for her to marry the man she loved.

That's where she found herself sick. Sure she loved him but this was scary. She wondered if he would love her forever like he'd be promising in the next five minutes.

Her daughter ran into the room smiling her wide smile looking everything like him. She told her mommy that her daddy was waiting on her. She looked back at her darling little girl and smiled.

She took a deep breath and turned her body around. She told the little girl she was ready.

She didn't walk down the isle alone. Her daughter had walked with her. She met him at the end.

This was it.

This was forever.

This was perfect.

She was marrying Ryan Atwood and she had never wanted anything more than this.