I redid everything. Minor changes were made, but much remains the same. You'll just have to read through the whole thing again. Sorry.

The boss either lost his mind, or wanted Deividdo to waste his time. There was no way that the Kazekage would walk into a tavern like this, especially this far from his village. Deividoo decided that he'd stay for another hour, then leave and have a few choice words with him.

There were only three suspicious people in the tavern. Well, more suspicious than normal. Three Rain Village ninja were quite a sight to see in this part of the world. They most have come for a mission. Two were at the bar of the tavern, quietly sipping their drinks. The other was sitting about five meters away at a table enjoying some ramen. That one was probably a look out, not that it mattered. Deividdo didn't care what Rain Shinobi did. This was pointless.

Just when he thought this would be dull, a cherry blossom haired woman with vibrant green eyes walked in. Deividdo begged internally for her to look his way as he noted all the right curves in all the right places. She was hot stuff, that was a given.

[NOTE: She's more...er..."bustly" in this series than in part 2.]

He wasn't happy when she walked right up to the two Rain Shinobi at the bar and sat next to one. He wanted a lady to charm. Well, who said he couldn't? It wasn't like he cared if he was interfering with someone else's mission. His sucked anyway.

He got a second glass of sake for her and walked right up to the bar. The seat to her right was open and she wasn't talking to the Rain Nin, so he sat down.

"Hey, babe," Deividdo said, placing the glass of sake in front of her, "Care for some?"

"I'm not 20," she replied.

"Shame," he said, sipping his glass, "Deividdo is my name, what's yours, gorgeous?"


"Ino. What a beautiful name, for a beautiful woman."

"Is there something you want?" Ino asked, raising her eyebrow in interest.

["This guy is so annoying," she thought.]

"That has yet to be determined," Deividdo said, "What's a woman like you doing in a place like this, anyway?"

"I'm...looking for someone."

"He wouldn't happen to be your...boyfriend, would he?"

"No," Ino said bluntly, "Just an old friend."

"Well," Deividdo said, "Why don't you tell me about this friend? I might be able to help you."

"Will it cost me," she said with a sexy voice.

["I can't believe I have to play along with this," she thought, but with a smile on her face.]

"Just your company," he responded.

Ino looked at him with fire in her eyes and said, "Not interested."

"Playing hard to get?"

"She's not," the Rain Shinobi next to her said, with a slightly scratchy voice, "You are starting to annoy her. And it would be unwise to upset her."

"Who asked you?" Deividdo said placing his arm around the woman, "Come on, babe. I have a lot of connections, and I'm sure we–"

Deividdo then felt a fist connect with his face and he flew back. He landed on the table where the third Rain Nin sat, who made a desperate effort to save his ramen from the onslaught.

"What happened to being discrete?" the Rain Nin closest to Deividdo asked.

"Your way works much better," cherry blossom responded.

As Deividdo sat up, scratchy-voice said, "I told you it was unwise to anger her. And fondling her ass without her explicit permission, angers her."

Deividdo knew trouble was on the way. He placed his hand on a crack in-between the floorboards and used his chakra to drag dirt from under to floor onto his hand. The Rain Shinobi who had been eating ramen was glaring at him with blue eyes. Deividdo couldn't see any other features under the shadow of the other's hat.

"Do you have any idea whose wife you just groped?" he said to Deividdo.

"Like I care," Deividdo said, "It's about time she was touched by a real man."

Deividdo hardened the dirt on his right hand and swung. The Rain Nin grabbed his hand just 30 centimeters from his target, said ninja's face.

"Earth element?" the other said, "This could be interesting."

With a flex of his fingers, the Rain Nin made the dirt on Deividdo's hand brake up. So he had the earth element too? That wasn't good. Deividdo jumped back and threw three shurikin at his opponent. He didn't see how accurate his aim was, as he was busy busting through a window. He'd have a easier time using Jutsu outside.

"You ruined my hat," the Rain Nin said, rubbing his blond hair with his back turned, "I liked that hat."

"I'll ruin more than that," Deividdo said, throwing five kuni at him.

He hit the target head-on...and it disappeared into a puff of smoke. A shadow clone! Where was the real one? Behind him? Above?

"Where am I?" said ninja asked mockingly, "Right where you least expect me. Suiton: Suirou no Jutsu!"

[Water Element: Water Prison Technique]

Damn it! He went underground and came up behind Deividdo. There was only enough time for Deividdo to turn and see his captor.

No mistake could be made. The blue eyes, blond hair, and wide face. It could only be...

"Uzumaki Naruto," Deividdo said aloud, "The Fox Ninja!"

"That was to easy," the cherry blossom said.

"Yes, it was," Uzumaki said, then turned to Deividdo, "I have a few questions. First one: Do you really think you're fooling me with that mud clone?"

Uzumaki put his free hand inside the water prison and made five hand signs.

"Suiton: Gogyou Fuzen no Jutsu!"

[Water Element: Water Vice Technique]

The Water Vice crushed the mud clone. How was Uzumaki able to see through it? That was impressive. Deividdo didn't like where this was going. He was glad he sent a mud clone in instead of going himself, but he wasn't much better off on the roof of the tavern.

He opened up his bingo-book and looked up Uzumaki's name. This is what he saw:

Uzumaki Naruto

Leaf Village–Jounin

Elements: Wind, Earth, & Water (Shadow)

Specialties: Kage Bunshin Jutsu, Shunshin no Jutsu, Rasengan, Yamakatta no Jutsu, Iwahou no Jutsu, Suirou no Jutsu, Uzumaki Naruto Renda

Orders: RUN ON SIGHT!!!

Team: Team Uzumaki–regular leader

"Run on sight?" Deividdo thought, "He can't be that dangerous. Is Ino part of his squad? Is "Ino" even her real name?"

It wasn't. Listed under Naruto's info were his regular teammates. Uzumaki Sakura was the first on the list, with a picture of the woman he saw in the tavern next to the name. If he wanted to win, he'd have to fight dirty and attack her. Naruto would obviously take the hit for her and Deividdo could take him to the boss, who'd finally see his talents.

He took out eight kuni knives and aimed at Sakura, who foolishly let her guard down. He threw them with expert precision. They hit their target...a sign for the "Make-Out Tactics" movie?


Deividdo ducked just in time. A gloved fist would have gone through his skull if he hadn't. Sakura had not only used the jutsu to save herself, but get in position behind him. She made several more swings, which Deividdo dodged. If she landed even one, he was history.

"You know," Naruto said from behind.

Deividdo turned and saw five Narutos, each holding a Rasengan.

"If the bait is obvious," they charged, "DON'T TAKE IT!"

Deividdo jumped out of the way of each Rasengan. Was Naruto toying with him? It didn't mater. The only hope Deividdo had of getting away alive was to cause a distraction and run as fast as he could. A well placed paper bomb might work. He landed on the street and reached to grab one, but...

"Why...can't...I...MOVE," he growled with frustration.

"Shadow Possession complete," a voice said from behind him, "And to think I planned one-hundred moves ahead. Nice work, guys."

"Thanks for the help, Gaara," Naruto said sarcastically as he landed.

"I thought you could handle it," the scratchy voiced one said, "He was no match for you."

Naruto grabbed Deividdo's wallet ("Hey, give that back," he protested), and pulled out some money.

"This should cover the damages," Naruto said with a smile, "And my lunch."

"Naruto," Sakura said, putting her hands on her hips, "That's stealing."

"I prefer to think of it as compensation for my victory."

"Compensation? You–"

"Hey, I like to listen to you two fight as much as the next guy," the one behind Deividdo said, "But could you please knock this guy out. It's such a drag holding him."

"All right," Sakura said, walking over to Deividdo, "One finger. That's all I'll need."

"On three, okay?" the ninja holding him said, "One...two...THREE."

Deividdo felt his body freed just as Sakura's finger hit the pressure point in his forehead. And he blacked out.

Six ninjas, two from the sand and four from the leaf, sat in silence as they waited for Deividdo to awaken. Gaara was used to waiting, so it didn't bother him. Next to him was his bodyguard, who insisted on coming. She was so overprotective, even Gaara couldn't stand it.

Unlike the others, Naruto was standing up. He had changed over the years. He was now over 185 centimeters tall. It was hard to believe people used to call him "shrimp". Naruto's face had also become more defined. What changed the most about Naruto, however, was the look in his eyes. He wasn't some goofy, idiot kid anymore. He was serious, but he was still impatient. It wasn't something most people could see, but Gaara was good at reading people.

Sakura had changed as well. She wasn't much taller, but she'd certainly developed into a more shapely woman. Kankuro once told Gaara that the most attractive women were the last bloomers, it seemed that he was right. Sakura had also carried herself differently. She was more calm, and even more determined (if that were possible).

Shikamaru wasn't much different, but that may have come from the fact that Gaara saw more of him than the other Leaf Shinobi. Shikamaru often came to deliver messages to the Village Hidden in the Sand, but Gaara knew that he really wanted to spend more time with Temari.

The fourth Leaf Shinobi, Ibiki, also seemed unchanged. He was just as scarred and silent as Gaara remembered. He was temporarily placed on Team Uzumaki just for the interrogation.

"Looks like our guest is coming to," Ibiki said, grabbing Deividdo and taking him to the next room, "I won't be long."

"It shouldn't take even 5 minutes," Gaara said, "His will is very weak."

"So how are things with you, Gaara?" Naruto asked after Ikibi left.

"My duties as Kazekage leave me with almost no free time," Gaara explained, "It was hard to even convince the elders to let me come here. By the way, Shikamaru-san, Temari is doing well."

"I didn't ask," Shikamaru said, turning away.

"You wanted to," Gaara said, "Temari talks about you all the time, especially how you should quit smoking."

"Haven't seen much of her lately," Shikamaru said, "How are things going with her students?"

"They are progressing," Gaara stated, "She'll probably recommend them for the Chunin Exams coming up."

"The Sand Village will be hosting them this time, right?" Shikamaru asked.

"Yes," Gaara said, "So, if you wish to see her again soon, you'll just have to ask the Hokage point blank instead of finding an excuse."

"Come on, Shikamaru-san," Sakura said, "Why don't you just confess your love for her and get it over with? Everyone else knows about it."

"Look who's talking," he responded, "How long did it take you to tell Naruto how you felt? And he wasn't even conscious at the time."

"Well, I thought saying it then would make it easier to tell him when he did wake up," Sakura explained with a blush, "And he did wake up while I was...well..."

"And what did you do when he woke up?" Shikamaru asked.

"I...I...hit him."

"I rest my case."

"I was confused," Sakura said with exasperation, "I never felt this way about anyone before. No one ever loved me just because I'm...me. I didn't know how to react to that."

"Generally, hitting said person would be the wrong thing to do," Shikamaru said bluntly.

"All right," Naruto said, stepping between the two, "That's enough. She is my wife, Shikamaru. And it doesn't matter to me how long it took her to say it, or how she said it. What matters to me is that she says, 'I love you,' to me at every opportunity."

Sakura smiled warmly at him and slowly walked to him and gave him a kiss. She may have also whispered "I love you", but Gaara couldn't hear it to clearly.

"Well, that was easy," Ibiki said, walking through the door.

"What did he say?" Naruto said, backing away from his wife (with a highly noticeable frown appearing on her face).

"We'll have to move quickly," Ibiki said, "He was supposed to meet up with his contact in an hour."

[One hour later]

Sakura didn't like it. She had to watch as her husband put himself in mortal danger again. It was a well thought out plan, but she still didn't like it. Naruto was meeting Deividdo's contact at the Light and Shadow Bridge; using the Transformation Jutsu to impersonate the man. Sakura wouldn't be able to hear what was going on, so she had to wait until Naruto gave the signal. Gaara and Shikamaru were hanging back at each of their hiding places, so they were set for anything. I theory at least.

The contact approached "Deividdo", warring a light violet robe that covered his face. She carefully moved her head to see.

"Sasuke-kun?" she whispered.

No. It wasn't Sasuke. If it was, he would have used the Sharingan to check for the Transformation Jutsu. The plan would have been over before it started. Whoever it was, was also an imposter. The two began to talk, but because of the wind Sakura couldn't hear a word.

[Fortunately, we can.]

"Hello," Naruto said.

"Deividdo," the other responded, "You came alone?"

"Of course," Naruto responded, "What do think I am?"

"Oh, just be quiet," the other said in an un-Sasuke tone, "What do you have to report."

"It was a pointless mission. The Kazekage wasn't there. Why would he be, now that I think of it?"

"It is none of your concern," the fake Sasuke said, "Now, I have an update for your Bingo Book. Hand it over."

"Do you really think I'll just lay down and–"

"Your Bingo Book," the faker said in a slightly louder tone.

Naruto had no choice now. He didn't have the Bingo Book. He had to call in Sakura and capture the imposter. He gave the signal; Sakura was by his side in an instant.

"Hey, how about I drop my act," Naruto said, transforming back, "And you drop yours? The real Sasuke could have seen through that."

"You brought down Deividdo?" the fake said.

"It wasn't that hard," Naruto said, "After all, I am the legendary Uzumaki Naruto, Master of Three Elements, the Fox Ninja, the Great Toad–OW!"

"Cut it out," Sakura screamed after hitting him, "You're acting like Jiraiya."

"Well," the fake said, turning back to normal, "I guess I should drop my act too."

"Karin?" Naruto shouted in shock, "You transformed into Sasuke. Tha...that's really disturbing."

"Oh, like you haven't tried it," Sakura said sarcastically, "I won't complain if you kill her, but try to take her alive."

"Oh come on," Naruto said, "It is Karin, after all."

At that moment, two Shadow Clones of Naruto came up from under the bridge, each holding a Rasengan. One aimed for Karin's legs, the other for her face. Karin backed out of the way, and right into Shikamaru's range.

Karin smiled slyly and said, "Did you really think it'd be that–AHH!"

She noticed Shikamaru's shadow just in the nick of time and jumped five meters to her left. Quite out of his range.

"So it's not just the two of you," Karin said, "But Shikamaru is useless against someone as smart as I am."

"You look pretty stupid to me," Naruto said, "Look at what you're standing in."

She hadn't noticed that she'd landed on sand. Sand that was rising around her legs and up her body. She cursed them several times as the sand covered her chest and arms.

"Not so cocky now, are you?" Naruto asked.

"Wait," Sakura said, watching Karin, "Gaara, release the sand. She used the Replacement Jutsu!"

Gaara let go just in time. A paper bomb went off, spraying sand all over. Fortunately, it didn't fly as far as it would have had the sand covered the whole thing.

Sakura pulled out shurikin, four in each hand, and jumped up.

"Raiton: Denkou Shurikin Renda," she screamed while spinning, releasing each shurikin at a precise moment.

[Lightning Element: Lightning Shurikin Barrage]

"Karin's that way," she said, pointing in the direction she heard a shurikin being deflected, "Wait, Naruto."

She went after him. He still ran off on his own. It just wasn't smart.

"Naruto, you've got to think," Sakura said.

"Don't worry. Get ready," he said, making several hand signs and landing on the ground, "Doton: Iwahou no Jutsu!"

[Earth Element: Rock-Cannon Technique]

A rock twice Karin's size shot right out of the ground and came right at her. She dodged to her left towards an open field. Naruto was herding her, and intended Sakura to finish the job. She made four hand signs.

"Suiton: Mizuhou no Jutsu!"

[Water Element: Water-Cannon Technique]

A shot of water came out of Sakura's mouth and forced Karin into the open. Sakura landed right behind the other woman and got into position. Naruto landed right by her and they combined their hands, his left and her right, to make six hand signs.

"To people making hand signs together!?" Karin shouted in shock, "But that's–"

"Impossible?" Naruto and Sakura said together, while clasping each others hands, "Suiton: Tsuin Sune-ku no Jutsu!"

[Water Element: Twin Snake Technique]

Two water serpents came from their free hands. Naruto's was larger, but Sakura's was longer. This allowed them to take advantage of Sakura's perfect chekra control and Naruto's raw power. Only two ninjas with their skills and were as close as they were could do a jutsu like that. And it had taken them two years to perfect.

The work was flawless. It was very entertaining to see Karin struggle to stay out of reach of Sakura's snake, while avoiding Naruto's. Eventually, they couldn't hold the jutsu and had to let it go, causing water to splash all over the field.

"Ha," Karin said, noticeably laboring with her breathe, "It didn't work."

"Maybe," Sakura said with a smile, "But you're at a disadvantage. You've worn yourself out, and you're covered in water."

She made three hand signs and placed her hands out in front of her, facing each other. The look on Karin's face told Sakura that she recognized the signs.


Lighning arced between the fingers of her hands. Her maroon chakra molded in the palm of her hand. Her Chidori wasn't as destructive as Kakashi's or Sasuke's, but it was precise and controlled. She could regulate exactly how much energy came out where. This was how she got her nickname: The Scarlet Spark.

She charged at Karin, who foolishly tried to dodge it. She didn't realize that unlike with other's who used the Chidori, if Sakura used it, you couldn't dodge it. You only lessened the damage. This was what she was counting on. As Karin avoided the destructive center, she ignored the lightning arcing into her wet clothes, shocking her. Karin was on the ground in five seconds.

"Nice work," Shikamaru said, "What should we do now?"

"Well, there's no point in staying here," Naruto said, checking Sakura ("I'm fine, Naruto," she said with a sweet smile), "We should take both of them back to the Leaf Village for questioning."

"It's going to be such a drag carrying them for two days," Shikamaru said, "But you're right. Guess you'll be heading home too, Gaara-sama."

"Yes," Gaara said, "I can't stay away any longer than I have."

"Glad to work with you again," Naruto said, "And thanks. Now we're one step closer to finding out what Sasuke is up to."

Gogyou Fuzen no Jutsu (Water Vice Jutsu), Yamakatta no Jutsu (Mountain-Cutter Jutsu), Iwahou no Jutsu (Rock-Cannon Jutsu), Denkou Shurikin Renda (Lightning Shurikin Barrage), Mizuhou no Jutsu (Water-Cannon Jutsu), and Tsuin Sune-ku no Jutsu (Twin Snake Jutsu) are all my own creations. By the way, I'm writing as if each character has a unique chakra color.