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"You really, honestly don't mind that I morph into a giant dog?" Jacob Black

1. He loves his father, his sisters, Bella, Nessie (of course), and he's even beginning to feel something for those vampires right in that place he claims his heart isn't. But that's nothing compared to the complete and utter devotion he has to his pack. Before, he was one of the pawns, or maybe a bishop, with Sam playing the role as leader.

Now...now he can feel their grumbles in his head, the complaints and worries and fears, and sense that behind it, every one of his small group would die for him. Leah doing it in a contest, Seth joyously, Embry for revenge, Quil reluctantly (because of Claire), but each of them would lay down their life for Jacob without thinking about it, without a command. Jacob would kill himself without Renesmee, but if he lost his pack, he wouldn't have to kill himself. He'd already be dead.

2. He doesn't like Edward. Nu-uh, no way. He hates him. That prat stole Bella, and why is he better than him, Jacob? Edward is a show-offish, conceited, blood-sucking know-it-all. What he have that Jacob doesn't? Fangs? Check. Love? Double Check. That weird never-ever-going-to-get-old-again thing? Check.

But he saw Edward when Bella was sick. Saw how torn up the guy's face was, and the only thing he could think of was join the club. Because Edward looked exactly how Jake had felt for years.

3. There's voices in his head, and very few people in the world can say that without being crazy. Sometimes he talks back to the voices and they obey him. Sometimes he yells at the voices. Often times he laughs at them. They're as much a part of him as his phasing, or his left leg. Those months of quiet were eerie, and being human for too long just made him feel lonely.

There are people in his head. They're there all the time. Jacob loves every one of them.

4. Bella. Isabella Swan. His whole world used to revolve around her, about making her happy. She broke his heart (the one he claimed he no longer has). Then she buried it and danced on the grave, probably with Edward. And yet Jacob couldn't keep away.

Partly because of Renesmee. Okay, nine-tenths because of Renesmee, but there was still that thing linking them. That incredible bond that was beyond friendship. Maybe Jake had been hanging around the blood-suckers too long. He was starting to believe in magic.

5. Sometimes he misses his mother. He was young when she'd died, and didn't remember her as well as Rachel or Rebecca did. Maybe that was why he could stand being in the house she'd died in, helping the old man she'd left behind. Sometimes Jake wonders how life would be different if he had a mother. Maybe she'd understand the whole Bella thing. Maybe she could have saved his heart.

But then he jerks himself out of it, saying mothers aren't that great anyway. Who needed them? Whenever he thought that, he pretends he doesn't notice his suddenly wet eyes and goes out for an extra-long run.

6. Running (he's trying to stop himself from talking about Nessie. it's killing him. He's seriously just buying time now). There is very little Jake can associate with the feel of the Earth under his paws, knowing that he's strong enough to take down even the most powerful prey (yes, even a vampire, if it was a one on one fight. He's stubborn).

Maybe if you were the biggest, fastest lion in existence and was given a heavy dose of catnip (or LSD) and suddenly found turbo jets on your hind legs it would be something like it. Or not.

7. Back to his pack. (He's really trying to stay away from her, or else he'll end up telling you that she smells like the best perfume in the world and her hair--) His small, loyal, little pack. He has a favorite. He isn't supposed to but does anyway. Little Seth Clearwater is the kindest werewolf you'll ever meet, and it's really hard to find the words kind and werewolf in the same sentence unless your reading about how a wolf took down the kind old elk or something.

But he was talking about Seth. Seth was the first to join the renegade group. He jumped in front of newborn Bella to protect Jake. He befriended the leeches and stood up for them against mean ol' Sam. He was a good kid, and Jake sincerely hoped he would imprint one day (no, that does not count as talking about her)

8. Yes, he still calls them leeches, or bloodsuckers, or anything else he could think of, preferably to their faces. Just because she is half one of them doesn't mean he has to like any of them.

Well, okay, Emmett is alright. he's definitely the most lively of the bunch, and the one who'll always take up Jake on the bets they inevitably make whenever their bored. And yeah, Alice is okay too, a little to perky and sunshiney for Jacob's taste but at least she's not all doom-and-gloom like her mate Jasper who seemed to think the world was going to end sometime soon and Bella would probably have a hand in it. And so what if Carlisle was amazing at fixing bones before they had a time to set wrong, and Esme was the sweetest mother hen on Earth. He still hated them all.

9. Not all. He's restrained for nine points. Renesmee. Nessie, because Renesmee is such a mouthful. The imprinting was...and speed and sharp eyes and incredible mind and amazing communication skills. He loved the way she danced, too graceful for any human and with far munbelievable. Like nothing in the world mattered except for this little, beautiful, priceless girl.

And what a girl. Of all the objects of the pack's imprints, she was by the far the most indestructible, and the only one who could hunt with a werewolf and not get torn to shreds. But that wasn't why he loved her. He loved her because the moon danced in her eyes even when they were indoors. He loved her because her hands twisted in his hair whenever she saw him. He loved her sighs when she was tired and her pout. He loved her strength and cleverness and the the fact that she was more agile than any wolf. He loved her fingernails and ringlets and mouth and the way she glowed lavender in sunlight.

And he especially loved the way Nessie didn't view him as a monster.

10. There's only a handful of people who know who Jacob really was. What he really is. Of all those people, only those in the pack, or those who had been in a pack, can really understand the whole mentality. You can hate your brothers and can't bear to be apart from them at the same time. You can long for human interactions and still know in the back of your mind that there's no way you can have any of that.

It all came back to Nessie. Everything came back to her. Nessie understood what it was like to be misunderstood. She understood belonging with neither human nor wolf (or vampire). She understood, accepted, and moved on. And she did it beautifully.

And that was another reason why he loved her.

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