"All's quiet on the Western Front." Seth Clearwater


1. The worst day of his life was March 18th, 2006. He was fourteen, maybe (it's really hard to count when they don't really age. They just kind of…float) None of the boys in the tribe really had time for him anymore, and even though he knows why now, he was really pissed about it then. He told his dad that he didn't want to go down to the store, not today, because he really just wanted to sulk.

It was Leah who told him, running through the woods at a dead sprint and collapsing in his arms. He didn't say anything then, as his sister broke down in front of him. He couldn't believe it. He still doesn't, really.

2. The best day of his life was March 18th, 2006, and that's not a typo. Like he said, he was young, and not Sam or even the elders could explain exactly why he phased when he did. They thought it might have to do with hormone imbalance…something. Anyway, he went home, not really thinking about anything, trying not to think about anything, and suddenly he was two feet closer to the ground, and there were voices in his head.

Yeah, of course the first thing he thought was that he was going crazy. It wasn't until he heard Quil and Embry and Jake that he actually started maybe, possibly, almost believing it.

Really, though, humans changing into wolves to protect an Indian tribe? That's like saying…vampires exist or something.

3. Nobody could have anticipated his friendship with Edward Cullen.

There was something about the guy that he couldn't explain. He had a natural inclination to hate him, because Jake did, and he felt everything Jake felt (and Jared, and Sam, and Embry, and Quil, and Leah). He wanted to hate him because wolves were supposed to hate vampires. He wanted to hate him because he smelled so bad.

But when he fought next to Edward, he didn't see the hundred-year-old, blood-sucking vampire. He saw Edward Cullen, age seventeen, having fun ripping people apart, though he would never admit it. They bonded. Turned out Edward had people in his head all the time too.


4. Sometimes, it's really hard for him to be around Jacob and Nessie.

He, Seth, was stuck forever in limbo at thirteen, and though being a wolf had accelerated his growth, he still hadn't (technically) hit puberty. He still didn't (technically) like girls. And until the Cullen's moved, which didn't seem like it was happening anytime soon, that wasn't going to change. So being around Embry, or Jacob, or Jared, or Paul, or Sam (Jeeze, the list was getting long), made him disgusted, in a little boy-ish way. A little boy who he no longer was. It also made him curious, like when was he going to imprint. Mostly it made him sad.

He knew that Bella, his mother, Leah, and most of the human race didn't approve of their way of passing down the right genes, but to Seth it seemed like there could be no better situation. You imprint on someone and they're yours for life. Always.

5. When he was little, he hero-worshiped Sam.

Though Sam was ten years older than Seth, he never seemed to mind when the toddler, then child, then tween started to hang around him. Seth had the patience that Leah didn't possess, and a younger perspective than his mother and father. He was someone to be trusted, and even the elders seemed to respect this quiet, driven, mysterious boy.

Which is why it made it so much harder when Sam had commanded him to go against the Cullens. Seth had truly believed that his idol was wrong to rise against the Cullens, and kneeling before him had sent a surge of anger through Seth that he'd never experienced before.

When the drama was long past, Seth went back to La Push, and Sam apologized, looking truly sorry. Seth had never been one for grudges, and had forgiven him. But he no longer idolized Sam.

6. Now there was Jake. Jake, who was impatient, and resourceful, and cunning, and wild in a way that most people couldn't even imagine. Jake, who had been cursed with unrequited love. Jake, who had the will and power to break away from the pack to do what he thought was right. If that wasn't a great moral compass, Seth didn't know what was.

So Seth had made a promise to himself, that first night after they'd split up, before Leah had arrived. He had been running perimeter, and Jacob was going slower and slower. They both knew that he should sleep. They both knew he wouldn't. It was then that Seth decided that he would sacrifice himself if it meant being able to save Jake, because Jake was one of those people who deserved to be saved. So far, he hadn't broken that promise.

7. He was starting to miss the many voices in his head.

In the month after his dad died, when he was still getting used to the whole I-Can-Phase-Into-A-Wolf thing, the voices kept him sane. Weird, right? But if he was ever feeling down, which was surprisingly often for someone usually so upbeat, he would morph and be comforted by the soothing voices of the wolves on patrol. Occasionally, he'd curl up on his bed in wolf form (door firmly locked) and drift to sleep to the sounds.

Which is why switching to Jake's pack was so odd. Suddenly, all those voices had just stopped. Granted, they eventually started coming back as the packs evened out in size, first with Leah, then Embry, Quil, and assorted others joining the once-renegade group. Seth was probably the only person who was comforted, not terrified, by the voices in his head.

8. He wants to do something to make his mom stop worrying.

The grey in her hair wasn't there when dad was alive, when he wasn't a werewolf. But even his mom, who worked two jobs, couldn't help but notice that both of her children were hardly ever at home. Even she couldn't help but notice the shredded, often bloody clothing. She definitely noticed the growth spurts in both him and Leah. And it's making her older. And more tired.

Which is why he's glad she'd spending more time with Charlie. Maybe she needs a friend, maybe she needs something more. Either way, she doesn't deserve to have two disappearing children on top of a dead husband.

9. Worst thing about being a werewolf -- the accelerated growth.

He's somewhere around fourteen years old, but his body looks like he's in my twenties. People always expect him to be older than he am. He couldn't imagine going to regular public school, though the one on the reservation wasn't much better. All of the wolf guys who haven't graduated or dropped out generally hang together, and people leave them alone.

Seth wishes they didn't. Sometimes, he wishes he was normal size, approachable. Sometimes he wishes a girl would look at him and not look think he was gross or, worse, scary. Sometimes he wishes he had friends who he could talk to about video games or sports or movies, not the old Protect the Tribe conversations the wolves usually have when they're together.

When you're able to change into a wolf on a whim, your social life is the first to go.

10. Nessie brought a whole level of craziness into their lives, but she was well worth it. Nessie meant a little something to everybody, and to Seth she meant companionship.

For obvious reasons, he could never seem to act normal around girls his age. Their superficial concerns, so important to their lives, made Seth groan. And it didn't help that the girls he knew had advanced in years, now fifteen or sixteen or even seventeen years old, while he remained mentally young and old, physically grown, and somewhere in between.

So Nessie was the perfect mixture of girly and deadly, with a little of that weird way of growing mixed in. She didn't think he was a monster. She didn't think he was scary.

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