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There was always a cold place in the world, a chilling and depressing hole. It was almost as if she was falling deeper and deeper into it and there was no way to crawl back out. The guilt washed up into her mind like a violent storm, blowing her away to no return. She was sinking further into the mind-crushing oblivion… She had lied to herself constantly until she couldn't take it a second longer. Her heart was thrashing ragingly, hating herself for torturing it. How could she be so… cold and so uncaring?

A shivering chill went up her spine as she blankly stared off into space, her gaze frozen like ice. Memories of him lingered in her mind, memories of his flawless face, his mesmerizing caressing touch, his warm delectable breath hovering over her icy lips, his rough hands placed ever so delicately on her hips, and mostly, his beautiful chocolate eyes that pierced right through her mind. Why did she lie? She wanted to hide her real feelings… But now, she could never live with herself. She felt as if she murdered herself instead of him; she had murdered her own heart with the click of the metal shackles around his wrist.

What about Will? Well, what about him? She didn't know anymore, but all she wanted was Jack. Jack. She smiled faintly as an image of him flashed in her mind, taunting her. She wanted him so bad; she wanted to reach out and feel his smooth tan face, to feel his warmth under her trembling hands. She was so confused about her heart's choice but now she knew who held her heart. She was using Will merely as a tool to hide her affections, but she couldn't hold her love any longer. She persistently told herself she loved Will just so she wouldn't hurt his feelings, but by doing that, she hurt herself.

Now Jack hated her. He hated her with a passion… but she loved him so much that it was undeniable.

'I'm not sorry,' she had told him but now she was sorrier than she had ever been. She promised herself she wouldn't regret it, yet here she was, nearly on the verge of crying, regretting her decision until she hurt. She was ruthless and there was no way possible for her to ever forgive herself for committing such a horrible crime.

'Persuade me.' His silky voice echoed in her head, making her feel sick to her stomach. Persuade him she did… persuade him to his death… persuade him to hate her…

She let out a shaky breath, fighting back the tears that threatened to fall from her watering eyes. How much she longed to hear his name once more… to feel his name roll off the tip of her tongue. "Jack." She whispered feebly, her voice barely audible, almost sounding as if a ghost had said it.

"So the murd'ress is feeling remorse." Jack's velvety voice reached her ears, breaking her from her wrecked state of mind. His voice was so aloof and distant; it was breaking her heart.

"I—I'm not." She stammered untruthfully, trying to stifle a sniff but she sniffed anyways. 'Stop crying!' she reprimanded herself inwardly. She shook her head from side to side, trying to stop the tears of shame from flowing out.

"Why so disheartened, dear Miss Swann?" He jeered mockingly, his voice strangely exuberant because he was hurting her yet bitter because she betrayed him. She believed he was trying to hurt her to get his revenge, but she wouldn't let it break her… would she?

"I'm not disheartened." She lied, squeaking her words out in a peculiar high-pitched voice. She nervously nibbled on her lower lip with apprehension, fearing that he just might see right through her and mock her for it. All she wanted was to be forgiven…and be in his inviting arms… but she wasn't sure if he would ever forgive her…

"Then why are there tears on your cheeks?" he queried, watching her furiously rub the tears away with the hems of her sleeves.

"What? What tears?" She pretended to be dumbfounded and she glanced around herself until her eyes suddenly met with his. She found her eyes glued in its position, unable to break the contact with his captivating chocolate eyes that held anger and pain. She couldn't help but cringe slightly at the sight of his unhappy face. She wanted him to be happy, but she had taken that away from him, taken it all greedily for her own selfish purposes…

Jack rolled his eyes with annoyance and stepped to her side, breaking the gaze between them by staring at the calm water. "Don't lie, Miss Swann." He snapped irritably, leaning against the railing. That deceiving little tempting murderess was burning in his mind, incessantly bothering him, nagging at him, killing him… She had wrapped her icy evil fingers around his heart and destroyed his every bit of hope, his hope in trusting her…

She missed how he would call her by her first name, the way her name spilled out of his mouth so naturally. 'Lizzie,' he would say, his eyes sparkling with mischief and tenderness… Time was ticking and the silence was killing her slowly. She felt the need to apologize for murdering him, yet she was afraid of his reaction, afraid that he might laugh and shove her apology right back into her face. "I didn't mean it." She spoke quietly, her body trembling with worry, her hands shakily landing on the railing to keep her self from falling. "I didn't mean it when I said that I wasn't sorry. Because now… I'm sorry."

"Don't be." He said tilting his head so he could look at her face, her pretty face that now disgusted him. Her face never disgusted him until now because she had betrayed him, she had killed him, and lastly, because she had lied to him, tricking him to believe she actually felt something for him when it all was just an imaginary figment of her heart. Her true heart belonged to Will, not him…

She blinked with absolute confusion, taken aback from his response. Don't be? How could she not be? She was the one who hurt him! She couldn't even forgive herself!

"Pirate." He sneered, his word splicing through her heart like a sharp metal sword easily maneuvering through her flesh.

Her breath hitched and she let out a small gasp of sadness. "Jack, I—I didn't mean to." She cried with exasperation while her guilt was eating her up, tearing her heart into shreds. "I wanted to…" She paused wistfully, wondering how she could explain the truth to him.

"Wanted to what?" He leaned forward, his enticing breath caressing her quivering lips. He licked his lips subconsciously, remembering her soft lips pressed against his, those same tasty lips that brought him to his death. He just wanted one more taste of her intoxicating flavor… Curse me for being curious and damn that damnable she-devil he said mentally and quickly brought his gaze to her eyes, trying to refrain from kissing her tempting lips.

Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes, forcing her heart-aching tears back. "I wanted to hide the truth." She mumbled quietly as her vision became a blur from all the tears leaking out of her eyes. "I tried so hard but I can't deny it anymore. I thought by killing you that it would make all of my feelings disappear but I was wrong."

Jack stared at her, surprised, but he shook his bafflement away as quickly as it came. He involuntarily closed the space between their lips, capturing her lips in a fierce kiss, pouring out all his resentment and pain by harshly biting her lower lip, receiving a gasp from her. He hated her for she polluted his mind every second of the day and even in the night. He couldn't escape her for one second of the day… He pulled away, watching her eyes flutter open with curiosity.

Suddenly, she felt something oddly cold pressed against the side of her head. Realization hit her and she froze in her spot, panic crawling into her mind. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared into his eyes that burned with hatred.

"A life for a life, you took mine and it's only fair if I took yours." He said huskily, his finger toying with the trigger of his pistol. "Why should I believe a word you say? After all, you're a murderess." The sight of tears sprinkling her face made him feel a pang of sympathy, almost making him regret placing the pistol at her head.

"Jack, you've got to believe me." She sputtered out between her soft sobs that made her body tremble. "Even if you do kill me, you should know that I'm telling the truth." She said boldly as she curled her hands up into fists, preparing for her death.

He cocked the pistol, his fingers trembling as they touched the trigger. He grimaced and slowly pressed down on the trigger but not fully. For some strange reason, he couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger, the solution to end her beautiful life. He growled with frustration and flung his pistol onto the deck, watching it skid away and hit the mast with a dull thump. He stomped away, storming to his quarters to hide away from her. It was his perfect chance for revenge and he let it slip through his fingers like fine pebbles of sand. How could he let her go free? She owed him for killing him. "I pity you for you have nothing left except your heartless self." He said aloud as he heard Elizabeth trail behind him. He whirled around to give her one more glare only to see that she was holding his pistol in her delicate hand. His eyes widened as she dug the barrel of the pistol into the side of her neck.

"I rather be dead than alone." She said meekly, forcing herself to look into his eyes.

His mind was spinning dizzily, confused. He wanted her dead, but why did he want to knock that pistol right out of her hand? "Don't be silly, Lizzie." He blurted out hastily, his heart thumping loudly in his ears. Even if he did hate her, he didn't want her to kill herself… yet?

She touched the trigger as she held the gun limply in her hand. Jack swiftly jolted forward and knocked the pistol out of her hand. He then grabbed her wrists and pushed her against the doors of his quarters, breathing raggedly.

"I'm sorry." She whispered, wishing she had never killed him so he would be the same Jack that he used to be, the same Jack that was filled with mischief and warmth.

"It's better not to be." He replied lowly, his lips brushing over hers for less than a second before he pushed himself away from her, leaving her feeling cold and empty. He snatched up his pistol from the floor and staggered away in search for his rum to slosh the lingering memories away. The memories of her…

Elizabeth gaped at his retreating form, feeling quite breathless and torn inside. She felt so alone and so cold. It was almost like living in a world with nothing but herself… "Jack." She cried, her voice coming out like a weak croak. He didn't seem to hear her and if he did, he was probably ignoring her feeble cries. She slumped to the ground in a heap, slowly wrapping her arms around her legs, attempting to hide herself from the world. No one was there to comfort her… no one... not even herself...

She knew the moment she set her eyes on Jack that she felt something for him, the moment when he saved her in Port Royal and placed her on the wooden planks of the docks. Her heart fluttered inside, melting at the sight of his drenched concerned face, the face that now hated her… She let out a choked cry, sobbing herself to sleep outside of his cabin. If he only knew how sorry she was… and how much she loved him…

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