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The rum was not enough to satisfy his thirst of ridding her from his memory. Why was it so hard to forget about her? She wasn't that special… or was she? He grimaced with irritation and drunkenly staggered toward his cabin, finding a limp body slumped against his doors. Narrowing his confused eyes at the figure, he realized that it was his beautiful Lizzie; she was still where they last spoke. A frown crossed his features as he began to wonder why he thought of her as 'his beautiful Lizzie'.

It was almost as if his arms reached out involuntarily, hoisting her up in his arms, carrying her bridal style before he opened his doors, taking her inside. He rushed to his bedroom and carefully placed her in the center of his bed. He gently pushed a strand of golden hair out of her face, taking in her disheveled state. Dried tears stained her face like white crusty snowflakes and her eyelids were slightly pink and puffy.

Something inside of him writhed in pain to see her like this and even more so because he knew he was the cause of her pain. She deserved it though for she killed him, sending him into a dreaded place where nightmares haunted his dreams, a place where he was far away from contact with her and her angelic voice, the voice that helped him sleep at night and overcome his troubles.

Her eyelids fluttered open and she blinked with stupefaction, for she was no longer outside, away from the cold that frosted her mind. She felt… strangely warm… Her blurred vision quickly became focused and Jack was above her, staring at her with a different glint in his eyes, a gleam that was thoughtful and not cynical or hateful. She tilted her head to the side as he continued to inspect her with his wistful gaze.

"Jack?" she whispered with an almost inaudible voice as she tried to find out why he was staring at her like that. She didn't mind him gazing at her at all, but it was absolutely strange after they just argued. "Jack?" she repeated timidly, sitting up on the bed.

"Aye?" he replied softly, pondering on how she never ceased to amaze him with her amazing voice. Every time she spoke, he could feel jolts of warmth spread throughout his body; it was such an overwhelming feeling that he craved for more. He leaned forward, desperate to hear her voice once more. He realized it then that her voice enraptured him, but it wasn't just her voice, it was her being her entirely, she being Lizzie, the amazing woman that held his heart in her delicate yet powerful hands. He couldn't resist her anymore, not one bit. There was nothing as powerful as her to rid her from his mind, not even his once most precious rum.

And who gave a bloody hell about Will? Right now, he was out of the way and Lizzie was all his… If she would let him show her how much he needed her…how much he depended on her… Maybe, if he just forgave her this once, she would come to realize that he held affectionate feelings for her and if she was telling the truth, she too held affectionate feelings for him. He wished so hard, silently begging her to love him back.

"I'm…" she murmured but hushed with bewilderment when Jack placed his index finger on her lips, silencing her. The feeling was strange indeed… to receive such an intimate gesture from him, whom she thought hated her.

"Sorry," he finished for her, his finger trailing down her lip to her chin, sending shivers of searing fire down her back. "I know," said he, hastily pulling his hand back to himself, afraid that she might turn away from him, and yet, she didn't. "Lizzie." He added quickly, licking his parched lips that yearned to meet hers, as a shy smile formed on her face.

"Jack?" She leaned toward him and grabbed his hand, holding his hand between her hands. "I'll do anything for forgiveness, just name it and I'll do it!" she blurted out in one breath.

"Do… nothing." He drew himself closer to her and breathed hotly on her lips. "Lizzie."

"Then say my name... again." Elizabeth pleaded as surprise flickered over Jack's face.

"Lizzie?" he repeated as she nodded her head vigorously. "Lizzie." He cupped her cheeks, slowly pulling her closer to him. "Lizzie." He decided he had enough of resisting her and kissed her eagerly, tangling his hands into her golden locks of hair. He then began nuzzling his head against her neck, kissing her throat gently.

"I don't know how you manage to forgive me… after what I've done…" she felt hot tears well up in her eyes as Jack stopped his ministrations to glance into her hazel eyes.

"Don't think about it, luv." He smiled and pressed his lips against hers. She tasted like a sweet spring day, the fresh morning dew beautifully lingering on his lips. He felt her lips returning the favor, massaging his lower lip with soft bites.

"How do you manage… I mean, how do you have the heart to forgive me? After I burned your rum… killed you… did everything possible that could make you hate me." She could feel her throat tighten as memories of his death haunted her mind.

His lips froze on her cheek before he lowered his head to her ear, whispering quietly. "First off, ye certainly got us off that island… Secondly, with a kiss like that, I'd more than oblige to be killed."

"But you were angry." She tilted her head to look him square in the eye.

"Aye, but that's because ye killed me without me consent. There's plenty a difference." He continued with sprinkling small kisses on her face, kissing her many times. "Ye did everything ye could to make me hate ye, but doesn't mean it would happen."

"I didn't want you to hate me… I thought that loving you was a lie. I thought I loved Will, but I don't. Want to know why?" said she as he nodded his head with interest. "Because… because I love you."

He stared blankly at her, surprised at her response. Was it possible? For her to love him? Or maybe he just wished hard enough to hear it and her words were only a part of his imagination. "What?" he sat down on the bed, holding her hand in his.

"I said… because I love you." She repeated louder, no longer afraid to say what her heart was telling her to say. "I'll love you until the day my heart turns blue from frost, I'll love you until the sun no longer burns, I'll love you until my fingers curl up from old age, and I'll love you forever, even if there isn't a forever." She spoke fervently, nearly shouting the words with happiness.

"Well, in that case," he brushed his lips over her now warm lips, "I'll love ye until the sea ends… which I know will never end." He smiled, mirth dancing in his dark eyes. "Lizzie, luv… Come with me." He stood up before he helped her stand. "I want ye to see somethin'."

"What?" she questioned curiously, as he dragged her to the doors quickly. "What's the rush?"

"T'is a surprise." He smiled mysteriously as she squinted her eyes with bewilderment. "Close your eyes and promise not to peek, savvy?"

"I promise." She closed her eyes and clutched onto Jack's arm tightly, putting all her trust in him to lead her to this 'surprise'.

He waved a hand in her face to make sure she listened before he guided her outside, taking her to the bow. "Watch your step." He instructed as they climbed up the stairs. "Now… open your eyes and look up." He whispered huskily in her ear.

Her eyes flew open, taking in the enthralling sight before her, gasping with awe. The sky was lit up with so many shining stars that twinkled like jewels. "It's… exquisite." She breathed almost silently while Jack wrapped his arms around her waist, drawing her close to his body. "The stars… they're so lonely."

"Nay… See a star s'never lonely since they 'ave many people staring up at them… I think of them as boastful little buggers. Though, exquisite… just like ye." He could tell she was blushing beet red at his comment, and he grinned before he breathed in her scent of flowers and many spices that he couldn't place his finger on. "May I?" he released her and offered her a hand as she returned a confused look. "A dance, milady."

"Why, of course," She let out a giggle, placing her hand in his callused yet lovely hands. They slowly began dancing in a waltz, the both of them staring into each other's eyes, neither daring to break the captivating contact. The soft waves of the ocean around them swished like a somber, though pretty, melody, and the stars glittered like bright candles in the sky, lighting up the dance stage, which was just the bow of the helm. They were in their own world of fantasies, a never ending happy ever after, a beautiful dream that was not a dream. They were in a place where their hearts were together as one, so close that they could hear each other's movement, the beat of their hearts… never alone…

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