WARNING RAPE CONTENT IN FIRST CHAPTER BUT!! NOT DESCRIPTIVE. Lemon will not be written for a while but it will get there soon enough!! ENJOY

Chapter 1: LUST

"Sango I'm going to the hot springs, you want to come along? Kagome asked

"No thanks Kagome I need to sharpen my weapons…you hentai! don't touch me!!" Instead of the ordinary smacks like before Sango punched Miroku knocking him out cold. Sango huffed before she sat back down.

"Well… at least I won't have to worry about him peeking" Kagome giggled as she resumed walking towards the hot spring. Surprisingly InuYasha hadn't said a word of her taking a bath. Kagome released a tired sign as she slipped her clothing off.

"finally some peace and quiet."

His nostrils flared sniffing for his prey as he ran through the forest spreading his aura so nothing would dare cross his path. The forest was dead silent now. He had finally gotten free of his masters control, it had been hundreds of years since the last time he broke free.

'To long ' the beast thought as he tilted his head up once more when he caught the scent of sakura blossoming in the spring, her scent was heaven to him his red demonic eyes scanned his surrounding for any threats. No one would interrupt him, that he would make sure of. He smirked when he found her ready and ripe. He wanted her the moment he laid eyes on her. She was the only female that ever stood up to him, physically and verbally. Any other female demoness would have whimpered in fright, but no not her she didn't care who he was or what power he held that was what made him desire her even more. Other demoness were either after his title or bed, neither were acceptable. He didn't care if she was human, she was strong, loyal, and would bare him pups…strong pups. He finally stepped into the clearing of the hot spring and spread his youki. He saw her stiffen as she slowly turned around and gasped when her eyes set upon his form.

She automatically covered her breast as sapphire rimmed sliver eyes clashed with red orbs. He could hear her heart beat quicken at his very sight.

"Sesshoumaru?!…" Kagome whispered harshly

"what do you want?" she asked meekly

He only growled in response to her question and stepped forward coming closer to the hot spring. In reaction she started to move further into the water away from him.

The beast let out a snarl voicing his displeasure when he saw her moving away from him. That's when Kagome started to look for an escape . Her being naked in the water alone with Sesshoumaru's beast would not have a positive result. She knew that Sesshoumaru's beast was in control it was like InuYasha losing control except Sesshoumaru wasn't in rage for blood lust but for something else entirely different.

A ripple in the water brought her out of her musing. When she looked up towards Sesshoumaru's direction she only saw a pile of her clothes and…Sesshoumaru's. Alarm bells started going off in her head when she felt an arm snake around her waist and pulled towards something solid. She gasped in surprise but it was soon replaced by fear when another hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head back non to gently gaining access to the nap of her neck. She jumped when he started to drag his rough masculine tongue along side her neck, from there he proceeded to trail his fang down her throat leaving droplets of blood behind, he licked it clean.

"Stop this" Kagome responded trembling

She felt his growl vibrate through her body making her tremble in fear. Kagome knew where this was heading and she was terrified. She needed to stop this now.

"Please… you hate humans remember I'm ugly and filthy-don't do something you'll regret -"

Kagome was cut off when she felt Sesshoumaru tighten his hold on her and leaped out of the hot spring. The next thing she registered was her on the grass plain and Sesshoumaru on top positioning himself between her legs. Tears started to trickle down the corner of her sapphire rimmed sliver eyes

"No stop…please you don't want to do this and neither do I!" Kagome cried out as she started to glow a furious blue hue her miko powers were coming to the surface to protect her from harm. Sesshoumaru hissed in response but remained solid against her. He raised his own youki lashing out at her miko powers in response. She felt like she was being drained as his youki started to repress her miko powers. He was to strong for her to fight off. She started to push against his chest with her small hands.

"Get off me you bastard!!"

That remark seemed to anger the beast beyond belief. He grabbed her small hands with his much larger hands and pulled them over her head as the beast growled loudly. A strangled cry came from Kagome as she knew he was going to rape her. With his left hand he gripped her luscious hip tightly.

"No,no,no please stop-aahh" Kagome gave a painful scream.

She felt like she was being torn in two, the pain wouldn't stop, and he wouldn't stop. Repeatedly he thrust himself in to her virgin body. Grunting in pleasure while she cried in pain. The beast's fangs started to elongate. With one last thrust Sesshoumaru's beast suddenly bit in to the nap of her neck injecting his youki in to her body marking her as his. She didn't scream, something that should have been a painful stage wasn't -she was in shock. Her body shut down completely then he was gone.

She woke up and found herself laying on the grass.

"How the-"

Then the memories started to come back. She released a choking sob as the images flashed through her mind, she tried to sit up only to cry out in pain. When she looked between her thighs there was dry blood and something else that was white. Her eyes widen in recognition of what the substance was. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks as she painfully crawled back in to the hot spring to clean the evidence of what happened only an hour earlier. She put her shaky hand over her womb as it began to glow a blue hue and healed the torn tissue. She slowly came out of the hot spring drying herself only to clothe herself afterwards. She couldn't think straight she had to leave this place immediately. The only place she could think of was the well.

He woke up with a start a thin sheet of sweat covered his body, looking around quickly he noticed he was in his chamber. What startled him though, he could remember his beast taking over. He could hear his beast growling in satisfaction but Sesshoumaru didn't know why. The last time he went in to blood lust he was covered in blood when he woke up. But this time there was no blood but the smell of sakura blossoming in the spring. He was utterly con fused.

She trembled as she climbed out of the well and then sealed it with her miko powers. Knowing full well that InuYasha would come through the well ranting why she left.

"Now you can't…" Kagome whispered as more tears streamed down her flush cheeks from her sapphire rimmed sliver orbs. She quietly walked in to the house when she noticed a note on the kitchen counter. Kagome took a deep breath when she finished reading the letter it was from her mother. They wouldn't be back for another two weeks.

" Great…just what I need." she said as she crumpled the letter throwing it to the floor. The day she needed her mothers guidance, she was not there for her. She numbly walked up the stairs to her bedroom dropping her yellow bag on the floor before e sank in to her pink bed. She flipped over facing the ceiling, she gently laid a hand on her stomach.

'What will I tell mama? What if I'm pregnant?!'

Different thoughts kept entering her mind constantly. She wasn't ready for this she was raped, and most likely pregnant with his child. She didn't even know if the baby would come out as a hanyou or human since she was a miko. These worried thoughts t soon left her as she drifted off to sleep. A place away from all the pain.

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