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Chapter 9: Losing Control

"Mother you gave father the same necklace as me." Akio responded snapping his mother from her thoughts.

"Yes well I thought it would be nice for you two to have something in common." Kagome replied

Akio seemed to accept the answer and nodded.

Sesshoumaru could tell she was hiding something. But he decided to address his curiosity later, now was not the time. He was amazed at how Kagome was acting she still had that fire in her like before but now there seemed to be something more lurking in its depth.


"Ok!…lets go back to Kaede's hut I'm sure everyone would love to know where Akio disappeared to wouldn't they Akio?" Kagome giggled when Akio made the puppy face but she wasn't falling for it this time.

"I only left for a couple of minutes I don't think they'll be mad." Akio responded quickly

Kagome knelled down before him.

"Akio honey how many times do I have to tell you its not safe here like at home anything can happen understand? I wouldn't know what to do if something happened to you; your everything to me" Kagome said raking her fingers through his thick hair

"I'm sorry…"

"It's ok but next time tell someone where your going, what matters is you wont do that again."

Kagome was frustrated she couldn't believe the group didn't notice he was gone, but then again she couldn't blame them after all she knew how strong and smart Akio was and the group probably wasn't prepared for this to happen.

Kagome stood up taking a hold of Akio's small hand and started to walk with Sesshoumaru following silently.

Sesshoumaru felt out of place as Kagome spoke to their pup. Though he was proud that his pup listened to everything his mother told him, he knew he had played no part in what his pup knew. All the credit went to Kagome. He knew that Kagome had maternal instinct before Akio came in to the world. He witnessed how caring and nurturing she was with her adoptive kit.

Sesshoumaru knew he had a long road ahead of him when it came to the role he would play in Kagome and Akio's life. He didn't even know how the other Lords were going to react to the news of not only did he have a human mate but she was a miko, the sworn enemy of youkai's but he also had an heir a full blooded youkai. He didn't care what the other Lord's would think of this new revelation but he wasn't sure how he was going to explain the reason he did not reveal having a mate and an heir for almost two years. His mind was rapidly spinning with multiply thoughts at once he couldn't think of this right now.

The walk back to Kaede's hut was silent but comfortable as Akio swung Kagome's hand in a sense of joy from the walk. InuYasha suddenly jumped from the trees in front of them in a state of panic scanning the small group, when his eyes laid upon Akio he let out a growl.

"You!…ya little runt how the hell did you get out the hut without us noticing?!"

"Mmm…you all were arguing so it was easy to sneak out of the hut without you noticing…"

InuYasha stared at Akio with his mouth hung open.

"What the hell Kagome?! What did you teach this kid?" InuYasha yelled

"Umm…I trained him that's all I guess." Kagome responded sheepishly

"It seems InuYasha that you have been beaten by a one year old." Sesshoumaru replied smirking

"I'm sorry was that a joke? I'll give you one to, you fu-"

"Sit! InuYasha what did I tell you no cursing in front of the children!" Kagome all but shouted her reason.

As the group passed the crater groans could be heard.

"Is he going to be ok Oka-san?" Akio asked blinking his eyes curiously

"Of coarse honey don't worry about your uncle he loves it when that happens to him, it cracks his back in all the right places doesn't it InuYasha?" Kagome asked bending slightly over the crater

His only response was groans of pain.

"Ok lets head back to the village." Kagome said clapping her hands.


The hut was in a state of panic it seemed as if they were all waiting for someone.

'Or should I say InuYasha…' Kagome thought

"Hi guys is something wrong?"

"Kagome?!" everyone screamed in relief

"Kagome its Akio he's miss-" Sango was cut off from her state of panic.

"Oh do you mean this little guy? Kagome questioned ruffling Akio's hair

Akio wrinkled his nose in response.

"He was just worried about his mommy…but he promised not to sneak out again without telling someone, right Akio?"

"Right" Akio muttered

"But where's InuYasha?" Shippo asked

"He is having a conversation with the ground at the moment and many more in the future." Sesshoumaru surprisingly responded

"Oh…what did he do this time?!" Shippo all but squealed excitingly

"He said bad things Shippo" Kagome giggled when Shippo towards her hugging her tightly

"I am happy ye child is alright, but now it is time to eat" Kaede responded

"Oh Kaede you have no idea how much I missed eating your food especially when I was pregnant!" Kagome exclaimed bursting in to laughter at the memory. But she didn't realize how much the impact of her words were affecting Sesshoumaru.

Sesshoumaru took a deep breath when his mate mentioned her pregnancy. He knew she did not understand the Inu ways and how much they cherished their mates and how symbolic her pregnancy was. He should have been there to bond with his pup but he understood in the situation they were in, it would have been near impossible to occur. He was just grateful there were no complications in his mate's pregnancy or he might have lost them without even knowing he had a mate and an heir on the way.

From all youkai's, Inuyoukai's were the most affectionate to their mate and pups, they protected what was theirs viciously. But Sesshoumaru was an exception he did not show his emotions to anyone. He was the Lord of the Western Lands and he would be damned if he let anyone defeat him from something as simple as emotions.

He locked them away a long time ago…but it seemed new emotions started to leak from his armor when he discovered he had a mate and she had given him an heir, a strong heir, a strong pup, he never thought he would have a pup especially from his experiences in his court, all the demoness' saw in him was a short cut to wealth and power and if that meant having a pup sired by him they would have done it. None were worthy of him but his beast found one, more than worthy right under his nose. It never crossed his mind…yes he had Rin but she was his ward. So many thoughts were spiraling through his mind he once again felt a head ache resurface.

A warm tug of his lethal hand jerked him from his daze, he immediately looked towards the source amber eyes clashed with sliver/blue orbs with a hint of gold.

"It's time to eat "was his simple reply

"This Sesshoumaru is not hunger…"

Tilting his he blinked twice

"Why do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Why do you talk like that? Again he blinked confused 'why wasn't father answering his question?'

"This Sesshoumaru knows not what you speak of."

"See that's what I mean that's like me saying this Akio love Oka-san."

"Hn" now he was annoyed

"Akio honey come to mommy its time to eat-"

"But father is not eating."

"Akio honey your father is a big boy now, but you still are growing now come here." Kagome beckoned with open arms.

Sesshoumaru was actually happy she acknowledged him as Akio's father in front of the group, it stated that she accepted him as her child's father whether she knew it or not. His amber hues softened when he witnessed his pup obey his mother and gave her a hug then sat down and was feed by his mother.

His pup; who would have thought that the miko that always ruled his thoughts as much as he hated to admit it to himself would be the mother of his pup. He would make things right between Kagome and himself, he had always held a sort of respect for her after all she was the only female that ever stood against him or said things that would get anyone else killed immediately. She was the only female that truly interested him.


The stars shined greeting her, everyone was asleep while she sat on the porch by Kaede's hut. She signed tiredly; the first day was finally over. So many things had occurred in one day she was left speechless where to begin. Taking a breath of the cool midnight air she stood slowly dusting imaginary dust off her sleeping pants.

Slowly she stepped inside the cozy hut lifting the make shift door that stopped most of the cool air from entering the hut. She was about to crawl in to bed with Shippo and Akio when she noticed Sesshoumaru was sitting against the wall and seemed to be asleep. She walked quietly to her yellow bag and pulled out an extra blanket. Quietly she tip toed towards Sesshoumaru's sleeping form and dragged the blanket closer to his shoulders.

A clawed hand shot out griping her wrist tightly. Kagome gasped in pain at his grip. He pulled her down roughly, she clumsily fell on his lap. His arm snaked around her petite waist, she stiffened in reaction. She didn't understand what he was doing all she tried to do was cover him nothing ore nothing less.

Turning around her body went rigid at what she saw, her orbs glistened with tears as the memories came rushing back. Staring at her were blood red orbs. A vibration shot through her small body as he growled softly in content. The beast it seemed was aware his surrounding including his pup, and his mate sitting on his lap. A tear slid down her flushed cheeks she didn't know what to do, but she didn't want what happened to her last time to repeat.

The beast tipped his nose up slightly and sniffed.

'She feared him' it gave a rough growl Kagome barely held a sob back when it pulled her flush against his chest and nuzzled her mark and softly licked a trail to her jaw. She blinked rapidly as more tears ran down her rosy cheeks . Grabbing a fist full of her luscious hair softly he guided her head to the side gaining more access to her silky skin.

His long canine tongue brushed softly across her cheeks; the evidence of a trail of tears gone. Kagome whimpered as she yet again was at the mercy of this beast. She had to calm down or it wouldn't go away. Again she was hugged to his warm body. She whimpered once again gently as the beast guided her head against his shoulder. She was so confused and frightened this was a drastic change the beast was showing unlike their last encounter. She shook violently as the memories rushed back once again tears started to fall down dripping on to his silk kimono. Breathing harshly she felt the beast tighten his hold on her as he dazedly played with her onyx locks. The beast shivered every time his mate's breath brushed against his neck he growled in pleasure.

"Sess…" she mumbled afraid she might cause a violent reaction from it.

The beast's hold on her small form tightened immediately, his eyes shut as if he was having a inner battle with himself.

"Sesshoumaru…" this time her call was stronger-she was getting through

The beast snarled before placing his face in the nap of her neck taking in her scent in raggit breaths. Kagome clutched on to his kimono trying not to make a sound, hoping the beast would recede within Sesshoumaru once again and go away.

Taking a deep breath, she slid her small hands up his smooth covered chest to his neck and finally trailed to the sides of his face.

Breathing deeply she called once again

"Sesshoumaru…" bright red orbs snapped open at her voice staring at her.

"Sesshoumaru come back to me…" her words seemed to have snapped his resolve, his chest vibrated from his growl his eyes shut as he bent his head forward. Their heads barely touched as Sesshoumaru fought for control.

Suddenly she was pulled to his cheat again her hands trapped between their chest.

"Kagome…" Sesshoumaru all but growled out animalistic ally, she shut her eyes she didn't know what to do.

"I…I'm here…" she responded

Slowly she was pulled away from his shoulder, she still couldn't see his face his head was bent against hers.

"Sesshoumaru?" she whispered, she needed to know if it was really him.

Slowly he rose his head the moonlight flashed across his features illuminating his amber orbs.

"Thank Kami" Kagome breathed out a sign of relief hugging him.

He suddenly pulled her back holding her by the shoulders as his eyes scanned her body searching for something.

"Are you hurt?"

"No" she shook her head in response

"But…what is going on? I need to know what this is, will this happen again…what's happening to you…" the last part was whispered as her eyes glistened with tears she stared at him. She saw something flash across his face but it was gone before she could even try to decipher it. He shook his head lightly his bangs brushed against his royal blue crescent moon.

"I…it is becoming more difficult to control my beast from you" he growled in annoyance running his clawed fingers through his long thick swaying hair.

"It hasn't even been a full day and yet…I can not control or stop my beast from getting to you."

His eyes widened fractionally.

"Did my beast do anything to you?"

He looked at her expectantly when she hesitated to answer.


She quickly shook her head.


"Need this Sesshoumaru remind you that I can smell your lie?"



"You hugged me…and nuzzled me" she said reaching to touch her mark

"And you licked me… from my neck to my cheek. But it was different this time it was…he was nice and…tender. It also played with my hair…that's all I think."

"What does all of this mean?" she asked once again

Sesshoumaru was relieved when he found out nothing happened to her he would have never forgiven himself. When his beast took control of him, he was caged like an animal in his own mind and only witnessed flash's of what was going on. Most of the images he caught were either of Kagome whimpering or of her tears sliding down her rosy cheeks, he could still taste her tears when his beast licked them away.

"My…beast it desires you, but this time willingly, it knows what it did was not right and won't do anything forceful-"

"I just don't understand how he can just take over and control you?!" Kagome whispered harshly

"This" he reached hesitant at first, his hand lightly on her mark where her neck and shoulder meet.

Kagome shivered at the contact.

"He wanted to complete this. When you were marked the second step was not completed…the female is also to mark their intended mate, this did not happen." he breathed deeply taking in her delicious scent laced slightly with his it calmed him; he wasn't going to fight his attraction for her anymore it was pointless he would only be lying to himself.

He momentarily leaned back against the huts wall trying to gather his thoughts when he felt a soft trail run down from his neck to his junction where his neck and shoulder meet. A shiver coursed through his body at her soft caress that was more of a exploration resulting from her curiosity then what others might have viewed it as.

slowly he opened his eyes and stared at his mate she seemed to be in deep concentration staring at his neck, her eyebrows knitted together in frustration. He quickly laid his clawed hand over her small one before he lost his control again.

"I'm sorry…" she whispered

"Would I have to mark you?" she asked softly.

she looked so venerable and fragile he couldn't bare it but he knew eventually she would have asked

"Yes eventually it would have to happen it would depend on the partner that has not been marked, if he can keep his beast in check."

'He was already losing control and it hasn't even been a day since we saw each other'

"How…how would I mark you I don't have fangs like you…"

"I would have to make an incision right here." he explained touching the junction between his neck and shoulder.

"And you would have to drink my blood."

Sesshoumaru waited patiently for the information she just received to sink in.


"Oka-san" Akio mumbled in his sleep calling for his mother.

The mumbled call seemed to snap the two from their daze, immediately both realized their positions, Kagome quickly got off Sesshoumaru's lap and picked up the discarded blanket.

"Umm…this was for you before that happened so yeah-here" she quickly said handing him the blanket.


Kagome walked towards Akio and Shippo's sleeping forms, again Akio mumbled for his mother craving her warmth and calming scent even in his sleep.

"Okay little guy mommas coming" Kagome whispered softly laying down next to Akio and Shippo. Shippo immediately curled up near her stomach and Akio laid his head on her shoulder nuzzling his mother and taking in her scent in.

Sesshoumaru stared as Kagome cuddled their pup and the kitsune. He waited until her breathing slowed down , she was sleep. He looked down at the blanket Kagome had handed him, it was saturated in Kagome and Akio's scent.


The great Lord of the West who had control and power that no one else could obtain , but now it seemed he had control over his lands but none when it came to the very miko that had always ruled his thoughts…his mate.


Children's laughter and mumbles of conversations could be heard throughout the small hut, while one individual was still sleeping.

"Oka-san it is time to wake up…" Akio lightly shook her then nuzzled her trying to wake her.

"Mmm…five more minutes go to grandma…" Kagome mumbled turning away from Akio

"Hey wench wake up!"

"Sit…stupid InuYasha…"

Sango got up bending over she scolded InuYasha above the crater.

"You know not to try and wake Kagome up! Yet you don't seem to listen, even though it happens every time you try to wake her up…when will you learn? I think you like pain Miroku is starting to influence you too much."

"Sango I don't think he'll ever learn, if he didn't listen the first time…but I think you are right! He acting way to much like Miroku" Kagome said finally waking up she stretched

"Now ladies I am quit offended what could have I possibly done to provoke these words from such lovely women?" Miroku said inching closer to Kagome when a growl stopped him

Miroku chuckled nervously to himself and moved to his next target steering clear away from the miko when he was reminded what would happen to him by the Taiyoukai if he should touch her, only to be knocked out by his lovely Sango falling on the hanyou back.

"Ahh get this freakin pervert off me damn it!"

Both the of children laughed at the site before they ran outside to play while Kilala followed them in her small form.

"Good morning everyone!" Kagome said cheerfully as she gathered her bathing supplies together

"Well I'm off to the hot spring Sango can you please watch Akio and Shippo for me?"

"Of course don't worry about it go and take your time! No wonder your in such a good mood!" Sango said while getting breakfast ready

"Okay thanks!"


She hummed lightly as she bent down swaying her small hand in the hot spring testing its temperature. Satisfied with the result she stood up and started to undress herself, her mind slowly drifted to last night and what had occurred between Sesshoumaru and her. She inhaled deeply; she finally came to realize that she wasn't afraid of Sesshoumaru but his beast. She was frightened by what had happened in their first encounter when her innocence was viciously ripped away, and her beautiful innocent son was the end result of the incident. She slightly ruffled her hair before stepping in to the hot spring she relaxed immediately as the warm water soothed her tired body. No matter how much sleep she would gain it would be nothing when she woke up she would have to deal with the arguing and brotherly rivalry, and…she had to tell everyone that she had to go with Sesshoumaru to his palace because Akio and she needed to be announced to the Youkai Society.


"Akio will need to be introduced in to the youkai society." Sesshoumaru already dreaded even mentioning it.

"What! Why?!" Kagome yelled

Sesshoumaru had to stop himself from actually physically flinching as his sensitive ears started ringing from her questioning.

"The other three Lords need to know about my heir and…my mate."

Kagome's face turned pale.

"Not to mention all the preparations that would have to be made, you and Akio would have to be trained properly and move into the palace --"

"Wait hold on a second rewind what the hell do you mean train and move in?!"

Sesshoumaru ignored her tone and question; and continued.

"Akio must be introduced to the youkai society and you too…whether it was by force or not you are still my mate and the Lady of the Western Lands" Sesshoumaru said softly

Kagome wanted to scream in frustration of what Sesshoumaru said. So many things happened today, to many to count.

"If…I…agree to come to your palace with Akio I also want Shippo come with us he is like a son to me." Kagome said awaiting Sesshoumaru's answer .

Sesshoumaru felt his beast growl possessively at having to share his mate with someone else, but relented since the kitsune was to young of age to be of any threat. Besides he would expect the same from Kagome when it came to excepting Rin.

Excepting the kitsune Sesshoumaru agreed to Kagome's small demand knowing full well she would not have come willingly if he had said no. Both decided to slowly walk back to the village, when Kagome suddenly stopped. Sesshoumaru also stopped staring curiously at Kagome waiting for her to speak.

Flashback end

She chuckled to herself at the memory he was so possessive of them. It made her feel somewhat safe and relaxed at the same time. She wasn't alone anymore she actually had someone to rely on and not feel guilty about it. But a new responsibility came with Sesshoumaru's involvement she was now the Lady of the West…

'Yeah I'm sure the other Lords will have a field day with this one, a miko the mate of Lord Sesshoumaru ruler of the Western Lands not to mention she birthed the heir youkai.'

She froze when she felt a demonic aura heading towards her. Automatically she covered her mark trying to sooth the tingling sensation. She quickly put up a barrier around the hot spring when large youkai came barreling out of the dark forest.

"Give me the Shikon jewels-" it yelled before a white blur stepped before the hot spring cutting the large youkai in half with his acidic whip. The Large youkai disintegrated yelling in agony, the only evidence of the youkai was ashes. A sparkle caught his kin eye, he went to pick it up and examined it.

'the Shikon jewel'

He turned slowly staring at the miko, her back was facing him trying to cover herself as much as she could. She turned slowly to look at him making sure she covered herself.


"You should not have come here alone" was his response

"Hey I'm a big girl I am much stronger than the last time I saw you. Besides if you did not intercept the youkai's attack it would have been purified by my barrier see." she said as she made the invisible barrier glow.


"Umm…can you turn around I need to get out…."


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