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Edwards Girl

I walked over to the stage.

This was my chance to sing a song without anyone watching, and waiting for me to mess up. And I didn't think I had a good voice anyway so I was doing them a favor by not breaking their ear drums.

I choose a song with-of all people-Jacob in mind. True, he was annoying and I was still kind of shocked that he sang that song, but he had been my best friend, and I never hung out with him anymore, and honestly I missed him. So I choose my song and miraculously I walked to the mic without tripping over my own feet.

I grabbed it with both hands and waited for the song to start. I heard it begin and I took a deep breath.

"I can honestly say you've been on my mind
since I woke up today, up today
I look at your photograph all the time
These memories come back to life
And I don't mind

I remember when we kissed
I still feel it on my lips
The time that you danced with me
With no music playing
I remember the simple things
I remember til I cry
But the one thing I wish I'd forget
The memory I wanna forget
Is goodbye"

It was weird how much this song related to me. I sang with all my heart. Picturing Jacob's face.

"I woke up this morning
And played our song
And through my tears I sang along
I picked up the phone and then put it down
Cause I know I'm wasting my time
And I don't mind"

I closed my eyes and swayed with the music.

I remember when we kissed
I still feel it on my lips
The time that you danced with me
With no music playing
I remember the simple things
I remember til I cry
But the one thing I wish I'd forget
The memory I wanna forget"

I still couldn't open my eyes, and I'm not sure why. I just imagined myself all alone in a huge stadium.

"Suddenly my cell phone's blowing up
With your ringtone
I hesitate but answer it anyway
You sound so alone
And I'm surprised to hear you say"

And all of a sudden I was surprised to hear someone else singing my song. I opened my eyes and Jacob was standing beside me, singing. I stopped singing and just stared. Suddenly the stadium in my mind was full, every face in the crowd belonging to Jacob and I was speechless.

"You remember when we kissed
You still feel it on your lips
That time that you danced with me
With no music playing"

He smiled at me, and as I smiled back I picked up on the song, and we finished it together.

"You remember the simple things
We talked til we cried
You said that your biggest regret (Jacob: I said that my biggest regret.)
The one thing you wish I'd forget (Jacob: The one thing I wish you'd forget.)
Is saying goodbye
Saying goodbye

We smiled at each other, but of course the pleasantness couldn't last.

"That was about me, wasn't it?" Jacob asked grinning pompously. And even though he was right, I was mad at him.

"What? No! Jacob you are so full of it." I remarked as I made my way off the stage.

"That might be true," he said "but that doesn't mean that you weren't singing that song about me. Cause you were."

"Oh, you really are crazy. Why would I sing a song like that to you, when I love Edward?" I asked. Bad idea.

"Because you secretly have the hots for this sexy piece of wolf." He answered pointing at himself. I laughed.

"Bella, I know that song was about me."

"First: No, it wasn't and second why did you sneak up on me anyway?!" I tried to distract him.

"Yeah it was and everyone else was cleaning up, and your blood sucker was acting weird. Like he wanted to be somewhere else but that tiny one had him doing all this stuff, so when I heard you singing I came in here to beat him to the punch. And when I saw you up there singing that song-about me- I just couldn't resist." My distraction was working a little bit, but not enough.

"You guys heard me singing?" I had feared they would. I just figured they would be so distracted that they would tune me out.

"Well yeah. I mean come on Bella, a bunch of werewolves and some leaches with super sonic hearing and you thought we wouldn't notice? And I thought you were smart." He shook his head at me, I just glared.

"Oh just shut up." I told him, as I heard voices coming from the hall.

"That ought to work for the night. But good luck explaining it to the teacher, Edward." I heard Jasper remark.

"I'll just come back later and fix it completely. No one will ever notice." Edward replied.

"Man, I knew a bunch of werewolves might be dumb but that takes the cake, I mean, trying to do a guitar solo on a broom is pathetic enough but when you break a window in the process, that's just funny!" Emmett boomed. I heard Quil grumble something, but I couldn't make it out. I could have sworn there were curses in it though.

I turned to Jacob. Whispering so that everyone coming wouldn't hear as well.

"Just knock it off ok?" I asked nicely.

"Yeah. It was about me." He grinned triumphantly. I groaned.

This was going to be a long night.

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Edwards Girl