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"And?" he finally prompted.

I blinked the tears out of my eyes, torn. "Oh, Edward..."

"Tell me, Bella," he pleaded, eyes wild with worry at the pain in my voice.

But i couldn't. Instead i clutched my arms around his neck again and locked my mouth with his feverishly. It wasn't desire at all-it was need, acute to the point of pain. His response was instant but quickly followed by his rebuff.

He struggled with me as gently as he could in his surprise, holding meaway, grasping my shoulders.

"No, Bella," he insisted, looking at me as if he was worried that I'd lost my mind.

My arms dropped, defeated, the bizarre tears spilling in a fresh torrent down my face, a new sob rising in my throat. He was right-i must be crazy.

He stared at me with confused, anguished eyes.

"I'm s-s-s-orry," i mumbled.

But he pulled me to him then, hugging me tightly to his marble chest.

"I can't, Bella, I can't!" his moan was agonized.

"Please," I said, my plea muffled against his skin. "Please, Edward?"

I couldn't tell if he was moved by the tears trembling in my voice, or if he was unprepared to deal with the suddenness of my attack, or if his need was simply as unbearable in that moment as my own. But whatever the reason, he pulled my lips back to his, surrendering with a groan.

And we began where my dream left off.(By Stephenie Meyer) He kissed me deeply and held me closely to him, trying to be gentle as to not cause more bruises. I sighed slightly into the kisses and pulled away from him for a change.

"Edward we don't have to..." i sighed staring into his golden eyes.

"It's to late for that, Bella. You unleashed the beast." he smirked and pecked my lips gently.

"But, Edward..." i protested.

He put a cold finger to my lips and soften his eyes.

"I love you Bella. More then anything. And as long as you love me, i will make you every wish and dream come true."

I felt my cheeks starts to flush and he brushed is cold lips against them. He flipped us over so he was on top of me, being careful not to put a lot of weight on me. I wrapped my legs around his waist trying to pull him closer to me. His icy skin felt like fire on mine, it gave me goosebumps as i kissed him harder.

"Edward..." i whispered

He growled at me and started clawing at my barely there clothes. I gasped at the icy fingers whipping across my chest and thighs. I felt the fabric disappearing from my body and i sucked on his bottom lip gently while running my fingers threw his silky hair. I could feel his hardness against my butt and i wrapped my legs tighter wanting him more than ever.

"Edward, please..." i murmured while trying to rub myself against him.

"Be patient, Bella." he cooed into my ear, making me shiver.

He rubbed up and down my leg and gently unwrapped them from his waist. I started into his golden eyes as he started trailing kisses down my neck and to the top of my breast. I squirmed slightly as his cold lips kissed the top of both my breast and his other hand started rubbing my inner thigh.

"Edward..." i whimpered.

He smirked and positioned himself at my entrance. I stared up into his eyes waiting for him to penetrate me once more.

"Tell me if-" he started.

"You wont hurt me Edward" i whispered.

He smiled gently at me and kissed my forehead gently and he slid into me quickly I gasped loudly then whimpered at his size.

"E-Edward..." i gasped as he started pushing in and out of me slowly.

He grunted slightly and thrusted a little faster inside on me. I whimpered at his thrust and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck. I felt his arms stretch out over my head as he started thrusting a little harder inside me. I heard a faint cracking sound twice, but paid little attention to it as he started going faster inside me. I moaned loudly and arched my back onto his icy chest.

"E-E-Edwaaaaard!" i screamed as i tighten around him hard.

"B-Bella..." he grunted as i wrapped my arms around him as hard as i could and i heard the faint cracking sound once more before we came together.

i panted hard as i felt him pull himself out of me. He was panting as well.

"Was i better then your dream?" he smiled lazily.

I blushed slightly as he rolled us over so i was laying on his chest.

"What dream?" i smiled back and kissed his lips gently before laying my head on his chest and dozing off.

"And so the lion married the lamb..." he whispered before humming my lullaby.

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