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Chapter Twenty-Six: Dining Discomfort

Edward's POV

Bella wasn't happy about having to leave the hospital in a wheelchair but it was necessary. She couldn't very well walk out and it would be suspicious if I carried her out. We were almost home now and from their thoughts Esme, Rose, and Emmett had the pizza but Alice wasn't back with Charlie yet.

"What are you all going to do about dinner? Are you actually going to eat?" Bella asked as I pulled her out of the car.

"We'll fake it." I said, grinning at her concern. I could already hear Rose inside complaining about having to eat the pizza.

I wouldn't eat pizza even if I were human. Full of carbs and grease. Though, I guess Bella needs the carbs. Rose was thinking as she got her piece with a tinge of wistfulness. She still really wanted to be human, even with seeing how sick my Bella was.

Smirking, I refocused on my Bella. She had her head on my shoulder, her thick, soft hair splayed out over my arm. In her anemic state, she looked even more fragile than usual. Maybe it's a good thing she wont be human much longer; it doesn't seem to suit her much. I'm confident that she would be a much better vampire than a human. Funny how I'm now ready, almost eager actually, for her to be a vampire. Her health worries me and I'm scared of losing her, especially since she has finally agreed to be my wife.

"So what are we going to tell Charlie the sleeping arrangements are?" Bella asked as we walked into the house.

"You will be in the spare bedroom like always. It makes sense because it's on this floor. But really, I'd rather you stay in my room with me, love." I answered. We'd cleaned out the spare bedroom on the first floor a while ago so that it would seem like Bella had her own room here but she rarely used it. We both preferred that she sleep in my room when she was here.

"Why would I want to stay anywhere else?" she whispered and turned her head to kiss my shoulder. I felt her warm lips through my shirt as if I weren't wearing one; they burned pleasantly. I would have kissed her lips if I weren't so conscious of her fragile state.

"Here we are love. Welcome home." I said as I set her in a chair at the table.

"That sounds wonderful." Bella sighed contentedly. I smiled at her expression; she was smiling like the sun, so beautiful even though she was sick. Hopefully she wouldn't have to move out of here before we decided to move out as a family.

"Bella, here's your dinner." Esme said as she set a plate with two slices of pizza and a glass of milk in front of Bella.

"Thank you Esme. I'm sorry you all have to eat. I know how uncomfortable it is for you all." Bella, always putting others before herself, apologized.

"A small inconvenience compared to the joy having you here is." Carlisle replied, voicing the opinion of the whole family. We would take on a pack of newborns just to have Bella finally live with us. I love her enough to do that by myself regardless of the circumstances for her.

Charlie and Alice were just pulling up in the cruiser. His thoughts were nervous; he had never spent much time with us and he wasn't entirely comfortable her. Not like Bella, but he was determined to try for her.

Bella would do better if I at least tried to act civilized with the Cullens. Edward just might be my son-in-law someday. I hope that wont happen for a few years though. Charlie was thinking, a surly tone to his thoughts. He was in for a rude awakening; Bella and I were getting married as soon as possible. If she would let me, I'd drag her to Vegas right now and the day after we were married, I'd change her. Alice would never allow that and neither would the others. The wanted to see us get married and I couldn't be that selfish. I'd just have to wait.

"We're back." Alice called as they came through the door. She was putting on a good show for Charlie. I heard her tell Charlie to set Bella's bag down by the stairs as they came to join us in the dining room. Emmett was bringing another chair to the table and his plate of pizza.

"Dinner is in the kitchen guys." Esme said as she sat in her seat with her back to the window. She was trying to pretend that the sauce on the pizza was blood but she still shied away from her slice. I couldn't blame her; my slice was as unappealing to me as garbage was to a human.

"Got any ranch dressing?" Charlie asked casually, or would have been casually if he wasn't so tense.

"Ooh, bring me some dad." Bella said as Alice led Charlie into the kitchen.

They both came back with plates of pizza and Charlie had the bottle of ranch in his hand. He passed it to Bella when he was done with it and she slathered her slices with it. She started eating with gusto. I picked up my own slice and started eating, hating every minute of it.

Emmett ate as if he were a human, wolfing down the pizza like the teenage guy he pretended to be. This isn't so bad. I loved pizza when I was human. I can deal with this. Just don't ask me to eat that health food Rose bought Bella earlier. He was thinking as he barely chewed his food.

Keep it together, Alice. You can handle human food. This is nothing. Alice told herself as she chewed her bite.

This stuff is horrible. It tastes like hot dirt. Jasper was complaining. At least I'm not the only one who's miserable. Except for Emmett, the idiot. Focus on Emmett, ease the tension. We'll get through this.

I'll have to request the night shift at the hospital to get out of this. Esme and Edward won't be so lucky. Sorry Edward. He apologized to me as he caught me staring at him and I nodded slightly.

"How are you feeling Bella?" Carlisle asked as she finished her first slice. There was ranch dribbled down her chin and I picked up a napkin to wipe it off, earning a rueful look from Charlie.

"Thanks, Edward. I'm tired and hungry." She grunted as she picked up her next piece.

"I can see that." Carlisle chuckled. "I meant, does your muscles ach or your head hurt?"

"I can feel the cramps coming back. Where's my Midol?" Bella more demanded than asked.

"Finish eating so you can take your pills all at the same time." Carlisle insisted and started pulling the pill bottles from his pocket.

"Fine." She answered and bit off another huge bite of pizza.

"Slow down kid. You act like you haven't eaten in days. Haven't they been feeding you here?" Charlie asked with gruff humor.

"Fainting spells and fatigue always make me hungry and tired." She said around her bite. I guess she was really hungry if she wasn't remembering her usually flawless manners.

"I'll leave you to it then." Charlie rolled his eyes and refocused on his dinner. Edward must have a lot of patience to put up with her when she's like this. Just look at him watching her like that. Charlie thought, slightly awed but more irritated. I saw my face in his mind looking at Bella with an adoring smile on my face. Is that how I look when I watch her? No wonder he's upset; I'm totally absorbed in her. But who could blame me? I love her more than my own life.

After dinner, Charlie hung out until Bella passed out on the couch. He said goodnight and, grudgingly, left Bella here with us. I carried her to my bed and laid her down, pulling the blanket over her.

Alice, who had bolted outside immediately after Charlie left to throw back up her food, came in.

I'll watch her while you go relive yourself. She offered in her thought, not wanting to wake Bella.

I nodded my thanks. I was extremely uncomfortable with my stomach full of pizza. Kissing Bella lightly on the cheek, I got up and ran outside.

This is worse than eating the food. Rosalie complained as she threw up into the river.

Ugh, what an awful taste! Much worse than the food itself. Emmett lay on his back in the grass with a disgusted look on his face, having just dislodged the massive amount of food he had eaten from his stomach.

Definitely taking the nightshift at the hospital. i cant do this. Carlisle thought as he patted Esme on the back. She was having some trouble, never having had to eat human food before. I felt bad for them, especially Esme.

Horrible. Bella had better be appreciative that we're doing this. We should all just leave so we don't have to deal with Charlie anymore. Jasper suffered the most. Not only did he have to deal with his own discomfort but everyone else's too. I knew that under his irritation, he did love Bella though and would do this again tomorrow. I still wanted to make them all feel better but right now, I had to take care of myself.

I went to the river and braced myself against a stone before heaving. My hands tightened on the rock as the food came back up with some venom. I spit it all into the river, most of it partially dissolved by the venom. It tasted horrible, the worst thing I had ever tasted. The stone I was grasping turned to powder in my hands as I shuddered form the taste and discomfort.

Soon this won't be necessary. As soon as Bella is well, we'll get married and then we'll leave. Charlie won't see us again for a while after that. We can't keep pretending for him. My family is miserable like this. But at least Bella is safe and happy right now. Her second day is done. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. It can't get worse.