by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or it's characters.

Summary: When Third Impact happens, Shinji makes a deal with the Angels to restore everything. But in return, no one will remember who Shinji is. ShinjiRei eventually.


Chapter 1

The Deal

On a desolate beach surrounded by a dark orange and red ocean sat Shinji Ikari, virtually the only human survivor of a initiated Third Impact. His only companions was a comatose redhead in a red plugsuit and bandages lying next to him. Across the ocean of LCL, staring skyward was the frozen face of Shinji's one-time love interest, Rei Ayanami.

Having been merged with Lilith, Rei was now a giant.

However, this left Shinji with one major problem: he was alone.

Third Impact had transformed the world's population into LCL, achieving what SEELE and Gendo had wished. SEELE had wanted to be forever immortal, and Gendo was reunited with his wife. The downside was that they were no longer human, or even remotely alive. To be honest, nothing was. And though Asuka was still with him and human, she was no longer conscious. Just Shinji.

Or so he thought.

"Hello, Shinji."

Shinji looked back and gasped when he saw Kaworu Nagisa hovering in mid-air, only a couple feet over the ground.

"K-Kaworu?!" Shinji gasped.

"I'm sure you are surprised to see me." the pale-skinned, gray-haired boy said.

"I... I thought I killed you."

"You did. However, now that mother is free, she was able to bring me back. And not only myself."

Shinji looked behind his former friend to see 16 other human-looking figures. However, if his experience with Kaworu had taught him anything...

"Are they..." he started to ask.

"Yes. The Angels that you and the other Eva pilots killed."

"But mostly you." the largest of the group, Sahaqiel the Angel of the Sky, said, looking like a rather hefty sumo wrestler.

Shinji sighed as the group hovered around him. "Are you here to kill me, then?" he asked.

"No." a soft voice said to him.

Shinji looked confused as a beautiful and mature looking woman in a flowing white dress hovered forward.

"Despite all that has passed between us and the Lilium, it is not in our nature to hold an everlasting grudge against them. Especially you, Shinji Ikari." Lilith said.

"But why not? I mean... I'm the son of the man who held you prisoner inside NERV. The son of the man responsible for Second and Third Impact. Aren't his sins mine?" Shinji asked. "And for that matter, didn't I kill most of you anyway? Shouldn't you be mad at me?"

Lilith only smiled. "You are far too hard on yourself, child. Your father's sins are his and his alone."

"But you are right about killing most of us." Sachiel, the Third Angel of Water, said, looking like a robust 18th Century sailor holding a spear in his hands.

"Despite that, I fear you will have to pay a price." Adam said, hovering before Shinji wearing a suit like that of the Sub-Commander.

"A price? For what?" Shinji asked.

"For rebuilding the world." Israfel, The Seventh Angel of Music, said, dressed up like he was Mozart from his time period.

"What?" Shinji asked.

"We have talked it over..." Gaghiel, The Sixth Angel of Fish, said, looking like a seven-foot tall Olympic swimmer.

"Extensively!" Zeruel, The Fourteenth Angel of Might, said, looking like a Roman gladiator, complete with sword and shield.

"...And we have decided to rebuild the world." Matriel, The Ninth Angel of Rain, said, looking like a psychic medium dressed in monks robes, complete with Third Eye in the middle of his forehead.

"What? The entire world?" Shinji gasped.

"Yes." Sachiel said.

"Even the people?"

"Yes." Bardiel, The Thirteenth Angel of Hail and Lightning, said, looking like a Grammaton Cleric from the movie 'Equilibrium'.

"But... why? After everything that we've done to you? Why would you give us a second chance?" Shinji asked.

"It is not exactly giving you a second chance." Israfel stated.

"We're going to make a few changes." Sahaquiel said.

"Changes? What changes?" Shinji asked.

"1-There will be no evidence of Angel presence in your world." Sachiel-third angel of water, controller of storms

"2-NERV will not exist." Ramiel, The Fifth Angel of Mercy and Controller of Thunder, said, looking like a fully armored military soldier.

"3-The Eva's will not exist." Shamshel, The Fourth Angel of Day, said, looking like a Zorro from the old movie 'The Mask of Zorro'. (The Antonio Banderas Zorro)

"4-SEELE will not exist." Gaghiel said.

"5-Second Impact will never have happened." Israfel said.

"Which means that 3 billion humans will never have been killed." Sandalphon, The Eighth Angel of Embryos, (the one from the volcano) said, looking like a man wearing heat-resistant suit said.

"And 6-you, Shinji Ikari." Adam said.


"Yes. You are the one who have defeated the most of us." Zeruel said.

"And as a result of all this, you will be the only human being who will be left virtually untouched." Ariel, The Fifteenth Angel of Birds, said, looking like a woman with an extendible hang glider on his back.

"What? But why me?" Shinji asked.

"That is complicated to explain without explaining our plan." Kaworu said.

"As you know, the entire planet has been transformed into LCL. From this we can rebuild everything that has been lost. Rebuild everyone that has died. Except you, who are not LCL." Sandalphon said.

"Except me? Wait! What about Asuka?" Shinji asked, looking at her motionless body still lying on the gritty sand.

"She will be more difficult than the others, as she is in a form of traumatized shock from her battle with the Mass Produced Evangelions." Ariel stated.

"But since she is in a state of shock, her mind can more easily be altered to forget the events of the last 15 years. It will be as if she has lived a normal life along with everyone else." Matriel said.

"Normal. That would have been nice." Shinji mumbled.

"However, we cannot erase your memories when we alter the world." Armisael-sixteenth angel of the womb

"But why?"

"Do you remember when you were absorbed by Unit 01 for an entire month?" Sachiel asked.


"You don't?" Leliel, The Twelve Angel of Night, said, looking like an African woman in a white and black dress.

"I remember what everyone told me, but I don't remember it happening." Shinji said.

"Regardless, it has caused your mind to become immune to our ability to warp reality." Adam said.

"Therefore, you will ultimately exist outside of the reconstruction of your world." Sachiel said.

"Huh?" Shinji asked, not really getting the point they were trying to make.

"This means... you will not be part of the memories of the people we will be reviving." Israfel said.

"In essence... you will be forgotten." Gaghiel said.

"No one will remember you. Not your friends, your former co-workers, even your family. You will have no identity in this world, save for your own thoughts and memories." Lilith said.

"Which is hardly an appropriate punishment for what you have done." Zeruel said.

"Brother!" Kaworu snapped.

"Hey, you didn't get eaten alive by his giant robot!" the gladiator snapped.

"No I just got my head torn off!" the boy shouted.

"Oh cry me a river!"

"Children!" Lilith shouted at the pair.

"Sorry." they said in unison.

Shinji took this into account as he faced the Angels.

"But... the rest of the world will be reborn? They'll be alive?" he asked them.

"Yes." Matriel said.

"And you will be the key to their rebirth." Ramiel said.

"Huh? Me? How?" Shinji asked.

"Because you are human." Adam answered.

"Your DNA sequence will be essential, a basis that we can use to rebuild all of mankind." Ireul, the Eleventh Angel of Fear, said, looking like a male version of Dr Akagi, labcoat and all.

"While our genetic coding is similar, there are subtle differences that place us apart." Shamshel said.

"As a result, we cannot adequately reconstruct the human race, without you." Armisael, the Sixteenth Angel of the Womb, said, looking like a tall, skinny, almost boney, contortionist.

"What about Asuka?" Shinji asked.

"This is a conscientious decision, Shinji. Free will is one of the things that makes your species more unique than every other species on Earth." Kaworu said.

"And since Asuka is not conscious enough to choose, you must do this." Lilith said.

While Shinji wasn't the greatest thinker on the planet, which wasn't saying much since he was the only conscious one right now, a part of him wondered why they needed him at all if they had the ability to rebuild the world. Them needing his DNA was understandable, but not his permission.


"Alright. I accept." he said.

With those words, the Angels simultaneously glowed and blinded Shinji with light.


Author's Notes:

Okay, I know this is rather odd, but I couldn't help writing this one up. And I know I have a lot of other stories out there that are demanding updates. I'm working on them, I promise. But I couldn't help writing this one up and uploading it on 8-8-08. It was just too much fun.

Also, this is a Shinji and Rei story, but that will come later. And as far as I can determine, this will probably be a 7-chapter story. So there's that for everyone to look forward to.

Below are the list of Angels, names, listings, and designations.

Adam-the first angel, father to all

Lilith-the second angel, mother to all

Sachiel-third angel of water, controller of storms. Destroyed by Shinji and Unit 01.

Shamshel-fourth angel of day, chief protector of the garden of Eden. Destroyed by Shinji and Unit 01.

Ramiel-fifth angel of mercy, controller of thunder. Destroyed by Shinji and Rei in their Eva's.

Gaghiel-sixth angel of fish. Destroyed by Shinji and Asuka in Unit 02.

Israfel-seventh angel of music. Destroyed by Shinji and Asuka in their Eva's.

Sandalphon-eighth angel of embryos, angel of glory and prayer. Destroyed by Asuka in Unit 02.

Matriel-ninth angel of rain. Destroyed by all three Children working together.

Sahaquiel-tenth angel of the sky. Destroyed by Asuka in Unit 02 after Shinji and Unit 01 caught it.

Ireul-eleventh angel of fear. Destroyed by Dr Akagi.

Leliel-twelfth angel of night. Destroyed by Shinji and Unit 01.

Bardiel-thirteenth angel of hail and lightning. Destroyed by Dummy Plug of Unit 01.

Zeruel-fourteenth angel of might. Destroyed by Shinji and Unit 01.

Ariel-fifteenth angel of birds. Destroyed by Rei in Unit 00.

Armisael-sixteenth angel of the womb. Destroyed by Rei and Unit 00.

Tabris-seventeenth angel of free will. Destroyed by Shinji in Unit 01.