by Gunman

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Summary: Kaworu explains to Misato and Rei all of what happened, and both of them leave to find Shinji.


Chapter 4

The Explanation

"You!" Misato hissed, jumping out of the car and reaching for her now nonexistent gun.

"It is good to see you alive, Major. First Child. How do you like the world we made for you?" Kaworu asked the pair once they were out of the car.

"The world you... so all this is your doing?" Misato gasped.

"Yes. Everything back to the way it was, before Second Impact." Kaworu said.

"Which means..."

"The world we knew, which included NERV and the Evangelion's, does not exist." Rei said.

"Correct." Kaworu nodded.

"Yet... we remember them." Misato said.

"Yes. I'm sorry for that. I'm sure everyone you've talked to about this has you marked as insane."

"You can say that again, buddy boy!"

"I will refrain from actually repeating myself, but apologize nonetheless."

"Apologize? You've left mankind defenseless against your attacks!" Misato shouted.

"Actually, we have no intention of attacking you." Kaworu said.

"You don't? Why?"

"Because... you have Lilith." Rei stated.

"Correct again."

"I remember that!" Misato gasped. "Lilith... was being held in Terminal Dogma in NERV... and you were coming to free her."

"Yes. We have her now. And with her we were able to alter the world."

It was then that Misato got angry. "YOU! It Was You! You Did Something To Shinji! You somehow got rid of NERV and the Eva's, but you also got rid of the only one who's beaten you more than anyone else!"

Kaworu sighed as she said that. "Well... yes and no."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I was afraid the bargain that we struck with Shinji would be too much for him to handle. And I was right."

"What about Shinji? What did you do to him?" Misato shouted.

"And what deal do you speak of?" Rei asked.

"Well... simply put... we made a deal with Shinji Ikari to remake the world. You see, when Third Impact happened, mother was freed and used her powers to resurrect us all. Despite what the Lilium had done to us, we were saddened by what you ultimately did to yourselves. Shinji and the Second Child were all that was left of mankind. But since Shinji was nothing but a pawn in this entire affair, we offered him a deal."

"Wait! You offered Shinji a deal? After everything that happened?"

"As I said, Shinji-kun was nothing but a pawn in his father's machinations. Even in battle, he never truly wronged us."

"Never wronged you? Didn't he kill most of you?"

"Yes. But even in battle, a person can be truly honest."

"Oooookay. While I'm willing to accept that, it's a stretch."

"I'm sure."

"What was the deal you made with Ikari-kun?" Rei asked.

"That we would restore the entire world and mankind. To what it was prior to Second Impact."

"What?" Misato gasped.

"You did all this. For Ikari-kun?" Rei asked.

"Well, it wasn't easy." Kaworu smiled.

"No. I don't believe you'd do this out of the kindness of your hearts. What was the catch?" Misato asked.

Kaworu smiled. "You see the truth of things."

"What do you mean by that?"

"There was a condition, a price to be paid for what we were offering."

"Of course. There's always a price."

"What was the price?"



"You see, because he was the only conscious individual at the time, not to mention his absorbtion by Eva 01 made him immune to our ability to warp reality, as well as alter all of your memories, he was basically... unaffected by our restructuring."

"Shinji was the only person unaffected by you rebuilding the world." Misato mused.

"Yes. The other Angels thought it would be a fitting punishment, despite how he was used by both NERV and SEELE in this entire affair."

"Fitting punishment? What do you mean by that?" Misato demanded.

"Well, it was Shinji who destroyed most of us. Some of the other Angels wanted him to suffer as a result." Kaworu said.

"But you just said that Ikari-kun was used by both NERV and SEELE. This would make him an innocent." Rei stated.

"Yeah! So why would he bare the brunt of your anger?" Misato asked.

"It was not anger, exactly. You see, while we eventually agreed that Shinji was indeed a pawn in this war, he was the only one who came out of Third Impact unscathed. Whether by skill or luck, we saw in him hope that mankind could survive. Despite the people around him."

"The people around him?" Misato asked.

"Yes. The people around him. From his estranged father, his doctor, his guardian, his classmates, his fellow pilots, even his own mother. All of whom had used Shinji in one form or another."

"Now wait a minute! Yui Loved Shinji!" Misato shouted.

"Then she should not have abandoned him when she did." Kaworu said easily.

"She only did that so that she could protect Shinji!"

"Yui Ikari was a smart woman. She would have found another way to go about it. By allowing herself to be absorbed by the Eva, she was avoiding her motherly responsibilities."

Before Misato could continue to argue, Rei preempted her.

"And this was the price you made Ikari-kun pay for the planets restoration?" Rei asked.

"Yes. But he did not have a choice. His mind could not be affected by our reality warping powers. And even knowing this, Shinji agreed that this was the best course of action."

"You mean... he accepted that no one would remember him?" Misato gasped.

"Yes. His existence, all memories of him, were to be erased from mankind."

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Misato shouted as she leaped at the boy, knocking him down as her hands were wrapped around his neck.

"That's not going to do you a lot of good." Kaworu said, seemingly unaffected by all this.

"YOU HAD NO RIGHT!" she shouted as she kept squeezing.

"It was either this, or he be killed."

"What?" she gasped, her grip weakening. "But... you just said that Shinji was a pawn. That he never wronged you."

"While this is true, that he was a pawn and the most honest of you Lilium in battle, he was mostly responsible for our demise's. Those of us whom he killed wanted some form of punishment to be administered. Most wished for his death. Just like you Lilium, we Angels tend to be... bothered by people who are directly responsible for our... injuries. However, mother and I were able to convince them all that not being remembered by all of mankind was perhaps worse for him."

Misato was glaring daggers, darts, bolts, and bullets at the gray-haired boy.

"You created Yui's miscarriage." she said.

"Yes. She does not remember ever having a child. And she seems quite happy about that." Kaworu said.

"That's a lie! We brought up the subject and the woman was on the verge of tears!"

"Being reminded of what she lost, so very long ago, would do that to any woman."

"I do not understand." Rei said.

"What don't you understand?" Kaworu asked.

"If Ikari-kun's existence has been erased from the memories of all who knew him... why do the Major and I remember him?"

Kaworu smiled. "Because that was my doing."

"What?" Misato gasped.

"While Shinji had been hurt so many times by virtually all those around him, even by the two of you, I couldn't let him be forgotten so easily. Therefore, I arranged it so that you would eventually remember him."

"But why us? According to you, we're as guilty of treating Shinji as bad as everyone else." Misato said.

"That may have been true in the beginning, but as time past your feelings for him changed. They became more honest than those of everyone around him." Kaworu said.

"So... that's why we remember Shinji?"

"Yes. However, when the world was remade, none of you, even his own mother, didn't remember him. This has caused some... stress to weigh in on the boy since he left Tokyo-3 a month ago."

"A month ago... oh my god! The liquor store!"

"Yes. You didn't remember him then, but I made it so that you would now."

"But why now?"

"Because... a situation has occurred that requires that which only you can give him." Kaworu said cryptically.

"Only we can give him?" Misato asked, confused.

"Where is Ikari-kun now?" Rei asked.

"I can't tell you where exactly, but you might want to start in Kyoto."

With that, Kaworu vanished.

"We must hurry, Major." Rei said.

"Yeah, I know. But Kyoto isn't a little town, Rei. It'll be impossible to find him." Misato argued as the pair got back into the Renault.

"I disagree, Major. Ikari-kun is intelligent and fairly resourceful. But if his identity has been erased, he has no birth certificate, no credit cards, and no relatives to speak of..."

"Oh, course! The places he could actually be will be limited. Places where vagrants and homeless people go." Misato grinned as she turned the engine over and roared down the road.

"Precisely." Rei said.

"Does that logical mind of yours ever get you down?"

"No. We must hurry."

"Right away, Ms Spock."

"Spock?" Rei asked with some confusion as Misato accelerated down the road.


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