by Gunman

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Summary: Shinji is merged with a cloned body of Spider Man and becomes a new hero alongside the original and his clone, The Scarlet Spider.


Chapter 1
New World

Within a dark and abandoned building in the bustling metropolis of New York City, a high-tech device called a Clone Tank sat in silence and peace. Undisturbed by any, save the dust-mites and the occasional cockroach. Inside the tank floated a body, a clone body of one of the most powerful and amazing heroes the world had ever known.

Spider Man!

Years ago a demented but brilliant scientist named Professor Miles Warren, created a clone of the web-slinging hero in order to destroy the original. This ultimately failed, but Warren didn't give up. Through tireless genetic experiments and breakthroughs in advanced technology, Warren managed to set up several Clone Tank's all over the city in the hopes that 1-they would all be hidden, and 2-that one of them would bring him the revenge he so desperately sought.

However, Warren had been killed in a pitched fight against Spider Man and his genetically perfect clone brother, known as The Scarlet Spider. With his main lab, and himself destroyed, Warren's Clone Tank's were left unchecked and unmaintained. Some of the clones had died as a result, leaving only bits and pieces of themselves in the final discovery. However, one of the tanks had only recently stopped functioning.

And as fate would have it, received a much needed infusion of new DNA.

The energy portal opened directly on top of the Clone Tank itself, splitting the tank between two dimensions both here and there, out of phase with conventional reality. Within seconds, a single image flew in as if pushed out of the hole and slamming into the clone body like a soft cushion of play dough. As the portal vanished, the dimensional barriers realigned, and as a result the two bodies that now occupied the same space, merged together to form a single entity.

His eyes opened sharply and suddenly, looking around in a panic for anything that was familiar. Seeing that he was in some kind of a tube, and what's more couldn't breathe, he pounded against the steel and glass door of the tube, exploding it open and allowing the young man to take a lung full of fresh air.

"AH! Aahhh! I can breathe! I can breathe!" he gasped as he stumbled out of the tank and collapsed onto the floor.

Lying on his back he wiped the strange ooze out of his eyes and stared at the ceiling.

Another unfamiliar ceiling. He thought as he looked around to try and get his bearings.

Seeing that he was in an abandoned building of some kind, he slowly started to sit up, only to find that not only was he alone in this unfamiliar place, but he was also without apparel. What's more... he realized that without any apparel he could see his body... which didn't look like his body. At least not the one he remembered.

"What... what's going on? Where am I? Misato?! Rei?! Asuka?! Dr Akagi?!" he shouted, only to receive silence as his answer.

He tried to stand up, feeling a strength and ease he had never known before. He grabbed his head suddenly as strange and bizarre images flooded his mind. Some of the images he remembered, some he didn't. He remembered a purple giant with a horn. A penguin with red hair. A woman in cutoff shorts. A girl with blue hair smiling at him.

But then he was assaulted with other images. Of strange creatures and people, some resembling animals, others resembling machines. A man in red with horns on his head. A woman in black with white trim on her outfit. A creature made of pitch black with a large mouth full of spiky teeth. And a hiding place... not far from where he was.

The images faded from his mind as he went over to the nearest door and opened it up.

Stepping into the alley his body was assaulted by a chilling wind. There was no one present in the alley, which was to his advantage. Looking around he saw nothing again, and then looked up towards a tall building with several stone gargoyles carved into it.

Up there. There's... something... up there! He thought as he stepped up to the wall and placed his hand on it. His foot went next, then his other hand, and then his other foot. One after the other, bit by bit, until finally... he was literally climbing up the side of the building... like a spider!

The cold wind stung his naked body, but he didn't stop his ascent. He couldn't understand where this strange knowledge or impulse was coming from, but he knew that he had to answer the call, or be frozen in his attempt.

Reaching the top he slowly wandered over to a small bend beneath one of the stone statues and reached under it. He found something soft, like a small bag or something, and pulled it out. It was a bag, like an old backpack. Opening it up he smiled as he realized what he had found.


The material was pitch black with a strange white spider image on the front and back of it. But that was of little interest to him as the wind picked up once again. Seeking to escape both cold, and his immodest nature, he quickly pulled the black clothes over his body, finding it to be a perfect fit. As if it had been tailor made for him.

But what confused him then, was a black mask with white patched eye lenses.

It came with a mask for a reason. Maybe it's a Halloween costume. But why would someone stash this thing up here? He wondered. Figure it out later, Shinji. At least it's warm... but right now I need to find some regular clothes. He thought as he stuffed the mask into his shirt and looked over the side of the building.

He gasped as he suddenly realized the obviousness of his situation.

He was no longer in Tokyo-3! He was in a place he had only read about in history class.

"New York City!" he gasped as he stared out at the Manhattan skyline, which was punctuated with familiar edifices such as The Empire State Building and The World Trade Towers.


(AN: Yes, I know, the World Trade Towers were destroyed in the 9-11 attacks. But they were pretty much the main image of the city of New York, and I needed something that everyone, even Shinji, could recognize without misinterpretation.)


Eventually Shinji climbed down the wall of the building, which still freaked him out, and felt a strange tingling in the back of his mind. Fear became evident inside him, and he ducked down behind a set of garbage cans as a pair of men rounded the corner carrying a whole mess of clothes and shoes in their arms.

They seemed to be in an awful rush, which was proven by another pair of men rounding the corner. These men were uniformed police officers.

"HALT!" one of the cops shouted.

One of the men suddenly tripped and dropped the clothes he was carrying on the ground next to where Shinji was hiding. He got back up and kept running. The two police men continued to give chase, leaving the clothes behind.

However, this was fortunate for Shinji, who quickly snatched up the dropped merchandise. A set of pants, a dress shirt, a brown trenchcoat, and a pair of shoes.

Luck had never been with Shinji before, but he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth as he quickly dressed himself and walked out of the alleyway.

He looked around and noticed hundreds of people just walking around, talking, seeming to enjoy the night and all. Keeping to himself, he suddenly passes a large window and freezes when he sees his reflection.

Staring back at him was not a skinny, 14-year old Japanese boy. No. This was much, much different. The image was of a man at least twice Shinji's age, American, with wavy brown hair and soft blue eyes. He was nearly 6 feet tall, about 5'10, 5'11 he figured. He was about as tall as Ryoji Kaji from what he remembered. He ran his hands over his face, slapping his cheeks to see if he wasn't dreaming. And felt the disappointment that he wasn't dreaming.

Before he could stare anymore at his reflection, he felt a strong tug on his arm, spinning him around as a pair of full, red lips pressed against his own.

Shinji froze for several seconds as the woman in question pulled back to smile at him.

"Caught you by surprise, tiger!" the beautiful redheaded woman said as she wrapped her arms around him tightly.

Shinji's first reaction was naturally fear, thinking this girl might be Asuka, then confusion at why she was kissing him, and finally settling on stunned when he realized she was older than Asuka.

"It's nice to see you're on time for a change." the redhead said.

That was when Shinji chose to speak. "Uh... do you know me?" Shinji asked, suddenly realizing that he was speaking English. And fluently too.

The redhead looked shocked. "What? Do I know you? Peter did you hit your head or something? It's me, Mary Jane. And what's with the clothes?" she asked, staring at his trenchcoat, pants and shoes. "Not that it's not a nice change from the usual outfit you usually wear, but... are you alright?"

It suddenly occurred to Shinji that this young woman knew him. Or at least the person he looked like. Maybe she could help him.

"Uh... I'm sorry, I... must have forgot..."

"Forgot? Forgot our one year anniversary? Oh, you must have hit your head and hard too." she said as she brushed a hand over his forehead in concern. "You do feel a little clammy. I think we need to go see Aunt May."

"Aunt May?" he asked.

"Oh, brother! You're in worse shape than I thought!" Mary Jane said as she flagged down a cab.

Shinji got in the yellow taxi cab after the attractive redhead and closed the door behind himself. She gave the cabbie an address and the man took off down the street.

However, what made Shinji feel strange, is that he could have sworn he was being watched. Maybe it was paranoia, from being in a new place, in a new body that could do amazing things, with a girl who obviously knew him, and he had no idea what was going on.

Of course the only good part of this whole bizarre event, was that this redheaded young woman was a lot nicer to him than Asuka.

Then again, he was someone she knew, but not the actual person. That got Shinji to thinking. If he looked like this person, Peter, that this redheaded woman, Mary Jane, obviously knew, where was the real guy?

He had no idea that said guy was currently flying across the skyline of the city on a webline following the cab.

Who is that guy? He's not Ben, so is he... another clone? Peter Parker thought as he fired another webline to keep pace with the cab... all the way to his Aunt May's home.


Authors Notes:

Okay, I admit, this chapter is short, and for a very good reason. I intended it that way. It's basically an introduction to Shinji as a new type of Spider-hero. I've had numerous people actually write to me asking if I could try my hand at writing up Shinji as Spider Man. There were a lot of ways I could have gone with that. Like the classic method of having Shinji bitten by a radioactive spider, or some other genetic, or mystical, alteration involving spiders. But ultimately, I choose to use a method that I'm sure no one had ever thought of.

The Spider-Clones!

Using this method, I intend to put Shinji right next to Peter 'Spider Man' Parker and Ben 'Scarlet Spider' Reilly. Mostly because I love both of those characters. I'm also kicking around a few ideas for whom I am going to pair him up with from this universe. But... suggestions are always welcome.

And yes, it was intentionally uploaded on 8-8-08 because I like the landmark number.

Chapter redone thanks to suggestions from Cylon One!