I don't own the Hardy Boy or Nancy Drew series. only the plot.


They were running through the cemetery as fast as they could. The bridge was probably another mile away and their strength was fading. "We can make it," said Frank.

"Are you sure? It's still a couple of miles away ain't it?" Joe was running behind his brother.

"I believe him. Just think about reaching it and we can." Nancy could feel her calf muscles burning and prayed what they were preaching was going to happen.

All of them heard a crash and stopped dead in their tracks. They looked back and saw that Bess had tripped over a headstone. Biff ran back and picked her up off the ground. Continuing to run, the bridge came into sight a short while later.

"There's the bridge," George shouted. They increased their speed, and came within five yards of the bridge. But, as if by magic, the Headless Horseman was standing there.

"No," Frank shouted. Everyone of them stood there, frozen with fear. The Headless Horseman drew his sword and advanced.

"Run!" Chet was the first one to break out of the trance. They turned and ran back the only other direction they could go; back through the graveyard.