Was all the blue haired girl said as she walked down the side walk. I t was still pretty early in the morning, the sun was barely rising and the birds had just began to sing. A light breeze blew through her hair, and crept down her back. This made Hikari shiver, it was getting close to winter and it didn't help that the skirt from her school uniform was extremely short. As she continued on her way to school, she noticed something odd coming from the last house on the left. It was an enormous mansion that had been abandoned for as long as Hikari could remember. She noticed that there was a moving van in front of the tall black gates that guarded the house. Hikari also noticed a shiny black car that was parked behind the truck, honking until a figure emerged from behind the gates. It was a boy about her age; he was tall, slender and had dark lavender hair.

As he got into the car, he glanced up to see Hikari staring at him. Extremely embarrassed, Hikari looked away and continued walking. He looked at her for a bit more, before proceeding getting into the car.

When she got to school, Hikari went to her locker which was at the very end of the hall in the corner. She grabbed a notebook, a binder and her math book, and then closed the locker. Suddenly the bell rang, "Greattt, the first bell, marks the beginning of a very long day.." sighed Hikari, making her way to first period.

She sat down in her usual seat and began writing down the agenda on the board, when the teacher came in. "Class, we have a new student, please give a warm welcome to Shinji Morisaki !" cried the teacher enthusiastically. Hikari looked up and to her shock, saw the same boy she had seen earlier today. "Fabulous…" Hikari thought as she tried to hide her face "..Way to go stupid, why the hell did you have to stare at him?!" she cursed herself. "Shinji, why don't you take a seat next to Hikari, Hikari, please raise your hand" said the teacher. Hikari bashfully raised her hand coving her face with the other, she peeked and saw Shinji walking over to the desk and sat down.

He didn't even bother looking her way, which made Hikari a little disappointed, "See, he hates you already, you retard!" Hikari thought to herself, "Gosh he's so fine… his hair, his perfect skin…his fangs…" Fangs!?

While she was inspecting him, he had yawned, showing all of his sparkly teeth. Then she noticed that his canines were very long, too long to be normal. He then froze and turned to look at her, his stare was cold and menacing; Hikari quickly turned away, shocked at what she had just witnessed. "Ok calm down, you're over reacting, he doesn't have fangs, maybe it was just the light or something, and maybe you need glasses" Hikari thought frantically. She could feel his stare on her, she suddenly felt dizzy and her face began to heat up.

After quite some time like this, Hikari finally got a grip. She looked to her side, making sure that he wasn't staring at her anymore. She sighed with relief when she saw that Shinji was busy taking down some notes, "what the hell was that?" she thought, "why was he looking at me like that? His look, it made me feel woozy, as if he were hypnotizing me…." Hikari shook her head and began taking notes on the lecture.

She had just finished taking down the last sentence when the bell rang, as she put her stuff away, she looked up to see that Shinji was already gone. Hikari made her way to second period, laughing at herself for thinking that Shinji was hypnotizing her and praying that he wouldn't be in her next class.

Lucky for her, he wasn't in her second or third, so her biggest concern now was running into him at lunch. Hikari made her way to the cafeteria, looking in all directions for any signs of Shinji. She then sat down at her usual table, and pulled out her sack lunch, still looking for Shinji, "nope, I don't see him anywhere, he must be taking a test or something," hikari thought to herself. When she finished her lunch, she got up and went outside onto the field. She sat down under a tree and began humming a song as she looked around at all the different groups that were hanging out by the benches.

The rest of the day went by without any signs of him anywhere, which made Hikari sadden a little. Another school day came to a close, as everyone rushed out of the building, pushing Hikari and nearly knocking her down. She quietly made her way home; as usual she would walk alone, since she had no friends at school. All the other girls were very snobby and rich, Hikari wasn't exactly poor, but she certainly wasn't born a millionaire like the others.

As she walked, she found herself very close to what she assumed to be, Shinji's house. Trying to act casual, Hikari "speed walked", (which really looked like running) as fast as she could past the dark house. Little did she know that she was being watched by somebody in the tallest tower of the mansion.

"Phew, what a day!" cried Hikari, kicking off her shoes before crashing onto the sofa. Her mom wouldn't be home till around 3 in the morning, since she had to work double shift. Hikari stared at the ceiling for a bit, then got up and went into her bathroom; she peeked through the curtains as the black house, wondering what Shinji was doing. "Neh, why on earth am I curious about him? He's so rude, and I bet he hates me, he probably thinks im going to rape him or something, that jerk! Then again, I was the one staring at him this morning like some sort of yummy dessert.." Hikari said out loud to herself. Pulling the curtains back, she undressed herself and got into the shower. Afterwards, she put on her pjs and went downstairs to eat dinner and watch some TV.

As soon as she finished her homework, Hikari went back into the bathroom and took one last glance at the black house before going to bed.

The next morning, Hikari got up earlier than usual, and began getting ready for school, instead of putting her hair up into a ponytail, she let it all down. Her hair reached down to her mid back and was perfectly straight and glossy. She then put a bit of cover up on, something she hadn't done since the 8th grade and a bit of mascara. "Maybe then he'll notice me," thought Hikari happily, but then she saddened, "oh who am I kidding, Shinji will never notice me, I mean look at me, im so ugly even with make up on. There's plenty rich, popular girls with big boobs and terrific bodies at that school, so why would he even bother with me?" Hikari thought sadly.

She wiped the make up and mascara off, grabbed a pop tart and headed out the door. Hikari was too busy lost in her thoughts to have noticed the black car that was following slowly behind her. Suddenly she felt something grab her arm and pull her back; she turned to see that it was …..