This is my first KKM story. I know it is kind of messed up. o.O and doesn't fit at all with KKM. But I wanted to write it xD Hope you guys like it.


Chapter 1


He grabbed his brother's bags and placed them in the carriage. His brother and wife sat inside. He stood outside; he's dark blond hair waving in the wind. One of the servants came by with his horse. He mounted it and went ahead of the carriage. After a couple of meters away, he let his horse rest until they caught up. It was going to be a long day for them.

"YUURI!" Wolfram shouted, chasing after his fiancé. Yuuri was about to jump into the bath when Wolfram grabbed his arm. They both fell over but to Yuuri's surprise they didn't go back to Earth.

"Why were you running away from me?!"

"I wasn't! I was running away from Anissina!"

"Your majesty!" A voice came from the hallway.

"Get down!" Wolfram pushed Yuuri under the water.

Anissina went to the edge of the water and Yuuri came up, splashing her.

"Your majesty, I need-"

"No!" Yuuri interrupted. "You will not experiment on me!"

"No not you."

"Him?" Yuuri pointed to Wolfram.

"No." She laughed. "Greta."

Greta came walking in and Yuuri picked her up and raced her out of the room.

"Hey!" Anissina shouted, chasing after them. She had a red ribbon in her hand. "It would look cute on her, Your Majesty!"


Gwendal came into the room but stopped. He sighed. The Maou left a whole lot of paper work to be done when he was out with Conrad.

Conrad came in, saw the mess, and asked, "Should I get Your Majesty?"


Conrad stepped out of the room to find Yuuri.

Gwendal sat down in the seat and looked through the papers. One caught his eye.

"A treaty with Varros Annon?" He looked down at the Kingdom's King. There wasn't any. He threw the paper out.

Conrad comes in with Yuuri and Greta. They were breathing heavily but Gwendal didn't ask why. He got up from his seat and Yuuri walked over and sat in it. He started with the paper work.

"Yuuri?" Greta said.


"Do you need any help?"

Yuuri looked down at the papers. "I'm fine, thanks anyway, Greta."

She nodded and stepped next to him. She picked up the piece of paper that Gwendal threw. She handed it to Yuuri and he unscrambled it.

"Why did you throw this away, Gwendal?"

"It's no use," Gwendal said coldly.

Yuuri signed it and put it with the 'finished' pile.

Günter charged in.

"You're Majesty!" He goes behind Yuuri's chair. "Celi wanted me to ask you if you really approve of the party."

"W-what party?"

Günter stares at him with a smile. "We are hosting a party tomorrow night for some of the new Kingdoms."

"N-new Kingdoms?"

"You are really clueless, wimp!" Wolfram shouted from the doorway. "For some odd reason, people are building up more Kingdoms. We are hosting a party with some of them to welcome them. It was your idea!"

Yuuri stared at him, blankly.

"You said 'maybe we should have a party for the new comers' a couple of days ago!"

"Oh yeah…" Yuuri said, clearly not understanding.

"Let Yuuri be," Gwendal demanded.

"No they can stay."

He sighed.

Ken Murata came in with The Original King on his shoulder. Shinou whispered something into his ear and he started to walk to the desk. He opened a drawer and took out another crumpled piece of paper. He handed it to Yuuri who opened it.

"Another secret from me?" Yuuri asked, frowning.

Wolfram went over his shoulder and read what the paper said.

"WHAT?! WE DO NOT NEED A BODYGUARD," he shouted adding, "At least I don't."

Conrad sighed. "Sorry, guys."


"Günter and Gwendal are going with Celi on one of her love cruises," Conrad replied. "Anissina forced me to try one of her new experiments in the forest. She said it would take a couple of days."

"We aren't kids anymore!" Wolfram shouted.

Gwendal frowned. "Yeah. Actually, your bodyguard and his family has no where to stay when his Kingdom is being built. The king asked to stay here for awhile."

Yuuri sighed. "How much people are in the family?"

"Three," Conrad replied. "There is Vibeke, Tilde and Daisuka Tanaka."

Yuuri, Greta and Wolfram stared at him.

"Daisuka Tanaka is the king, Tilde is his wife and Vibeke is his younger brother."

Yuuri looked down at the paper work.

Wolfram slapped his hand on the desk. "I want to see a picture of this Vibeke guy! I don't want my wimp to fall in love with him!"

"Stop calling me that!" Yuuri frowned. "Like I'll fall in love with someone el-" He stopped talking and Wolfram glared at him.

"You'll have to see him at the party tomorrow night," Gwendal replied.

"Come on Yuuri!" Wolfram shouted, grabbing Yuuri's arm.

"Where are we going?!"

Murata smiled as they walked out. Shinou saw his evil stare and disappeared.


Night came and Yuuri woke up, startled. He stared at Wolfram in his pink gown, sleeping in an odd position. Greta was next to him, curled up. Yuuri got out of bed and went out of the room to the bath. He got in and closed his eyes.

"Shibuya!" A voice came from behind him. Yuuri turned around and saw a smiling Murata and Shinou.

"You scared me!"

"We can see that," Shinou responded.

"What you doing here?" Yuuri wondered. "Why are you up so late?"

"We wanted to ask you the same thing," Murata responded.

Yuuri went under water and then came back up again. Murata and Shinou left.

Yuuri blinked and wondered what was going on.


Conrad threw Yuuri a fast ball and he had to jump up to get it. They threw it back and forth to each other until Günter came running out.

"His Majesty!!" he shouted.

Yuuri looked his way.

"Your Majesty! The Tanaka family came early!"

Yuuri and Conrad followed Günter to the entrance of the building. A woman and a man were standing with Wolfram and Gwendal.

"This is Your Majesty, Yuuri!" Günter introduced Yuuri.

Wolfram walked over to Yuuri and linked arms with him. He didn't pull away.

"My name is Daisuka Tanaka and this is my wife, Tilde." He sighed. "I don't know where my brother is… he was just in front of us."

Tilde looked back. "Oh there he is!"

A young boy come speeding on his horse. The horse stopped next to Yuuri and he jumped off.

"My name is Vibeke," he said, bowing. "It's a pleasure to be a service."

Yuuri andWolfram started at this bishōnen. His long dark blonde hair moved in the wind. His face was that of a girl. He wore a cowboy hat, cowboy shoes, long brown cowboy pants and a blue shirt with a pocket by his left breast. His sword was in its holder, ready to come out.

"I heard that I'm your new bodyguard." Vibeke smiled, titling back on his boots. "I hope I'll be a fine bodyguard."