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Chapter 9


She frowned up at the ceiling and then down at her brother. Tilde stood next to her with her hands on her pregnant stomach.

"Who did this?" Vibeke hissed at Tilde.


"Who's Aaron?"

"Your real brother."

Vibeke turned around to her and grabbed her shirt.

"What the hell are you talking about?!"

"Aaron is your real brother and you are his real brother."

She pointed at a man leaning his back against the window.

The man got up and put his clamped Vibeke's shoulder.

"Killing Daisuka brought us together again, isn't that just…?"

He trailed off and frowned.

"I heard that you are the leader of the Renegades. Not a surprise, seeing that you were the one that set the fire to the town."

Vibeke smiled. "Yeah. It was fun."

"You killed our mother, matter of fact, our whole family…"

"And?" Vibeke frowned. "Now like they treated me- a human- right anyway…"


"So Vibeke is a girl and she set fire of the town?" Yuuri asked Murata.

He nodded.

"What about Tyson and Tony?" Wolfram wondered.

"They were supposed to kill Vibeke before she set the fire to the town," Shinou answered. "You see, Vibeke has always been bad. She was treated very harshly because she was the only human in the family. They just didn't know that she isn't there real daughter but someone else's."

Yuuri blinked. "…h-hu?"

Wolfram slapped his head. "Vibeke was adopted, sort of speak."

Shinou nodded his head.

"So she was adopted, treated harshly, and set the fire?"

Murata shook his head and said, "She was adopted, treated harshly, kidnapped by Daisuka's men and then she set the fire."

Yuuri sighed. "So did they say anything to her when she was kidnapped?"

A laugh came from behind Yuuri. He was sitting on his chair in the office. He spun around and his chair hit into Daisuka's head.

"Awwwwwww! Watch it!" he shouted on the floor.

Yuuri stared blankly at him.

Vibeke, this man, and Tilde came running in the room, hitting Gunter in the head with the door.

"DAISUKA!" Vibeke shouted with her sword in her right hand.

"Um, hi, honey…." he said to Tilde.

She crossed her arms and looked away.

"W-what I d-do?"

"You almost killed Vibeke!"

Daisuka frowned.

"You were the one that let Tyson and Tony turn her in-"

Vibeke slapped her back. "'Turn me in'?"

She went behind the man and cried.

Vibeke sighed and pointed the sword at Daisuka.

"Well you were the one that killed everyone in the town!"

"Because you made me!" Vibeke stomped her foot and fire spread around her.

"Vibeke!" Yuuri shouted, pushing Wolfram against the wall.

Fire went around Daisuka but it just went through him.

"I'm already dead you idiot!" he shouted with a laugh.

Shinou came behind him and grabbed his arm.

"Time for you to go away," he said, smiling.

He pushed Daisuka and Daisuka mouthed good-bye to his wife before disappearing.

"Okay. That's settled. Now any questions?" Murata asked.

"Who's that guy holding onto Tilde?" Yuuri asked.

"He's my twin brother, Aaron," Vibeke answered.


Wolfram interrupted Yuuri. "So what did Tony and Tyson say to you when you were kidnapped?"

"They thought I was asleep and said, "Daisuka will be proud when we kill Vibeke."

Gwendal frowned.

"What a nice brother you have, Vibeke," Gunter sighed.

"He's not her brother. They adopted her when she was younger," Tilde replied. "They found her on the streets and brought her in."

Aaron looked at his sister. "I realized that she was my sister when I heard a 'Vibeke Tanaka' burned down the town."

"Isn't there a lot of people named Vibeke?"

"Not in our town."

Everyone was silent for a minute.

Vibeke turned her back to Yuuri and Wolfram (Wolfram somehow was on Yuuri's lap) and looked at her brother.

"I'm going to tell the Reengages that they will be helping rebuild of the town."

Before they walked out of the office, Yuuri asked, "Why did you pretend you were a boy?"

"She likes girls more than boys," Murata answered.

Vibeke fake attacked him with a sword.


"Get in bed, Yuuri!" Wolfram shouted.

"Vibeke, Aaron, and Tilde are leaving now," Yuuri replied from the window.

"Get your ass in this bed…" Wolfram whispered.

Yuuri heard him and went under the covers.

"Why did this girl even right this stupid story?" Wolfram mumbled.

Yuuri looked at him. "W-what g-girl?"

There was silence.

"YOU CHEATER!" Yuuri shouted. He got up from the bed with a pillow in his hands.

"I AM NOT A CHEATER!" Wolfram shouted running out of the room. Yuuri followed him and when he got close, smacked him with the pillow.


Vibeke looked up at the castle with two pieces of paper in her hand: One was Daisuka telling Aaron that he wants to her and the other is the destruction of the group she worked hard on.

She heard Wolfram and Yuuri screaming and saw them run past a window. A smile crossed her face as Sararegi helped her onto his horse.


Two days ago

"You will make a great leader, Tilde," Vibeke said.

Tilde looked up at Vibeke in the diner room. Everyone stared at her too.

"I'm going back to Sara's kingdom."

Everyone gasped.

"Aaron will be able to help you, Tilde."

"B-but… I just got to know you!"

"I'll come by…" Vibeke said. She got up and headed for the door where Sararegi was. "We will be next door to you, anyway. You will be able to see me on the roof of the castle."

Everyone's mouth hung open.

Vibeke and Sararegi left the room.


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