We moved in perfect synchronization, our formation rigid and formal. It was always like that. Felix had pointed out, during my first years with the Volturi, that it made us seem more professional, more ...formidable. Alec walked beside me, an emotionless angel, his hand tightly gripping mine. On my other side was Marcus, walking as gracefully as his boredom would allow. The air surrounding us was tense, feeding my hunger as we drew closer and closer to Forks. Already I could smell the sweet stink of our enemies, and another scent I couldn't quite place. As the lighter cloaks in front of me drew into a clearing, I discovered the source of the disgusting odor.

What first met my eyes was what couldn't be considered less than a terrible sight. It wasn't only the Cullen's that awaited us, but several other vampire's, some of which I couldn't place. Along with them, a single russet wolf stood out. I felt my composure melt, as those around me erupted into surprised hisses, and surprise replace it on my face. How dare they attempt to fight? How dare anyone attempt to defend them? Surprise turned to anger, and the gray cloaked man in front of me stumbled, and would have tumbled onto the ground in pain if Marcus hadn't of jabbed me in the side with his finger. Well, at least it showed he was paying attention.

Alec patted my arm gently, his normal way of calming me down. It helped, but only slightly.

We were growing close enough to hear them talk, and I heard Demetri snort from Alec's other side.

"They did come," A Romanian vampire said, in what he must have assumed to be a quiet voice.

"The wives," His friends hissed back, "The entire guard! All of them together. It's well we didn't try Volterra."

This time it was Caius who hissed. I didn't dare glance over.

A few seconds later we froze.

The smell was worse from where we stood, and it didn't take long to figure out why.

The single wolf had been joined by more, the hurried beat of their large hearts deafening in the silent clearing. Altogether, I counted seventeen, and they were slowly mixing themselves among the vampires. They ranged in colour and size, some smaller than others, with larger paws. I would have guessed them pups, if they hadn't still been mountainous. I couldn't help but smile. After we were finished with the Cullen's, we would certainly be asked to dispose of the wolves. I was suddenly looking forward to the end. It only meant more bloodshed.

As I contemplated what I would do to the great black one, obviously the leader, a soft hiss drew my attention.

I turned slowly towards the sound, and my eyes took in the one thing I had wanted terribly to be untrue.

There was no denying her beauty, as immortality quite became her. Bella Swan's hair was shinier than I remembered, her face smoother and lips fuller, but it was really the eyes that gave her away. Although they still has the bright sheen of a newborn, they had faded to an orange red. Obviously, she was as vegetarian as her mate. The sight of her made me sick with fury. I watched as those eyes drifted over Aro, Marcus and Caius, and past Renata, until they finally landed on me. They darkened slightly, apparently bored with my emotionless face, before moving on to take in Alec and Demetri. So we were her targets. What a surprise.

Alec seemed to be thinking along the same lines, because his hand squeezed mine. He knew Bella was mine. I'd already asked for her. I'd been promised the sweet sensation of taking her immortal-child making life. I continued to watch her, and her eyes eventually drifted back to meet mine. She looked just as furious as I was, and adrenaline pumped through my veins. I shifted slightly, and though it was barely enough to notice, Marcus made a gentle "tut-tutting" under his breath. Felix snorted.

It wasn't long before I felt the familiar feeling of Marcus' probing. He was testing their ties.

I was wondering who had the strongest ties, and was contemplating asking when Carlisle Cullen stepped forward, his shoulder's squared, chin raised high.

"Aro, my old friend. It's been centuries."

Once again, I had to fight to keep the hateful venom from swelling in my throat.

Then Aro stepped forward, and it almost overflowed. How could he put himself in such danger? Even with Renata trailing him, he was pushing his luck. I pulled my lips back over my teeth, and the snarl overflowed. Only Alec's tight grip kept me from crouching on the ground like many of the others.

Aro held his hand up towards us.

"Peace," His voice was raspy, but an order was an order. "Fair words, Carlisle. They seem to be out of place, considering the army you've assembled to kill me, and my dear ones."

No kidding.

"You have but to touch my hand to know that was never my intent."

I frowned. Aro couldn't possibly be foolish enough to move closer.

"But how can your intent possibly matter, dear Carlisle, in the face of what you have done?"

"I have not commited the crime you are here to punish me for." His face was relatively blank, but his eyes betrayed his fear.

"Then step aside and let us punish those responsible. Truly, Carlisle, nothing would please me more than to preserve your life today."

"No one has broken the law, Aro. Let me explain." He offered his hand once again, but before Aro could move forward, Caius intercepted.

"So many pointless rules, so many unecessary laws you create for yourself, Carlisle," Caius hissed. "How is it you defend the breaking of the one that truly matters?"

This rule had always confused me, until Aro had cleared it up on the way here. Immortal children were dangerous because of their inability to control themselves, and to keep the secret. It had been a plague, the time of the immortal children. Foolish vampire's had created immortals from humans barely more than infants. Aro and the others had studied them for years, and it had finally been Caius who decided they needed destroying. While it hadn't been as bad as the Southern Wars, which I had learned of from Demetri shortly after my creation, the carnage was widespread. Aro had feelings for those who had to be destroyed, but it couldn't have been helped. for years afterwards, he continued to study the children, wanting nothing more than to have them tamed. It wasn't possible. So the practice had been considered a "taboo" from then until now. The Cullen's had broken the rule, and they would pay for it. No matter what would happen.

I had a feeling that, even if the child wasn't real, that Aro and Caius would have another reason for the destruction of the Cullen's.

I wasn't sure what it was, but it was there.

"... Or you could just look at her, Caius. See the flush of human blood in her cheeks."

"Artifice! Where is the informer? Let her come forward!" Caius whirled around to face us, his burgundy eyes searching for the fair haired Alaskan vampire. He spotted her quickly, lingering behind the wives. Certainly a dangerous place to keep one so unbalanced as to betray her own family.

"You! Come!"

The vampire, Irina, stood staring at him with confusion. Caius had ordered her to his side, and she wasn't moving? Stupidity at it's greatest.

The sharp crackfilled my ears as Caius' hand connected with her face, and I heard her sisters hiss across the clearing. I watched as the witness stiffened, and her eyes finally brightened. Caius pointed back towards the hybrid child, his eyes dark with anger. One of the wolves growled, and I bared my teeth in his direction.

"This is the child you saw? The one who was obviously more than human?"

Irina stared at it, slightly open mouthed.


"I don't know." She was confused again, her brows furrowed.

I watched Caius' hand twitch, and I thought, wished, that he would slap her again. When he regained control, his voice was low and steely.

"What do you mean?"

"She's not the same, but I think it's the same child. What I mean is... she's changed. This child is bigger than the one I saw, but..."

She broke off as Caius gasped, furious. Aro drifted forward, and I blocked them out.

Things were going terribly wrong. I had faith in Aro, and what he planned to do, but we were sitting on the edge of a very dangerous cliff. One miss-step...

Alec's hand slipped from mine, his mouth open with shock. I reached over and closed it with my fingers. He didn't look away from Aro and Caius.

My mind continued to drift, though I knew I should ahve been paying attention. I didn't care. Aro would talk about this for months.

One sentence brought me back in a flash...

"Be that as it may, I will have every facet of the truth," Aro's voice hardened, and my head snapped up. "And the best way to get it, is to have the evidence directly from your talented son. As the child clings to his newborn mate, I'm assuming Edward is involved."

I watched with fascination as he kissed Bella's forehead, and then the cheek of that abomination. As Edward crossed over to our side, I felt myself smile. I heard his mate's hiss of fury, but I ignored it. He was ours, now.

Then she laughed, and several turned to stare at her, Alec and I included.

Edward was still walking towards Aro, and as he grew closer, I knew it was my time to concentrate. I bared my teeth, prepared to drop the moron the moment Aro asked for it.Alec stiffened beside me, his eyes narrowing. He, too, was ready.

I watched, annoyed, as Aro took Edwards hand. His shoulder's hunched at the onslaught of memories, and Edward closed his eyes. At time like this, I almost wished that Aro and I could trade gifts. Then, I could know Bella's last dying thought as I rip her head from her pretty little shoulders.

Finally, after several minutes, Aro's head raised and his eyes opened. I couldn't see much from where I stood, but I felt the atmosphere change.

"You see?"

"Yes, I see, indeed. I doubt whether any two among God's or mortals have ever seen so clearly."

What?! My eyes narrowed, and once again I felt the probing finger of Marcus in my side. He wasn't too busy listening to them, to keep an eye on me. I couldn't blame him, though. There was too much chance I'd loose it. Even I could feel that.

I heard Alec's intake of breath, and jerked back to attention.

"Will you introduce me to your daughter?"

I hissed loudly, baring my teeth for the billionth time. I felt Marcus perk up beside me, his expression curious.

Edward nodded reluctantly.

"I think a compromise on this one point is certainly acceptable, under the circumstance. We will meet in the middle."

Aro flung his arm over Edward's shoulder- I had to hold back another snarl- and started towards the Cullens. We followed, but Aro held up his hand, freezing us.

"Hold, my dear ones. Truly, they mean us no harm if we are peaceable."

Peaceable?! What the hell was he doing?!

I wasn't the only one to disagree. Snarls erupted around me, and several of my allies crouched to the ground, eyes dark with anger. I heard a soft gasp behind me, from one of the wives.

Aro snapped his fingers, "Felix, Demetri!"

They appeared immediately at his side, I felt Demetri brush past me, having been ready.

"Bella, bring Renesmee... and a few friends."

Bella stiffened, but nodded. With her she brought the hulking Cullen, Emmett, and one of the wolves. She called him Jacob.

I knew words were being exchanged, first between Demetri and Edward, then between Felix and Bella. I couldn't hear what they were, from the distance between us. I didn't like it.

"In truth, young Bella, immortality does become you most extraordinarily. It is if you were designed for this life."

So that was what Felix had said.

The man in front of me murmured, "Felix, you dog."

Felix heard, because he chuckled just loud enough for us to hear.

"You liked my gift?"


"It's beautiful, and very, very generous of you. Thank you. I probably should have sent a note."


Aro laughed with delight. "It's just a little something I had lying around. I thought it might complement your new face, and so it does."

I hissed, hopefully low enough so that she couldn't hear, but her eyes flickered to meet mine. She smiled.

Aro cleared his throat, and murmured something else I couldn't hear. Then:

"Hello, Renesmee."

The child glanced at Bella, who nodded.

"Hello, Aro."

"What is it?" Caius hissed, and I shared his fury.

"Half mortal, half immortal. Conceived so, and carried by the newborn while she was still human."

"Impossible." Caius scoffed.

Aro didn't turn around, but I could hear the danger in his voice. "Do you think they've fooled me then, brother? Is the heartbeat you hear a trickery as well?"

Caius flinched, looking chagrined.

"Calmly and carefully, brother. I know well how you love your justice, but there is no justice in acting against this little unique one for her parentage. And so much to learn, so much to learn! I know you don't have my passion for collecting histories, but be tolerant with me, brother, as I add a chapter that stuns me with it's inprobablitlty. We came expecting only justice and the sadness of false friends, but look what we have gained instead! A new, brighter knowledge of ourselves, our possibilities."

He held out his hand towards the child, who refused it. Instead, she reached towards his face, clasping it in her hands. I saw Renata flinch.



"Of course I had to desire to harm your loved ones, precious Renesmee."

There were outraged hisses at the lie.

I listened in silence as there was a brief exchange between Aro and Edward, which hardly interested me. Something about guard dogs and changing lifestyle.

"He's intrigued with the idea of... guards dogs." I heard Edward say. There were furious growls from the wolves. One bark from the black one silenced them.

"I suppose that answers that question," Aro laughed. "This lot has picked its side."

Edward hissed, sinking into a crouch. Felix and Demetri mirrored his action, and I prepared to use my gift, but Aro waved them off. The returned to their standing position.

"So much to discuss," Aro said, "So much to decide. If you and your furry protector will excuse me, my dear Cullens, I must confer with my brothers."

I relaxed as Aro waved us forward, and we settled in around him. They were deciding. There wasn't long left, now, before I got my share of Bella Cullen, and the blood of the wolves on my hands.

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