A/N: Happy Birthday to vivverz! This is for you!

Something Borrowed
by: ohwhatsherface

She locked the door. She could've sworn she locked the door.

But nay, it would appear not so.


Sakura shifted awkwardly, trying to ignore Sasuke and Naruto's confused stares. She let out a soft, nervous giggle and brought one hand up to her mouth as she chewed on the skin of her thumb while clenching the other hand into a tight fist in order to keep both hands off the dress.

"Sakura-chan, why are you wearing… the mission?"

Her cheeks reddened and Sakura shifted awkwardly in the dress.

The wedding dress.

Sakura pursed her glossy lips as she struggled to find the right words.


It was a simple D-ranked mission for the two sixteen-year-old shinobi – Inner Sakura snickered at their titles – and Tsunade had asked Sakura to accompany them as their team leader since the two were surely to somehow screw the mission up. Sakura wasted no time to flaunt her new jounin status in their little genin faces while bossing them around with inane little tasks. The mission was ridiculously easy. The daughter of a Fire Country daimyo had had her wedding dress made by a renowned seamstress in Konoha. Their job was to make sure the dress got to her safely.

When Sakura had gone with her two current teammates to pick up the dress, the seamstress just had to let it slip that the dress was exactly Sakura's size.

"Er… t—this isn't what it looks like," Sakura wearily muttered, arms flailing. "I swear!"

"It looks like you're wearing the wedding dress we're supposed to be delivering," Sasuke observed dryly.

Sakura fought off the urge to roll her eyes.

"Thank you, Sasuke," she hissed, glaring. "I almost didn't notice!"

Naruto cleared his throat, still staring at her confusedly. "Uh, but why are you wearing the wedding dress?"

"I—I…" Her blush darkened as Sakura pursed her lips angrily, looking away in embarrassment. "SH—SHUT UP!" Sakura shifted, moving on the balls of her feet while giving them an attempt at an innocent shrug. "I was just… curious."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at her. "Curious."

"Yes, curious!"

"So you tried on the wedding dress?" Naruto asked incredulously. He simply stared at Sakura in a way that made her feel like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar. "Um…" Naruto merely shook his head and pointed to the door. "You know what? I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see this."

With that said, Naruto walked away, confused and still quite surprised, leaving Sakura alone with Sasuke and her wedding dress.

Well no, it wasn't her wedding dress…

Sakura shifted uneasily, blushing furiously as Sasuke's eyes roamed over her figure.

"Er… could you stop looking at me?"

He didn't listen to her. Perhaps if he had been looking at least into her eyes like he would when they were having a completely normal conversation she would have felt better, but with his gaze drifting along her wedding dress clad body, Sakura couldn't help but squirm awkwardly.

She sighed. "Well, do I at least look nice?"

"You look…" Sasuke cleared his throat and looked away, a small blush tinting his cheeks. He took a moment to regain his composure and he smirked at her. "That dress looks great."

"Huh? Really—"

"But it'd look better on the floor."

Sakura didn't have a chance to gasp because his lips were already on hers and his hands were pulling down the zipper.

She could only hope that Naruto had at least closed the door.