Minutes later, Carly emerged from her dressing room with her gown bustled and her hair tied in an intricate knot. Waiting outside the door were her boys, her husband and her two sons. Carly flashed her infamous grin as she handed her bags to one of the guards that had magically appeared. Once they were gone, she went over and kissed Jason longingly. With a half smile, Jason bit his bottom lip. Looking at him, she knew what was on his mind.

"You'll just have to wait," she whispered into his ear before hoisting Morgan onto her hip.

Jason raised his eyebrow and slung his arm around Michael's shoulder. "We have a reception to get to."

"Yay! Cake!" Morgan giggled as Carly lifted him into the limo. As the car headed to Jake's, the family chattered about the day's events and their plans for Italy. When the car finally pulled up, Jason told the boys to go inside, leaving the newlyweds alone in the car.

"I can't believe we are going to have our reception in a bar," he said.

"It's where we started," she laughed.

"Well, we should probably get in there," he said, grabbing her hand. He led her out of the limo and into the bar where their guests were waiting.

"Mr. and Mrs. Jason Morgan!" Luke called as they walked through the door. Everyone burst into applause around them.

Jason scanned the room, taking it all in. There was Mike, Bobbie and Lucas seated at a table with the boys, looking as comfortable as could be. The same could be said for Luke, who was already on his third glass of scotch. The other Spencer children, including Elizabeth, were as equally at home as their father as they shot pool at a corner table with Emily. Only his parents looked out of place. Jason imagined that they had probably never been here. Leading Carly behind him, he went over to talk to them.

"Alan, Monica, I just want to thank you for being a part of today," Jason said.

Monica embraced Jason tightly. "Of course, you're our son."

"Yes, congratulations, Jason," Alan said. "You too, Carly. We wish you all the best."

"Thank you," she replied.

They made their rounds, talking to their family and friends. A few other guests had showed up by then, ones that they had only invited to the reception. Once they finally finished greeting everyone, they sat down with the boys to enjoy dinner.

"Morgan, you have to eat something. You're not just eating cake," Leticia told him,


"Morgan, what Leticia says goes."

"Oh, man."

Then, it was the moment that both Carly and Jason were dreading—the toast. Max was first, tapping the side of his champagne flute loudly.

"As most of you know, I'm Max, the best man. There are few words that can fully describe what Carly and Jason are when they are together. It's one of those things that shouldn't make sense but when you look at it, you wonder how it could ever be anything else. Seeing them today, with Michael and Morgan, nothing has ever been so right in the world. Theirs is a love that most only dream of. To Jason and Carly."

Bobbie stood up next, holding the slim glass in her hand. "In life, we all look for that perfect love. Carly and Jason have each sought that in each other. There are times when I know that she will drive him crazy, and I know that there will be times when she feels like he is not listening to her. They've had their ups and their downs, and I have never seen any two people fight like they can. But I've also never seen two people love like they can. There love is perfect in its imperfection. To my daughter and now my son."

Carly looked at Jason, realizing it was their turn to say something. Neither of them had anything prepared. "I'll go," she mouthed before standing up.

"Thank you, Max and Mama. Thank you all so much for sharing in this day with Jason and me. It would not have been the same without a single one of you, and we feel so blessed that we could have you all here as we start our lives together. I especially want to thank Michael and Morgan for being a part of this family. Without you two, today would have never happened. I guess the only other thing to say is, enjoy!"

Carly sat back down as Jason stood up. "Actually, there are two more things I would like to say, and they are both to my wife. First, I want to give her a gift," he said as Max handed him a long slim box.

"Uh, I got you a gift too," she said as Leticia produced a similar box. "Same time?"

He nodded as they both unfolded the paper. Carly burst out laughing as she realized they had bought each other the exact same gift.

"Cue sticks," she explained to the crowd. "Pool, that's how we met."

Everyone laughed until Jason started up again. "The only other thing I have to say is that, like this place, a game of pool and a few beers, this started it all too."

Suddenly, a slow, sultry rock ballad started to pour from the jukebox in the corner. Instantly recognizing the song, Carly covered her face in surprise. It was the song, the one they used to dance to all those years ago.

"You remembered," she said and kissed him briefly. "Our song."

"Of course I remembered, it's the only time I ever enjoyed dancing," he said as he took her hand in his. "Dance with me."

Around the room, family and friends watched as they made their way to the center of the bar. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Carly sidled up to Jason's body. His arms encased her waist, and like it was when they danced all those years ago, all there was that song and them.

"I'm waiting, I'm waiting for you. I'm aching, I'm aching for you," the song sang.

"I would have waited forever," she said so only he could here.

"You don't have to wait anymore, Carly. You don't have to wait anymore."


Thank you so much