Author's Notes: this is a follow up to my very first fanfic, In Every Job That Must Be Done, There Is An Element Of Fun. You might want to read that one first, if you haven't. (That was a one-shot lemon. This will be my first attempt at a multi-chapter story but it'll still be smutty because that's how I roll.)

Chapter 1

Driving down the lonely stretch of road, the sound of crunching gravel was soothing. Dean knew no one else would understand why. For him, who had always lived his life on the road, being denied a life of normality, the gravel was a constant. It greeted him daily and spoke to his baby, the Impala, like an old friend you'd see on your way home from work. Except, he had no home.

He listened in the quiet night air. The radio was turned off so that his brother Sammy could sleep more soundly and Dean could lose himself in his thoughts. It was at these times, in the darkness of night, when it was quiet that he allowed himself to go to the places that were otherwise denied: dreams of a home, a nine-to-five job and mostly, a family. He had Sammy and that was quite a lot but he wanted the peaceful comfort of a companion. Not just a one-night stand, but someone he knew intimately, someone who annoyed the hell out of him and made him laugh and made him horny all in the same day. He wanted someone he could just hold at night and talk to about the events of the day. In essence, he wanted a normal boring life that most people desperately wanted to escape.

She came back to him then, as she always did when he fantasized about his dream life. Reagan had been just a glimpse into that world. She had been a moment of bliss in a life of chaos. He could still see her face even though it had been a year. It was a beautiful face: sweet; innocent and sexy all in one.

A flicker suddenly appeared on the road ahead of him and Dean immediately eased his foot off of the accelerator.

"Sammy, wake up. It's time to go to work."

Four hours later, Dean dropped his keys and jacket on the dresser of the motel room.

"Damn Sammy. What the hell were you thinking? You know better than to try and take something like that on by yourself!"

Sam sighed with exasperation. "We've been through this a thousand times Dean. I know how to take care of myself on a hunt." His hands on his chest, his eyes wide and pleading he continued, " Look, we're both fine. Let's just be grateful."

Dean sounded resigned as he mumbled, "Yeah, right. I'll be grateful you had to be a dumbass and put yourself in danger." Immediately, he felt bad for speaking so harshly to his brother. Sammy was the only good thing he had in his life. "I'm just...tired Sam."

There was an awkward silence in the room which they both tried to ignore. Walking to a table, Sammy pulled out his laptop and began plugging it in.

"I'm gonna take a shower. I'll pick up a newspaper in the morning and we'll look for a new case." Dean grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste out of his duffel bag and headed to the bathroom.

Flicking on the switch, he blinked in the harsh glare of the fluorescent lights. The bathroom was like all the others; small, ugly but efficient. The ceramic tiles were an avocado green color and there were several cracks visible. Still, it was clean. He couldn't spy any mildew growing in the grout. Dean nodded in approval. Reminding himself to tell Sammy to put this place on their "approved" list for if they ever pass back through town, he grabbed his t-shirt at the waist and pulled it off over his head.

"If the water pressure is strong, this place just might earn an A." he thought as he reached to turn the taps. The water came out strong but cold. He gave it a minute to warm up while he brushed his teeth and then quickly used the toilet.

He tested the water with his hand and finding it suitably hot, stepped in. A small sigh slipped from his lips as he felt the water on his chest. Sometimes, this was the closest to heaven he had. Dean dipped his head under the water, holding his breath and absorbing the feeling of it gliding down over his closed eyelids and into the shallow dips in his ears. The heat warmed and soothed. It worked on the muscles in his back and eased a small bit of his tension. Dean lathered himself with soap and scrubbed his body roughly. He always felt the need to rub roughly as if all the evil things he killed somehow would seep into his skin if he didn't. Pouring shampoo in his hair, he let his fingers work over his scalp. In a daze he watched the white, bubbly foam as it swirled in the water at his feet when he rinsed, moving in a circular motion.

Though he was clean, he wasn't ready to escape this peace. He still felt tense and the hot water had such a sweet touch. Dean let his mind wander to another sweet touch; one that he knew would help him relax enough to sleep tonight. Closing his eyes, he pictured Reagan. He saw her as she had stood in the laundry mat a year ago, in sweatpants and a t-shirt, looking unbelievably sexy in her comfort. Dean remembered when she first looked up at him and he had noticed the freckles sprinkled across her nose and the full pout of her lips. He felt his cock twitch and moved his hand down to soothe the ache that began to settle deep down in the very core of him. Memories continued as he thought of how Reagan had leaned across the table to flirt with him, giving him a glimpse of her breasts. She had thrown her head back and laughed at his jokes and he had been entranced by the sound of it as well as by the look of her throat. Dean's hand began to slowly move up and down the hard length of his cock, stroking and squeezing it. He leaned his forehead against the tile in the shower, now warm from the steam in the room. He stretched his other arm out above his head on the wall. Heat spread through his back from the water and heat spread through his stomach and chest from the memories of Reagan.

She had kissed him with such abandon. The feel of her tongue on his was still strong and he sighed at the memory. Dean's hand began to move faster on his dick, working it up and down, pressing harder each time he reached the base. Reagan had spread her legs for him as he tasted her; sucked her. She had moaned his name and grabbed his hair, pulling him closer. He could still smell her sweet, tangy scent. Dean's breath came raggedly as his hand now pumped furiously up and down his length. He could feel his balls lift up tight against his body ready to release any second. The fingers of his other hand flexed against the wall. The way her mouth had felt when she had tasted his cock sent shivers down his spine. Her tongue had moved with ease, gliding over him, swirling around him and sucking him deep into her throat until he thought he would die from the pleasure. He could still remember the look in her eyes, heavy-lidded with lust, when he slid his dick inside her She had gasped and grabbed his arms pulling him closer. Now, with his own fingers tightly gripping his cock he imagined the feel of her wrapped around it. Warm, tight, wet...

"Fuck." he whispered. Squeezing his eyes shut even tighter, Dean grit his teeth to quiet himself as he came, the spasms silently shaking his body. Taking deep breaths, he stood still and felt his body relaxing. All his previous tension, flowing out of him just as his semen had done only seconds before. He took a few more minutes to let the trembling ease away before turning the water off and grabbing a towel. He knew he'd be able to fall asleep easily now. Remembering his night with Reagan had helped as it had so many other times in the past year.

"Damn man. I was about to send in a rescue party." Sam's irritated voice called out when Dean casually strolled out of the bathroom. Snatching up his own toothbrush he stalked off into the bathroom in an annoyed huff.

Dean couldn't seem to care. After throwing on a pair of boxers and a thin tank top he crawled onto his bed on his hands and knees and let his arms go limp, sliding himself down onto his belly. "Mmmm.." he sighed with contentment. He pressed his face into his pillow while using his arms to gather it closer. He bent his left leg and stretched his right leg out towards the end of the bed. Within a minute, he was asleep, breathing deeply and evenly.