"No babe, it's g-r-e-n-d-a-l-u-z-i-n: Grendaluzin. Sorry, I know this connection is bad."

Dean heard Reagan flipping through the pages of a book. He could just see her sitting behind the desk in the department library with her hair pulled back into a ponytail and her teeth gently chewing her bottom lip as she scanned the pages.

"Ack. I don't see it. Can I call you back in ten minutes?"

Dean tried to keep the impatience out of his voice. "Please try to make it five."

"I'll do my best."

Dean flipped his cell phone shut and looked over at Sam where he sat scanning the encyclopedias he had. "Nothing?"

Sam shook his head. "Reagan couldn't find anything either?"

When Dean indicated "no", Sam mentioned, "I thought the University's museum would have volumes that gave us some detail about this creature."

Raising his eyebrows, Dean said, "Well, it's been a pretty great resource so far and Reagan has really been working the system. But I'm sure it won't have everything – just like your books don't and Bobby's don't."

"Yeah." Sammy sighed in irritation.

Dean's phone buzzed and he snapped it open in a split second. "Hey."

"Okay," Reagan called out in a loud whisper. "Found something. The Grendaluzin is usually found in a moist area, like near a garden where the ground is frequently watered and the soil is rich so your idea about the old Tamin farm is probably your best bet."

Dean smiled into the phone. "Thanks baby. Have I ever told you that you're the best demon researcher ever?"

Reagan snorted. "You're only saying that because I put-out."

Dean gave a robust laugh. "That's a perk, I admit."

Her voice becoming serious Reagan said, "Dean, please be careful. This thing looks pretty damn nasty. Call me when you're done. Okay?"

"You know I will. Bye."


Dean relayed Reagan's information to Sam and they headed out to the old farm to kill a Grendaluzin demon.

Two weeks later, Dean was driving down I-70 to Lawrence, Kansas. Even though it had been seven months now, he still couldn't believe he came back here. And even more astounding was that seeing that directional sign with the town's name in bold letters, didn't fill him with sadness and dread anymore. Now, something good waited for him there. Better than good: remarkable.

Dean stretched his legs and smiled to himself as he thought back to when Reagan had told him that she had been offered a job with the University of Kansas' preservation and research departments. She had sought out the position because of its central U.S. location.

"This way I still get to work in a museum, live somewhere I've never been before like I've been wanting to and be in the best possible location for you to come see me whenever you get the opportunity." She had said.

Stunned by her devotion to him, he hadn't known exactly what to say so he had, of course, taken her to bed. Thinking of it now, he felt himself grow in anticipation of seeing her again.

It had been a little over a month since he'd last been with her and it was taking a toll on him. Reagan had become a drug to him. He needed her to survive. They spoke on the phone almost daily but it was little comfort when cases kept him on the road longer than a few weeks without being able to touch her.

Reagan had found ways to please him through the phone lines but nothing beat the feel of her skin, the smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth. Clearing his throat and adjusting the thickness in his jeans, he turned off the interstate onto the two lane highway that would carry him to her. Anxious to see her, he stepped a little harder on the gas pedal.

A year into their relationship and Dean was still amazed by her. She used her position in the museums to access old books and articles and often helped them on their cases when Bobby and Sammy were at a dead end. They had never asked her to do it. At first, after she had offered to help when she had stumbled across an old summoning book in the recesses of the library, Dean had refused. He resisted her being involved in hunting in any form but Reagan was persistant and he found that he really didn't have much willpower when it came to her. She usually got what she wanted.

A row of small houses came into view and Dean eased his foot off of the accelerator to slow down. The Impala purred as he pulled into the driveway and parked. His foot was barely out of the door when a big wet nose hit him in the face.

"Hey Zep! Hey boy!" Dean laughed and rubbed the Doberman Pincher's head as he tried to pass by him to get out of the car. Reagan was skipping out to him and happiness soared through him at the sight of her.

When she reached him, despite being in full view of the neighbors, she flung her arms around him and kissed him deeply, pressing her body tight against his.

Coming up for air, she beamed at him. "Welcome home Mr. Winchester."

He never got tired of hearing her say that. This was his home. For the first time since he was a small child he had a home and it was with Reagan. True, he didn't get to live there with her on a daily basis like he would've liked but it was just as much his as it was hers – she made sure of that.

Dean took in the sight of her. Today he thought she was just as gorgeous as the first time he'd seen her. Golden locks fell around her shoulders and her lips were full and pink from his kiss. Raking his eyes downward he could see the scarab beetle necklace he'd given her a year ago, nestled between her breasts.

She looked inside the car. "Where's Sammy?"

"He decided to stay with Bobby a night or two before joining us. He says we're too noisy the first few nights back." Dean gave her a mischevious grin.

Reagan laughed. "He's probably right. But," she pouted. "It would've been nice to know. I spent all day sprucing his room up for him."

When Reagan had told Dean she was looking for a two bedroom house to rent in Lawrence he had asked her why she needed so much space.

She had given him a look like he was adorably clueless. "Well, Sam's got to have a room too. A couch will get old after a little while. Besides, he's too long for one."

Dean hadn't thought he could love her more but his love grew in that instant. She took his family as her own without any hesistation. Hell, she and Bobby were thick as thieves. In fact, he thought Bobby would disown him before he let Reagan slip away from them.

"Come on inside. I've got dinner waiting for you." Reagan slid her arm around his waist to lead him inside. "C'mon Zep."

Their dog sprinted ahead of them to the door of the house and ran in circles of excitement as he waited for Dean and Reagan to catch up. As soon as Reagan had found a house, Dean took her to a local pound to choose a dog to adopt. It made him feel better knowing that she had Zep to protect her while he was away; not that the dog could protect her much from supernatural elements but Dean knew that those weren't the only dangers to her in the world. Plus, he made her insanely happy. He was the first thing they had gotten as a couple and Dean had a special place in his heart for the dog too.

"Hi there Reagan; Dean."

They stopped to wave at the neighbor greeting them.

He asked, "You sell a nice load of parts this trip Dean?"

Dean's face was blank for a fraction of a second before he remembered their cover story and responded, "Yep. It was a good month. See ya round Jim."

When they reached the cover of the porch Dean spoke to Reagan so only she could hear him. "I'm always forgetting that the neighbors think I sell body shop supplies. One of these days, I'm going to really blank out and they're going to get suspicious."

Reagan shooed his fear away. "Nonsense. You're getting better each time with it."

When they stepped through the door, Dean could smell the delicious aroma of fresh tomato sauce. He inhaled and then looked at her with a smile. "Spaghetti?"

"Yes. I'm going to put the bread into the oven and it'll be ready in a couple of minutes."

She headed toward the kitchen and Dean gave her rump a playful smack. "That's right, get in there and feed me woman."

Placing her hands on her hips, Reagan gave him a stern look. "Hey. Watch it now or you'll be sleeping on the couch tonight."

Dean threw his head back and laughed. "Right. You forget I know you better than anyone Reagan Bailey." This time he ran his hand smoothly over her rear.

She giggled. "I suppose you do."

She padded off to the kitchen and Dean headed towards the bedroom to take off his shoes and jacket. Instinctively, as he walked through the house, he checked the salt lines around the windows to make sure they were solid. In the living room he paused to stare at the photograph of his parents that Reagan had hung beside a photo of her own. He would never be sure but he felt deep in his heart that his Mother and Reagan would've loved each other.

After getting comfortable Dean joined Reagan in the kitchen. As she bent over to pull the garlic toast out of the oven, he appreciated the view of her ass and the memory of their second date in North Carolina came to mind.

"You know, I kind of miss that little house in North Carolina." Dean mused.

Reagan straightened and faced him as she pulled off her oven mitts and dropped them on the counter. "I do too." Her smile was wistful.

"Do you regret moving here?" a small tightening in his chest occurred as he posed the question. It was a perpetual fear that Reagan would someday decide she'd had enough of more nights alone than with him.

"Hell no." The freckles across Reagan's nose bunched together as she pulled her lips to the side in a smirk. "I do miss being able to see my parents often but I talk to them all the time. Besides, they're coming to visit next month and I'm sure I can go to North Carolina next summer."

Dean nodded but he looked at the floor as he leaned back against the counter and pressed his palms into the edges on either side of him. He felt Reagan's hand smooth over his hair encouraging him to look at her.

"I wanted this." She continued. "I told you when we first saw each other there that I wanted to live in other places. I'm happy."

Dean's large hand held her waist as he leaned in to kiss her. Wrapped up in one another the innocent kiss soon deepened and dinner was nearly forgotten until Zep's wet nose bumped Dean sideways.

Breaking their embrace, Dean looked down at the dog. Zep sat down onto his haunches and whined before licking his chops.

"It smells pretty good, doesn't it boy?" Dean laughed. He squatted down to level his face with the dogs and rubbed his hand up and down the smooth coat of Zep's throat before turning back to Reagan who was plating their food.

Dean washed up and then joined Reagan at the table. She laughed as he shoveled a huge bite into his mouth and could barely chew.

"So, how long do you think you'll be home?" Reagan asked around a bite of spaghetti.

Dean shrugged. "Hard to say. Hopefully a week at least but you know, if something big comes up that Bobby needs help with…" He trailed off without finishing the sentence.

Reagan was quickly learning how unpredictable Dean and Sam's lives were. The cases never stopped coming and Dean might be home only one day before he needed to leave again. What he didn't tell Reagan was that he and his brother were now choosing their cases much more carefully. They tried to tackle ones that weighed heavier on people's lives and let other hunters deal with simple cases that were easily resolved. Bobby was an amazing friend: at an age when he should be slowing down and moving towards "retirement", he hunted more in an effort to give Dean, and even Sam, family time. That is, when Reagan didn't insist Dean bring him home with them.

Dean scooped a meatball off of his plate and fed it to Zep where he sat beside Dean, staring at the spaghetti.

"Dean! Don't do that! He begs bad enough as it is." Reagan frowned at him.

Dean patted the dog on the head. "Nah, he's a good boy." He beamed at the dog; the first he'd ever had.

Reagan indulged him and didn't say anything more as she took their plates into the kitchen to clean. Dean whistled for Zep to follow him and led the dog into the back yard where they played as the sun set.

When darkness fell, they headed back inside. Reagan was no longer in the kitchen so Dean wandered through the house to look for her.

Opening the bedroom door he paused as he took in the sight of Reagan leaning back against the pillows. Her blonde hair pooled around her and her fingers traced slowly over the top curve of her right breast. She was wearing a deep pink corset that accentuated the shape of her figure and lust shot through Dean like a dagger. For the thousandth time he silently thanked whoever was responsible for sending this woman to him.

"Damn, you look sexy." Dean drawled as his eyes raked over her.

A seductive smile spread across her face as she looked at him with sparkling blue eyes.

"Do you want to see the live version of when we talk on the phone late at night?"

She opened her palm and pressed down with it and she slowly ran her hand down over her breast and across her stomach. Spreading her legs so Dean could see her fully, she cupped herself.

Dean growled and strode towards the bed, pulling off his clothes as he walked. "You know what happens when you tease me."

Suddenly, a blur of brown and black zoomed past Dean. Zep jumped onto the bed and looked at Dean.

"Oh no! Not now boy." Dean looked at him. "You're gonna have to wait in the living room for awhile." Leading Zep by the collar, Dean pushed him out of the bedroom and closed the door.

Turning back he grinned at Reagan. "Where were we?"

Reagan cupped herself again. "Right here."

She busted into a fit of giggles as Dean lowered his chin and looked at her through his lashes with a threatening grin then sprinted towards the bed.


Author's Note: Thank you for reading my first story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would love to hear what your favorite moments and/or chapters were. Personally, my favorite is the first half of chapter 9. But I love this ending. I actually had several different endings in mind when I began the story but this is the one my heart kept coming back too because I'm a big 'ol sap.
Any constructive criticism is certainly welcome as I will take that kind of thing into consideration before writing again. I have more ideas for Dean & Reagan (who I totally ship now! lol) so I may revisit them in the future. While I'm happy with my ending, I feel sad to leave the D/R universe. They've become quite real in my head.
Love to you all!!