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Forcibly Yours

Chapter 1. Impending Doom

I respected Carlisle. And I loved him. I thought of him as a mentor and a father. But sometimes, I questioned his sanity.

Currently, I was experiencing one of those rare moments.

I was being forced to marry a stranger. "Arranged" was the more gentle term he had used. But truly, it was utter insanity.

A marriage to another vampire like myself could have been completely tolerable. I had wandered alone for over 100 years. It was time I settled down. But, to a human?

Carlisle was insane! He had to be! The Volturi would hunt us down and kill the whole family and the girl. Not that her life really mattered to me, but that was beside the point.

How could we remain in secret with a human as my wife?

Emmett said we'd probably end up killing her ourselves. Being "vegetarian" went against our natural instincts, but Carlisle saw none of this as an issue. He knew we wouldn't. I think he was planning on her finding out and becoming one of us anyway. Carlisle was right. We probably wouldn't kill her. Or at least we would try very hard not to.

She was the daughter of an old friend of Carlisle's. His name was Charlie Swan and he had, at first, been just another rich acquaintance at the country club that we had attended occasionally. But, Carlisle, being the warm, friendly person he is, grew attached to him and they formed a deep friendship.

Charlie was much older than Carlisle, technically, and he became ill. Carlisle was appointed to be his doctor and while on his deathbed, Charlie had asked him to care for his only daughter, Isabella. She had no one left but him.

For the rich families in our current area of residence, an arranged marriage was only proper if our funds were to be blended together in a hurried manner. Unfortunately, I was the only available suitor for her.

Carlisle assured me that she was very friendly, sweet, and pretty. As if it mattered. Our whole family would be at stake if we took her in.

Alice had encouraged the plan immediately, much to my dislike. I had always thought she would side with me. I thought of her as my little sister and I loved her the most. But, she had told us all that it was going to work out just fine. She gave no specifics; I honestly doubted she knew them. The future was sometimes unclear. But she still assured me that everything would be "fine".

This dilemma that Carlisle had put the family in was causing even more strange side effects. For once, my stubborn, pig-headed sister, Rosalie had sided with me, calling Carlisle insane as well. She was only going to the wedding to keep up appearances; to make it appear we were one big, happy family thrilled to have a lovely new addition.

And, we didn't want to disappoint Carlisle. That was my sole reason for giving in. I trusted Carlisle and I trusted Alice.

So, there I was, standing at the altar, awaiting the impending doom of matrimony, surrounded by humans I didn't know and would never care to know. Their excited and already gossip-y thoughts buzzed like incessant flies.

I felt a sickening feeling creep into my stomach as the bridal march began to play. At least, humans didn't live long.

I took a deep breath, trying to appear calm and content. I would soon regret that decision.

My lungs froze and my body stiffened as she came around the corner. I hissed involuntarily. Carlisle looked at me, his thoughts filling my mind.

Edward, relax. You can't. Everything will be fine.

I gritted my teeth. He didn't -- couldn't -- understand. Carlisle was all but immune to the scent of human blood. But this "Isabella", she was like none other.

She was a rather plain looking girl, a heart shaped face, full lips, straight eye brows. She was extremely pale and she had reddish brown hair that went down to her waist and huge brown eyes. She looked terrified.

How could such a tiny, fragile looking girl make my head spin?

Her scent. It was the most scintillating, luscious, mouth-watering aroma I had ever encountered in my whole existence.

Emmett had faced one of these demons before. Two in fact. Neither came out alive. They were called singers, because their blood seems to sing to our kind like a siren creating an uncontrollable desire to drink. And it seemed like this poor Isabella was my "singer".

I swallowed hard, the excess venom nearly choking me. I wasn't thirsty. I had just hunted a few hours ago. But my body craved her blood. Her skin was so pale I could see her blood pumping through her veins.

Jasper sensed my discomfort and sent waves of calm over me as Carlisle murmured, "What's wrong?''

"She's a singer." I whispered back, my voice strained. Jasper's powers were doing little to help. I held my breath as Carlisle stared at me wide eyed.

I'm so sorry. He thought. I didn't know. If I had I would…

I mentally shook my head. Carlisle would have taken the girl anyway. Not because he wanted to torture me, but because he was too compassionate; he had made Charlie Swan a promise.

"It's fine. I can do this." I murmured back. I wouldn't kill another human. I wouldn't let down Carlisle. He trusted me. And, Alice had said it would all be fine. I had to believe that. I wasn't going to appease the red-eyed monster inside of me. I was confident at the moment, but at a low level. It could have just been Jasper, but I decided to take it anyway.

The poor girl was standing beside me now. She looked into my eyes and I saw my fierce glare reflected back in them.

I softened. It wasn't her fault that she smelled so appealing. I smiled gently at her, trying to be friendly, making her blush, her blood pooling in her cheeks.

I almost cried out in rage. I just wouldn't breathe! I couldn't if I wanted her to stay alive.

I looked back at her. Her brown eyes were warm; they had depth. Strange, most brown eyes were flat.

This had to be hard on her. Her father had just died and now she was getting married to a stranger who wanted to suck out every last drop of blood from her body. The last part she was completely unaware of though…for now.

I listened for her thoughts, hoping I could do something to calm her down. The adrenaline pulsing through her veins wasn't exactly helping me either.

I blinked stupidly as I was greeted with silence. I still heard the others thoughts but she was silent. What the hell was she? She was killing me in every way. I was going to have to do this the hard way.

But with no thoughts to deter me from killing her, no thoughts showing her fear, I could…No. I wouldn't.

This girl was special, different. Alice was right. I could feel it. I had to focus on that. Or something else at least.

She looked intelligent. Carlisle had said she was. She had just graduated high school with all Advanced Placement classes. He also said she was stubborn; her father had told Carlisle many stories about her dogged nature.

I was sure that she was bound to find out what we are eventually with a personality like that.

As we exchanged rings, our skin touched and it felt like lightening passing between us. She looked up quickly and then blushed again as she whispered, "I do."

Why couldn't I hear her? What was she thinking?

I said my "I do" almost wonderingly. I would find out more about this strange girl, Isabella Swan.

Or rather, according to the preacher, Isabella Cullen.