A/N: Erm, this wasn't supposed to be continued, but since I was asked nicely - by this total loser - I made this!


Pairing: Sasuke/Sakura
Prompts: goodbye notes, swing sets, summer sun


Dear Sasuke,

I don't really know why I'm writing this.

I'm just going to shove it down the shredder when I'm done and forget I ever made it – of course, I'm quite likely to write another letter to you later on…

…I think I'm just bored.

Hm… Yeah. Yeah, I'm just bored. Auntie Kushina and Uncle Minato went out for dinner a bit ago – they offered to bring me but there's only so many times one can listen to the recurring question of 'Oh, Sakura-chan, do you have a boyfriend yet?' – and with Naruto out on a date with that girl – what was her name, again? Karin, I think… – I am alone.

It's sad, really.

This is my last night in Konoha and my family has abandoned me.

Not that I was against it.

We both know that once I finish writing this letter – and destroying it – I'm gonna cross the street, climb that super giant tree at the front of your house and go into your room.

And don't worry, Sasuke. I remember which one's your room. When one accidentally jumps into the room of a Hot Naked Man who turns out to be the older brother of one's crush, one remembers not to go in there.

Oh. Yeah, that's right, crush.

Although I'm sure you knew, right?

I think you figured that out the night we met.

Do you remember it?

I thought you were beautiful.

Yeah, I know, you hate it when I use 'beautiful' on you because you think it's too girly, but Sasuke, you are beautiful. You're gorgeous and while any random person would assume you have the ugliest personality in existence, I don't know how or when but somewhere, sometime in the middle of you pushing me on the swing – ha, much to your dismay – and us (or well, me) tanning under the sun, Sasuke, I'm vaguely positive I fell in love with you.

Or well, something like that.

You know, at the beginning of the summer when my parents ditched me here, I was so angry.

That's why I was on the porch swing that night. I was basking in my woe because I had plans – well fine, not totally – for the summer and my parents ruined that for me by forcing me to stay in Konoha. I was so mad but then you came out of the house.

I don't know what happened, to be honest.

I think I'll just say I was so overwhelmed by how much of a Pretty Boy you were that I forgot about being angry.

Thank you, Sasuke.

For everything.

I spent most of my summer with you and Naruto – at the park, at the beach, at the gym, at his house, at your house, but despite the fact that Naruto was family and we were living together, I only just realized I spent it all with you.

Remember that night at the beginning of August?

When Naruto was on a date and it was just you and me?

It wasn't really night time yet, though. It was around eight in the evening and the sun was setting. We were at the park and I was on the swings. You were just sitting in the sand, watching it set like a total dork. I wanted to call you then, but I felt bad for even thinking about. You looked so into it – the sun, I mean – that I was scared you'd be angry if I interrupted your watching.

With the setting sun shining against your face, Sasuke, you looked…

You were even more beautiful than you were the night I met you.

Remember how after it set and it got darker, you gave me your sweater? To be honest, I went out in shorts and a tank top not because I was 'a freaking idiot' as you so eloquently put it, but because I wanted you to give me your sweater some point later in the night just so I could revel in the cliché of it.

Then you started to push me on the swings – of course, only because I asked.

Sure, you weren't so happy about it, but you did it, and I was glad – that is, of course, until you pushed me too freaking high and I fell backwards.

But I guess it was okay.

You did catch me, after all.

Sasuke, I wanted to kiss you right then.

When I was half in your lap and your arms were so tight around my waist and mine were around your neck it felt like we just fit flawlessly together. We were like a perfect mould – it was like I was made to be in your arms, so when we caught eyes and I felt your breath on my cheeks and my heart racing and blood rushing to my head, all I could think about was how beautiful your lips were.


There's really no point in me denying it. I don't know how it happened or why or anything. I don't want to be the loser who declares she's in love after knowing a guy for just two months – hell, not even – but I'm going to have to be because Sasuke, I am.

I'm in love with you.

So I'm gonna go over right now, okay? We're gonna go to the park one last time and we're gonna sit on the bench and watch the sun set while eating ice cream cones and then you're gonna push me on the swing and maybe, just maybe, this time I'll find it in me to build up some courage.

Like the time I met you when I almost kissed you.

Tonight, this time I'll really do it, I promise.

Because I love you.

I guess this is it, Sasuke. After tonight, the two of us will go our separate ways and possibly never see each other again.


Like I'd let that happen.