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Summary: All human. Bella is the girl that everybody wants to be. Edward is the boy that nobody likes. An agreement to help with homework leads to a romance that neither of them can have but wish would last forever. But sometimes it's hard to have a happy ending.

So the song in my head for this story is Hemorrhage by Fuel and Your Arms Feel Like Home by 3 Doors Down.

I really wanted to see how it would be if Edward and Bella switched places. Like she was the beautiful rich girl and Edward is the plain one.

Chapter 1,

Bella Swan was the worlds sweetheart. Okay maybe not the whole worlds, but it was close enough. As far as the upper class of the country was concerned she was. She was impossibly beautiful. Her hair was dark luscious brown and her eyes were like liquid chocolate. She had a killer body and a perfect flawless complexion that had been pampered since birth. She attended a boarding school that cost more than anyone in middle class could hope to make in a year that upon graduation practically handed an invitation to any prestigious university with the diploma.

It was the kind of place where Edward Cullen didn't belong. He came from a small upper middle class family and was on a full ride scholarship. At seventeen he was the brightest young man in the country, and the top student at the academy. Everything about him was average. His messy bronze hair and his snow white skin. His eyes, vivid green, was usually hidden behind a book. He wore plain off the rack clothing that would have probably been considered a tad dressy at any public school.

What made Edward Cullen special was his complete disinterest in the goings on of Bella's life. He couldn't care less about the golden child. As far as he was concerned she was a snobby spoiled brat that he didn't want anything to do with.

He had one best friend at the academy. Jasper Whitlock. Jasper was from a wealthy oil family from Texas. They had met freshman year when they had roomed together and became friends instantly. Now, in their senior year, they were still friends, even though they didn't room together anymore. This year they both had their own private rooms on the same floor, as most seniors usually did.

Unlike Edward, Jasper knew what was going on in Bella's life mostly because he had no choice. Being a young man of higher class (as his parents constantly reminded him) he needed to be fully aware of the happenings in everybody's lives. So he knew, along with the rest of high society, that Bella stepped on Mike Newton's foot at last summer's gala and other little details.

"I know you're from the same class," Edward sighed on a September morning, "but you're not nearly as bad. I mean you don't have a freaking fan club!"

"I just keep them at bay with my cold indifference," Jasper shrugged, "besides I've never been one for fan clubs."

Just then Bella walked by with her adoring mass behind her. She stopped when she saw Jasper.

"Hello Jasper," she said.

"Hello Bella," he replied. Being of a slightly lower class, he nodded his head to her. "Did you have a nice summer?"

"Yes, very nice," Bella said, tossing her perfect hair over her shoulder. "You?"

"It was pleasant."

"I didn't see you at the gala this year," Bella continued. Edward hated that her voice was like honey.

"I was at home suffering with a nasty cold," Jasper sighed, "but I heard it was a good time."

Bella nodded. Her eyes flicked to Edward briefly and a small smile tugged at her lips before she big Jasper farewell and walked off with her posse of perfect beauty queens and kings.

"Oh my god what I would do to Roselie Hale," Emmett groaned as he sat down with them. Edward looked up at his burly friend with a confused expression. "I'm talking about sex, Eddie," he said.

"I know that," Edward mumbled, "I was more confused about the why."

"You want more of a reason that she is the hottest thing since sex?" Emmett asked. He looked across the room where Roselie sat with Bella and the rest of the perfect people. Edward agreed that she was good looking but she seemed duller next to Bella. Perhaps it was the bitch inside of her. Or maybe it was that Edward didn't like blondes.

Jasper seemed indifferent to girls. Edward and Emmett would have thought that he was gay except he was just as indifferent to guys.

"When you have to jump through as many hoops as I do just to take a girl out," Jasper sighed when asked, "you'd understand."

"What kind of hoops?" Edward asked, taking a bite of his cereal. With his parents his older brother just needed to give a days notice.

"Well there are things to consider such as: her social standing, her family background, her looks and most importantly scandal."

Emmett nodded along as Jasper ticked off reasons on his fingers.

"I wanted to date this girl once and right before I asked her out, her dad had an affair and blew it. You don't want to be linked to scandal."

"My dad had an affair and my brother still got plenty of dates," Edward shrugged.

"Edward how many times must I point out the differences between our social classes?" Jasper sighed. "You live in a social class that has scandal but nobody really cares after the first week. My class clings onto these reputation destroying tidbits until they use it to rip everything from your being. We're a vicious people apparently."

"Apparently," Edward sighed. "How vicious is the queen bee over there?"

"Bella? She's alright. People have been trying for years to get dirt on her spotless family. The Swan family is completely perfect."

"Why do you guys keep trying to find dirt on people?" Edward asked.

"Because we rich folk apparently have nothing better to do with our times," Emmett sighed. Edward rolled his eyes. "We're a sick sick breed I tell ya...oh my god Roselie is eating strawberries."

Edward looked over. Roselie Hale was indeed eating a strawberry. If eating a strawberry was rubbing it slowly and seductively against her plump ruby red lower lip before flicking it softly with the tip of her pale tongue while her deep brown eyes were locked on Emmett. When her ivory teeth sank into the ripe red fruit Emmett moaned.

"If by eating you mean having oral sex than yes, that is what she's doing to that poor piece of fruit," Jasper said.

"I'd give my left nut to be that piece of fruit," Emmett sighed.

Edward cringed at the thought of Emmett trading a left nut and becoming a strawberry in the bitch queen's lips.

"I don't think she'd like it if you lost a nut," Jasper sighed, "she's shallow and into perfection like that."

While Emmett and Jasper talked about Roselie, Edward glanced over. Bella was sitting in the middle of her adoring fans. Her hair was cascading down one shoulder and her chin was propped on her palm. Her fork was in her potatoes and she wasn't paying attention. Probably, or so Edward thought, thinking about her hair or makeup.


Bella woke up to the same thing she usually did. An alarm at seven with exactly five hits on the snooze. She opened her eyes and got out of bed. She slipped her feet into fluffy slippers and stretched.

"Alice wake up," she sighed.

"Bite me," Alice groaned.

Bella rolled her eyes and walked across the suite to the bathroom. The massive dormitories had five master suites that were given to the highest bidders. Bella's father was the highest bidder every year she had been here and her friend since birth roomed with her. She grabbed a jar from the cabinet and dabbed a little bit of a white cream under her eyes. She grabbed her sonicare and continued her morning ritual.

"Morning," Alice sighed. "So guess what I found out last night."

"Wha?" Bella asked with her mouth full.

"My father has decided that he is going to let me chose my own boyfriend."

Bella spit the toothpaste out of her mouth. "That's ringing a ten on my bullshit meter."

"Okay I get to pick out a guy and father gets to approve of him."

"Which means that basically once you get to like someone your dad will disapprove and you won't be able to ever be happy."

"Somebody remembered her crabby pants."

"Do you ever just get tired of this?" Bella asked.

"Brushing my teeth?" Alice asked, squeezing toothpaste onto her toothbrush.

"No," Bella sighed, putting hers down, "this! Nothing costing less than a hundred dollars! Thousand dollar shoes that could feed a small family for a month at least! Scandals! Greedy pigs that love nothing more than a bloated bank account! Our parents deciding who is acceptable!"

"So you'd rather wear off the rack, live in a regular dorm and date losers?" Alice asked with raised eyebrows.

"Okay, the things are fine. But what is the cost? I mean really?" Bella asked, changing into two hundred dollar jeans and a gucci top and shoes.

"What's on your mind?" Alice asked. She started to brush her teeth while Bella brushed her hair.

"All of my life I have been the girl that everybody wants to be."

"I don't want to be you."

Bella glared at Alice but laughed anyway. "Seriously! What girl wouldn't want to be me? My parents are practically royalty, I have more money that I know what to do with and, not to be Rosie, I have a very very nice body."

"You're mom condemned you to the gym every day since you were like five."

"I'm a size four! I am a thin wisp of a person!"

"Bella I'm really not getting your point," Alice said, slipping into her own expensive size four jeans.

"I want a life that is mine," Bella said with a sigh as she fell onto the sofa. "Alice my parents have arranged every date I've been on. I can't even flirt without a contract! Remember when we were kids and our parents told us what pre-nups were? They're making those for dates! Dates! If I don't have a satisfying date it's like a mini divorce and..."

Bella cut off when her phone rang. It was a text message from her father's secretary. The semester had hardly started and already she was getting grade threats.

"I want to be able to freaking pass math!"

"Good luck with that one sweetpea," Alice laughed, "you've been failing math since you were in grade school!"

"Stupid numbers," Bella sighed.

"Daddy will just pay for the grade anyway," Alice shrugged, "same with me and science."

"I suppose," Bella sighed, standing and grabbing her prada bag.


Bella realized, as trig ended, that she was in trouble. She packed up her books and went into the student center to see if the tutor could help her. But when she got there and saw the name of the tutor she thought better of it. Frustrated, she went into the cafeteria for lunch.


Edward opened his math book to begin his homework over a nice lunch when he heard someone sit next to him. He looked over and instead of seeing Jasper, he saw a girl. And not just any girl. Miss queen bee herself.

"Hello," she said with a smile.

"Um...hi..." Edward said awkwardly. "Are you talking to me?"

"Of course," Bella said in the same bright voice, "listen I know we haven't really talked before..."

"We haven't talked ever," Edward corrected.

"Anyway, I was wondering if you could help me."

Edward raised one eyebrow. "And why would I do that?"

"Because I really need to pass math in order to stay in the top half of the class and to get into a good university."

"I mean this in the best possible way, but you're Bella Swan, you'll get into any university you want."

Even if you don't deserve it, Edward finished bitterly in his head.

"Regardless, will you help me?" Bella asked.

Edward was prepared to tell her flat out sorry tough luck but he made the fatal mistake of looking into her eyes. The chocolate orbs held his and he felt like he was putty in her hands. The beautiful brown under thick lashes resting in flawless skin. Edward was disappointed to find that they were natural and she wasn't wearing any mascara or anything. He was in awe over her beauty. And instead of saying the very firm no, he ended up saying...

"Yes, sure, I'll help you. Tonight in the library around seven okay?"

"That's perfect!" Bella said happily. "I'll see you then!"

With that she got up and left, leaving a perfumed trail of strawberries.

"Wow someone is setting their sights pretty high," Emmett said as he sat with his tray. "Dude, she's out of your league. Honestly."

"I'm not dating her," Edward grumbled.

"That's for the best. Her dad is psycho."

"Who's dad is psycho?" Jasper asked, sitting on his other side.


"Oh yeah, completely out of his mind. She's in right now. Everyone wants to date her and marry into that family."

"I don't," Edward said, "in fact I feel sorry for anybody that has to marry her."

"Have you even met her?" Emmett asked.

"We had a conversation," Edward mumbled.

"Chill Eddie," Emmett laughed, "there's probably some depth behind those high society girls."

"Lets hope so," Edward sighed. "She asked me to tutor her."

"And what did you say?" Jasper asked.

"Yes," Edward groaned. "I looked into her eyes and..."

"That's how my dad lost his beach house in Malibu," Emmett sighed sadly, "looked into Renee Swan's eyes. Those things are dangerous!"

Edward laughed and went back to his lunch. When he was sure that neither of his friends were looking his eyes flicked up to Bella where she sat reading over a bowl of cereal. He hated that she was, indeed, very beautiful. He didn't know why, but he was afraid that she wasn't going to be like he thought. He was afraid of being wrong about her. Already she seemed kinder than the others. This wasn't going to end well.


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