Alright guys, this is my first venture into actually publishing a story, and it took me about 2 hours to figure out how to upload it, which didn;lt really help my psyche much. Anyway, here it is, the beginings of a story. I'll add to it depending upon whether anyone actually likes it. Thanks.

Sam and Dean we're on a routine hunt in Northern Minnesota, from the looks of it a young woman had drowned in a motel pool back in the late thirties and was haunting guests at the newly renovated 4 star hotel that had recently been built on the same site. The woman's body was buried in the local cemetery, all they had to do was salt and burn the body and hit the road.

"Oh come on Sam, don't be such a girl."

"I'm not Dean, I just can't shake the feeling something isn't right about this." Sam called back up to him.

"Whatever man, we salt and burn the bones, everyone is happy, we move on. It's a done deal."

"Well it's you turn to dig, I'll go back to the car and get the lighter fluid that somebody forgot…"

"Oh, whatever" Dean grumbled in reply as he hopped into the hole Sam had recently vacated.

Dean couldn't believe Sam was being such a girl about this, they'd been in town for less than a day and for some reason he was acting all freaked out over nothing. He figured they just had to get these bones burned and outta town, then hopefully Sam would snap out of it. Speaking of Sam, what was taking the kid so long?

Sam had gone back to the impala as he said he would, but when he was less than two feet from the car he doubled over in sudden pain and clutched at his head.

--There was a young woman, who looked to be about Sam's age, dressed in a late thirties style swimsuit lounging by a pool. "No!" she shrieked, as she suddenly gasped and clutched her head. "I told you already," the woman was now sobbing, "I can't, I won't." "Oh but you will" replied a man suddenly standing beside her. His eyes flashed yellow once, then Sam came to.--

"Wha?" Sam grumbled as he came to and realized he was lying on the cold ground with his head in Dean's lap.

"Hey there Sammy boy, wanna tell me what the heck just happened?"

"umm…I'm not sure…vision I think?"

"Seriously?" Dean asked,"But I thought those were gone."

"You and me both." Sam replied as he scrambled to his feet.

"Wanna tell me about it?"

"later, let's finish this job first."

"Okay…" Dean replied hesitantly, giving Sam an odd glance as he headed back towards the grave with the almost forgotten lighter fluid.