Okay, we're going to be pretty much centered on Dean here, but it's rather important to the Arc of the story. Sorry i don't update regularly, i'm in the process off moving right now. Thanks to anyone reading though.

Dean was pacing the hospital restlessly while Sam underwent testing. He had already called Bobby and filled him in on the latest developments. "Do some more digging" Bobby had suggested, "Contact the younger sister." "How old would she be now?" Dean asked, remembering that the drowning had taken place in the thirties.

"She was only ten at the time of the drowning," Bobby replied, "She'd be around eighty by now, and yes, I checked, she's still alive."

"Okay," Dean had replied, "I'll check it out."

However, Dean had been reluctant to leave the hospital before he knew anything more about Sam.

As if on cue Doctor Thompson rounded the corner, "Dean," he said.

"How is he?" Dean asked, before the doctor could even finish his sentence. "He's stable, and resting." The doctor replied calmly. The tests haven't come back yet, but he appears to have recovered from his earlier episode. What he needs right now is to rest, as do you." Normally Dean would have protested, but he knew what Sammy needed right now was for him to find out what was going on with this whole case, so he reluctantly agreed to "go get some rest", or at least, that's what he told the doctor he'd be doing.

The minute he left the hospital Dean called Bobby again, "Did you find an address for Miranda Parker?"

"Yup, 280 West Evergreen Street. Oh and married name is Richmond."

"Got it, thanks Bobby," was all Dean said before snapping the phone shut in his hand. When Dean arrived at the address Bobby had given him he was surprised to find a modest new housing development in a younger are of town. "Sure hope this address is right." Dean muttered to himself as he got out of the Impala. Dean was even more surprised when a woman who looked like she wasn't even Sam's age answered the door. "Hello, what can I do for you?" She asked cheerfully. "umm, hi," Dean said, still taken aback by the sight of this young woman. Regaining his composure he said, "My name is Dean, I'm looking for Miranda Richmond, does she live here?" "Yup, the girl replied, you'll have to come in, Grandma doesn't move around very much anymore." Dean hesitantly followed the girl inside. "My name's Maggie by the way," the girl said as they walked through the hallway, Dean faltered a bit at the name, "What do you need to talk to my grandmother for?" She continued.

Dean had already decided he would be honest as possible with Miranda Parker, since he figured she must have known about hunting at least as a child, but he wasn't sure how much the young Maggie Parker knew. "I'm hoping she can help me with something." Is the answer Dean decided on. "Well here you go." Maggie said, leading Dean into a small sitting room where an elderly woman sat in front of a fire. Dean didn't miss the line of salt that had been placed atop the doorframe, or the herbs hanging over the fireplace. What caught him off guard was when Miranda Parker turned around in her chair to face Dean and said, "I've been expecting you Dean Winchester."

"How did you know my name?" Dean asked immediately. "your name is very well known in the hunting world Dean, and I still need to keep up on current movements. I heard about what was going on at the new hotel, and someone described two young 'detectives' to me, and I knew it must be you two. Where's Samuel?" "Umm, well that's what I'm here about." Dean said taking a seat. He felt like he could trust Miranda Parker for some reason, but he was relieved to see that Maggie no longer stood in the doorway. Dean relayed the events of the past few days to Miranda and waited to see her response. "Maggie couldn't have been haunting that hotel." Was 

the first thing Miranda said. "What do you mean?" Dean asked hesitantly. "I happen to know that Maggie moved on a long time ago." Was all she replied. "But, "Dean hesitated here, "there was still a body in her grave, Sam and I burned it." "That's all very well," Miranda said, "But Maggie's soul was not tied to her body, I released it many years ago. There are many ways to release a soul from it's earthly bonds, and young ladies were not to be digging up graves in the middle of the night, so I used alternative methods with my sister as soon as I was old enough to realize the gravity of what Steven had done by having her buried." "Oh." Was all Dean managed to say at first. "Uh, do you have any idea who else might have been haunting the new hotel?"

"Well no one else ever died in the pool if that's what you're asking. I don't have the time or energy for all that research anymore anyway, Maggie does most of it for me." "Your granddaughter Maggie?" Dean questioned. "Of course. She's named for my sister you know, very thoughtful daughter I had. Anyway, she couldn't turn up any answers either, so we figured it was some sort of hoax." "There was definitely something going on there," Dean told Miranda, "there was EMF everywhere." "I wish I could help you more," Miranda told Dean, "But I don't know anything about the new hotel, one thing I do know is that what's happening to your brother doesn't sound like the same sort of visions Maggie had, she always saw the future, never the past." "Of Course!" Dean thought, angry at himself for not realizing before, these were not the same kind of visions as before, because what Sam was seeing had already happened. This didn't actually help Dean in figuring out what was wrong with Sam, but he was glad to know there wasn't a connection between these new visions and the Demon. "Thank you for your time." Dean told Miranda, standing up to leave. "Let me know if I can be of anymore help." Was all she said in way of good bye. As Dean was trying to remember the way back to the front of the house he stumbled across what must be Maggie's bedroom. In and of itself this was not surprising, what made Dean double back was the mass quantity of newspaper articles covering one wall of an otherwise normal looking bedroom. "Well obviously she's very into her job as researcher." Dean thought to himself, peering over the newspapers and careful notes taken on them. Dean also noticed that none of the newspapers were more recent than three months ago, and presumably the notes weren't either. "No notes on the hotel…" Dean muttered to himself, taking a mental note to discuss this fact with Sam. Dean couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right about the young Maggie Parker. Dean heard footsteps coming down the stairs at the end of the hall and immediately left the room and headed back the way he came. "Can I help you?" Maggie asked him, coming to the bottom of the stairs. "No, I was just leaving," Dean stated, walking briskly towards the front of the house. "Alright, " Maggie said, "See you later Dean."