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Detective Olivia Benson walked in to the squad room unaware of the wrat that she'd be receiving from her recently divorced partner, Detective Elliot Stabler.

That night they were to go out on a stake out to watch for their perp, Sean Collins, who was taken five prostitutes aged between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three from a street near a night club. He'd raped them before strangling them with a specific rope used for rock climbing. The squad had been after the thirty-eight year old man for six weeks.

It was just after lunch and Elliot had just gotten off the elevator to go back in to the squad room when he saw Casey look at him and begin to giggle with Olivia.

"What's so funny?" He asked a little harshly.

He'd just argued with Kathy at lunch time about the custody of their children again and it hadn't gone his way so he was pissed.

The woman shrugged and giggled a little more. "Nothing."

"Whatever," he grunted and walked back in to the squad room.

Olivia sighed. "Guess he argued with Kathy some more at lunch time."

Casey patted Olivia's shoulder. "Well I better head back. I have court in an hour."

Olivia nodded. "I'll see you tomorrow. We have stake out tonight."

"Ok. Bye Liv," the red head replied and walked over to the elevator.

The brown eyed detective walked back in the squad room to see her partner sitting at his desk, working on a DD5 for another case.

Olivia sat down at her desk and looked up at the handsome azure blue eyed detective, sat across from her. "El, are you ok?"

"Fine!" He snapped, looking directly in to her deep mocha orbs.

Olivia sighed and got up from her black leather seat . "Ok. If you need me I'll be up in the gym. I've finished all my paperwork," she replied and walked off without waiting for an answer.


8:30pm finally came and Benson and Stabler were sitting in their car waiting for the perp to turn up. Munch and Fin were waiting in and near an alley beside the club where the perp usually took the vivtim to rape them.

Elliot turned to face Olivia sitting in the passenger seat. He was still as pissed as he was earlier that day. "What were you and Casey talking about this afternoon?"

Olivia shrugged her shoulders, continuing to look out the window for their perp. "Nothing. Just girl talk."

"Why did she look at me then?"

Olivia sighed. "She heard the elevator and looked to see who was coming out. That's all," she replied, keeping her frustration in check as best she could.

"Whatever. How's your mother?"

His aim was to piss her off right now so he was going for the hard, harsh questions straight off.

The brown eyed woman moved a bit in the seat to get comfortable. "Fin," was all she would offer. Not sure where her partner was going with this line of conversation. He didn't like her mother because of everything she'd done to Olivia as a child.

"Have you even seen her lately?" He asked. His voice a little harsher since she was refusing to look at him.

Olivia swipped her eyebrow with her pinky finger. "No I haven't."

Elliot scoffed. "Even your own mother gets sick of you. Did she run after you with another jagged broken bottle?"

Olivia's head snapped to look at him. She was hurt. Frustrated. Betrayed. She'd told him stuff about her mother and her childhood in confidence and here he was using it against her. To hurt her.

Olivia bit her bottom lip and shook her head.

Elliot was expecting an outburst but didn't get one so he used it to his advantage and decided to twist the emotional virtual knife deeper in the festing wound. "Or did she tell she hated you again? Or she wished you were never born? All you do is hurt people and destroy marriages."

Olivia broke down, that was all she could handle on top of what her mother said to her the last time they saw each other.

"I hate you. I'm swapping with Munch."


Olivia shook her head as a few tears fell freely and opened the passenger side door.

"Liv, don't go," Elliot begged, realizing the pain he'd caused her.

The brunette ignored his calls and got out, slamming the door behind her. She was totally oblivious to the fact that Sean Collins was coming.

He walked around the corner and saw her getting out of the car. He recognized her from the precient when they tried to bust him before.

He waited till she took a couple steps the other way so her back was facing him and he shot her. The bullet piercing in to the detective's back as he ran away.

The remaining detectives saw what happeneed but it was too late. Fin and Munch chased after Sean while Elliot ran over to Olivia.

Elliot kneeled down beside the limp body of his partner. She was lying on her stomach on the cracked, dirty sidewalk, bleeding from the bullet wound in her back.

Elliot took off his coat and put it on the gun shot wound, applying pressure to try stop the bleeding. He'd called for an ambulance in the car.

"Come on, Liv. Come on, baby, hold on, Liv, hold on. Help is on the way. I'm so sorry...I love you, Liv, please hold on," he begged.

"Elliot!" Fin called out, running over.

"Did you get the bastard?" Elliot asked as Fin squatted down on the other side of Olivia's limp, unconscious body.

Fin checked her neck for a pulse and nodded. "Yeah we got him. Munch and a couple uniforms are taking him back to the precinct...Her pulse is weakening, Elliot."

The ambulance pulled up before Elliot could respond. The EMTs ran over with the gurney and medical supplies.

Elliot was forced away and was still in a state of shock so as he watched the EMTs tend to his partner, everything seemed to blend together and he didn't notice the paramedics trying to get his attention as they wheeled Olivia in to the back of the ambulance. Fin slapped the shocked detective on the cheek to bring him back to reality.

"Go with Liv to the hospital, man. I'll drive the car back to the station. Cragen is meeting you down at the hospital," Fin informed Elliot.

Elliot nodded and climbed in to the back of the amublance as one of the paramedics climbed in to the driver's seat.

Fin closed the back door and tapped it before the ambulance took off to the hospital at high speed with lights and sirens.


Four hours later found Cragen, Elliot and Casey pacing around the waiting room, waiting for news on Olivia's condition. The last they heard the bullet had nicked her spine and she was in surgery.

Casey couldn't believe it when she was told by Fin that Elliot and Olivia had been arguing before it happened and Elliot had said some nasty things to her best friend.

The red haired ADA had let him know what she thought about the current situation as soon as she turned up at the hospital.

Flashback start.

"Elliot Stabler!" Casey Novak was pissed and they all knew it.

Casey grabbed the detective by the arm and pulled him in to the hallway.

"What the did you do?!"

"It's none of your damn business!" Elliot answered.

Casey scoffed. "Do you know what her mother told her the other day?!"

Elliot sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "What?" He asked. His voice was much softer.

"Serena told Olivia that she is dying of Liver Cancer. Her mother is the only family she has, Elliot. You know that!"

"She didn't tell me. Why? Why didn't she tell me. We're partners." His voice void of all anger. His voice was soft and full of hurt.

"I don't know, Elliot but do you know when we were in the hall this afternoon, she...she confessed to being in love with you," Casey told him.

Elliot was shocked and happy at the same time but then guilt took over. "Wha--what?"

Casey nodded. "Yep that's right. She loves you. I asked her who she wanted to settle down and have children with...and she said you," Casey said angrily with her right index finger pointed at the detective's chest.

"Oh...My...God," he replied slowly and scrubbed a hand down his face. "What have I done?"

"All I can say is...You're an idiot, Elliot Stabler," the ADA replied and stormed off back in to the waiting room with Elliot close behind.

End flashback.

A tall, overweight, curly red haired, hazel eyed female doctor approached the crowded waiting room.

"Family of Olivia Benson?"

The three of them stood up and the doctor walked over to them.

"Is there a Serena Benson here?"

Elliot shook his head. "She was...ah...unavaliable. I'm Elliot Stabler."

"Ah yes, Mr. Stabler, you are Miss Benson's other next of kin."

"Really?" Elliot asked in surprise. He didn't even know.

The doctor nodded. "Yes sir. I'm Dr. Paula Heines. I was Miss Benson's surgeon."

"Is Olivia going to be alright?"

The doctor sighed. "I'm afraid that she may never walk again."

"Oh God. Can we please see her?"

Dr Heines thought about it for a moment before nodding. "I don't normally let people in the recovery room but I can let in two of you. Sorry."

Cragen nodded. "You two go in. I'll head back to the station to see how Munch and Fin are going," he said before walking out.

Elliot and Casey followed the doctor down the hall to a set of double doors which had 'Surgical Recovery' stenciled on the door.

Paula entered the big room and walked up to the third bed on the left.

Olivia laid in the bed with a nasal cannula in her nose, providing oxygen.

She looked so pale with scratches on her face on arms.

She was hooked up to morphine to keep the pain at bay as she slept off the anesthesia.

Elliot sat down in the chair and took Olivia's hand in his. The one that didn't have the IV running in to it. Casey perched herself on the side of the hospital bed and caressed her pale cheek. "We're here, Liv," she whispered.

Olivia's head rolled to the side in her sleep. "Elliot...Elliot," she muttered, dreamily.

Thinking that she had woken up already Elliot shot up. "Liv. Liv. I'm here."

Casey, knowing that Olivia was still sleeping, pushed him back down in to the chair. "She's still sleeping, you idiot. Sit your ass back down," the ADA ordered.

Elliot clenched his jaw but decided not to make a scene so he just sat down and kept his mouth shut.


Twenty minutes went by before Olivia's brown orbs fluttered open. She looked around confused but settled down when she saw the red haired, fiesty ADA sitting on the side of the bed.

"Hey Liv."

"Hey Case," she replied. Her voice weak, eyes showing her pain and confusion.

"It's ok, honey. You're in Mercy General Hospital. Elliot is here too," Casey informed her best friend softly.

Olivia looked to her side and glared at the man sitting on the chair. She snatched her hand away weakly.

"Hi Liv," he greeted her nervously.

"Get. The hell. Out," she seethed weakly in pure anger. "I hate you," she told him and went to move her legs but nothing happened. She looked down at her legs and tried again with the same result, or the lack of. "Wh--why can't I move my legs, Casey?" She asked, looking up at the woman. She was too freaked out to notice that Elliot hadn't left the room yet.

Casey caressed the detective's cheek and wiped away a few stray tears. "Honey, you were shot in the back...The bullet nicked your spine," she explained the best she could.

Olivia shook her head slowly on the pillow. "No." Her voice weak, filled with sadness, anger and pain.

"I'm sorry, Liv."

"I want to be alone right now," she insisted and closed her eyes so she didn't have to look at them. She needed to absorb this information alone.