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IMPORTANT: Words in italics are words said in sign language.

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Two years had past and it found Olivia and Elliot separated after constant arguments and Olivia still blaming herself for Jackson's deafness.

At age two he still hadn't spoken his first word, even after speech therapy sessions, so he just used sign language to communicate with his parents and twin sister.

The brunette was laying on the couch, silently crying. She missed her husband. She missed going to sleep in his arms and the frequent hugs and kisses.

Olivia watched as her two precious two year old twins walked in to the living room from the downstairs playroom.

"Mommy," Rebecca called out to her as Jackson signed.

The mother sat up and wiped away her tears, clearing her throat. "Hey babies," she said to Becca and signed for Jack.

"Mommy, you ok?" Jackson asked in sign language.

Olivia nodded with a fake smile."Yes, baby. I'm ok."

"Where's daddy? Miss Daddy," Rebecca cried.

"Come here, precious ones," Olivia said before helping both twins up in to her lap.

She wrapped her arms around them and signed for her son's sake. "Daddy is at work, but he will come home to put you two to bed and read you a story."

"We see daddy at work?" The young girl asked.

Olivia sighed and nodded. "Yes. Go get ready. In your winter coats. It's cold out,"she signed back.

The toddlers nodded and jumped off their mother's lap, running toward the staircase.

"Becca! Hold Jack's hand and no running!"

"Yes, mommy!" The little brunette replied.

She took her deaf brother's hand but still ran up the stairs.

The tired brunette scrubbed a hand down her aging face and walked in to the downstairs bathroom.

Five minutes later, she heard the twins run downstairs followed by a thud. Olivia ran out of the bathroom to see that her daughter had tripped.


Rebecca picked herself up and rubbed her sore, left knee.

Olivia squatted down in front of her little girl and lifted up her left pant leg to check her tiny knee. Luckily, it was only red. She looked up at Rebecca's face, as she let the pant leg drop. "Baby, are you ok?"

Rebecca nodded. She was stubborn just like her mother and she seemed to be able to tolerate pain, just like her mother too. "Yes, mommy," she replied with a few tears.

Olivia kissed her daughter on the cheek and stood back up. She then put her winter coat on before grabbing her keys and purse.

The mother made sure the twins were by her side as they walked out and she locked the front door.

"Hands," she told her adventurous children.

Both toddlers, knowing the drill when they went out, each took one of their mother's hands as they walked down the street.


Olivia strolled in to the squad room with a toddler on each side, holding a hand.

"Daddy!" Becca called out, once she saw him and she ran over to the detective with her brother.

"Hey trouble makers!" He greeted the twins, picking them both up.

Olivia smiled at her husband, only to receive an angry glare in return.

"Hey baby girl!" Fin greeted her as he returned from lunch and gave her a welcoming hug. "Haven't seen you in a couple days. It sucks that you only work part time," he joked.

Olivia returned the hug and gently pulled back. "If you need me, I'll be in the cribs. I know where I'm not wanted," she said and went upstairs.

'I guess he has moved on already.'

"Liv!" Fin tried to call the brunette back.

The female detective just shook her head and continued up the stairs.

Fin turned to Elliot with an angry glare of his own. "What did you do? You always talk about how much you miss her and love her," he said and walked over to his desk, shaking his head. "Talk to her before you completely lose her, man."

Elliot sighed and placed his children down on the linoleum floor, facing him.

He smiled a fake smile and sighed. "Go see 'grandpa'."

The twins nodded and ran toward the office.

"Could you please keep an eyes on them please?" Elliot asked Fin as he headed for the staircase.

"Sure, man."

"Thanks," he replied and rushed upstairs.

The first grade detective got to the closed cribs door and heard a familiar noise. His wife's sobs, it had become a regular occurrence over the last two years.

"Liv? Baby?" He called out tenderly and slowly opened the door.

The blue eyed man found the brunette on the cot, she knew to be her husband's favourite. Laying curled up on her side, facing the wall.

He tip-toed in to the room and sat down on the edge of the cot. He leaned down and kissed her cheek, glad she didn't attempt to stop him. "Baby, can you please turn around and look at me?"

When she didn't comply with his soft request, Elliot gently turned her on to her back and cupped her chin, gently turning her head to face him.

"Baby, please," he practically begged.

Olivia bit her bottom lip and gave her husband eye contact. "What?" She whispered, painfully, tears still falling.

Elliot gently wiped them away before kissing the tip of her nose and then her lips. "I'm so sorry, baby. I miss you...I love you, angel."

Olivia gasped. "You haven't called me angel in like two years," she whispered.

"I know, angel...I'm so so sorry. I know I fucked up again but please take me back."

Olivia bit her bottom lip. "How can you want me when our son's deafness is my fault."

Elliot had to keep his anger in. They had gone though this millions of times in the last two years. He kissed her on the lips again and got up.

"El! Don't leave me!"

"I'm not, baby. I'll be right back," he promised and walked out, down the stairs.

"Fin, can you bring Jackson up here?"

"What about Rebecca?"

"Ah...Just Jackson for now please."

Fin nodded and got up from his desk. "Sure," he replied and headed in to Cragen's office.

When Fin entered the room with little Jack walking beside him, holding his hand, Elliot was sitting behind his wife on the bed, with his arms wrapped around her as she snuggled in to him.

"Mommy!" Jack yelled as he ran up to them.

The three adults in the room all looked at each other and then at Jackson in shock.

Had he finally just said his first word? After many appointments with the speech therapist.

Olivia didn't have time to think because her baby boy jumped in to her lap.

"Hey, buddy," Olivia sighed in greeting, with a smile to show that she was happy to see him.

The youngster smiled back, innocent."Daddy, come home with us?"He asked.

Olivia sighed and snuggled in to her husband more.

Elliot kissed the side of his wife's head. "If you'll have me back, baby. We can work on getting back to where we were."

Olivia nodded and kissed her son's head before signing to him, "yes, Jack, daddy is coming home."

Jackson clapped his hands happily. "I go get sister," he signed and jumped off the bed, running out the door.

"Oh shit! Jack, don't....He can't hear me," Olivia muttered the last sentence.

"He's ok, angel. Fin was properly waiting outside the door," Elliot assured his lover, rubbing her arms.

"Yeah, let's enjoy this moment, huh? We haven't had one like this together since the morning of our wedding. The day our beautiful children came in to the world," she whispered.

Elliot kissed the top of her head and agreed with his wife.

The twins ran in and up to the bed as Fin waved to them and closed the crib door behind the toddlers.

The youngsters climbed up on to the bed and snuggled in to their loving parents.

"Mommy, we go home now?" Becca asked.

"Yes, baby. The four of us are going home now, aren't we, daddy?" Olivia replied with a broad grin.

"We sure are," Elliot added, "so let's go home, huh?'