Well, I've finally decided to write a whole story I'm writing this chapter as a preview. Of course the girl I'm using is Ino, my favorite character in the girls section and the guy is a surprise.

I have no favorite guy character, I love acting as Rock-lee though especially when my friend is Maito Gai, were so gay together.

Don't even ask…I'm not really gay, were just awesomely awesome.

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Warnings: There's going to be some OOC, It's also AU but only a bit…I doubt you'll notice…

Prologue: Appearance

In a fast motion his hand was at my neck and my feet were off the branch that we were standing on. As my head hit the bark and I stared at him through the slits of my mask I struggled, kicking him with many chakra infused kicks. Course my chakra had to be so low that in the end, they didn't even affect him in the least bit. Since my air supply was low enough for me to be weak I grabbed his hands and pried and clawed until his hands bled.

Stupid, new Anbu mission that I had to have; I was such an idiot when it came to these things. I had to prove myself, I had to make sure everyone knew who I was, and I just had to beat Sakura. I was going to no matter what, but then of course I had to get defeated on a mission of this kind. This A-Ranked ninja named, Kontou Sakebigoe (1) had me pinned to a tree, fighting the darkness. I saw him smirk darkly,

"Let's see what under this mask of yours"

He murmured in a dark, husky voice.

The same voice he talked in all this time, I vaguely still felt my mouse mask which was surprising. I looked at the man whose grip slackened only to hold me and not choke me, and I noticed he was frozen to the spot, my first thought was Shikamaru. I remembered he was on a mission to Sand planning yet, another, chunnin exam with Temari. The woman whom he picked over little old me, guess we were just team mates we were never meant to fall in love anyways.

I started choking, coughing until I was hacking, trying to get some air into me I felt my cheeks go red in embarrassment. Now that the situation allowed it, I turned my head to face another Anbu in an Anbu uniform. I had no idea what village he hailed from, since the uniform was the same, it was to confuse us. That's why I spent 2 weeks in a room with all the other recruits, to get use to their chakra; I only knew the new ones though. This guy's chakra didn't even snag a line to make me remember, his mask was non-descriptive also, I couldn't even tell the animal.

It had no ears, just a perfect oval with a muzzle shaped mouth but it had snake make-up around the eyes (Like Orochimaru's Make-up). They also had a stripe coming down from the center-top of their mask; the only thing I knew was that he was a man. As the body of Kontou fell, he seemed to be standing on the branch the same moment my feet hit said branch, and I was scared.

Simply because; he was stronger then me, faster then me and he just killed the target I was struggling with. Not to mention I just took down 3 of my own, which is why in the first place I was struggling with a simple ninja of the likes he was standing on.


He nods in my direction, and I'd like to point out that this total stranger was having a conversation with me.

I had no idea who he was!

His Village, His Name, His Mask type, His age it was like a mystery…that started the beginning of my non-existant life well at least, Ninja life.

I couldn't ask who he was though…it was law to never ask unless told by said person. So, I nod in his direction and mutter a


…I guess without asking…I could figure it out.

Who the hell was my savior in the woods that day?


A prologue, I'm so proud of myself… I have no idea what's coming of this but if you want me to continue just say so and please tell me who you want as the mystery Ninja.

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(1) It means, faint scream or something along the lines, just some bad guy what I really wanted to say was I'm going to put my names (FIRST NAME), (LAST NAME) no Japanese way of putting names.