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Epilogue: Disappearance

Beep… Beep…Beep…

What A familiar hospital noise, or rather, a noise to wake up to as I was fairly blinded by the white lights and blink into aliveness again. My eyes scan the room and see the flowers from my own shop, cards, teddies and balloons. I saw Neji staring at me from the chair and I smile brightly at him, and he gets up to stand by the bed side.



"They found Chouji; he was in a base near the swamp countries border if they got their any later he would've died."

"Thank God" (1)

"Ino, don't you realize what this means?"


"It's over"

"I kind of wish it wasn't-"


"Well…I was having such a good time with y-…our team and I actually felt I was worth something. You know? Just fighting like that for the cause of the village…"

"You are worth something, Ino…you need to understand that"

"To whom though; it was because of me that everyone I ever cared for has been hurt and even killed."

"That doesn't mean they'll stop loving you, Ino"

"How can you know that Neji, how can you not be sure I'll walk out of this hospital and everyone will hate me. I'll be shunned, by everyone for putting them in this much danger don't you understand!?"

"To tell you the truth I don't want to understand such a thing and you know I-…the team won't treat you that way"

"Enough of this, Neji!"

"Enough of what, Ino what're you talking about?"

"Enough of this stupid way of talking, I know I'm only talking about you and me and I know your only talking about us too. No more of the team it's only me and you in this room, Neji…!"

"I know, that's why you should understand no matter who you are, no matter how good you are at being a ninja that I'll still love you"

"How can I be so sure though!?"

"Ino…I love you okay? You just have to trust me"

"How…can…I?" I choked, through sobs


"You hid from me all this time, behind that stupid mask of yours that's the person I fell in love with. You fell in love with mouse, that isn't me Neji just like you aren't him; I'm just Ino, Ino Yamanaka."

"What is all this crap you're spewing? You are mouse and I am him"

"I understood it a long time ago, everyone hides behind their masks, Hinata doesn't stutter, Sakura is much more calmer, and I'm stronger. That's who you fell in love with the one who put on a mask to put on a façade; it's like a split personality."

"And you fell in love with this…split personality, of mine?"


With that, he looked angrily around at the room and picked up his mask, with was beside him and I realized it was mystery man's mask. Surprisingly, he shoved it on my face and waited till I adjusted,

"Does that not make you Ino Yamanaka?"

I froze in trying to take it off,

"I still see the same; beautiful, blonde, bold and strong girl I fell ion love with, and you'd be blind not to. I fell in love with what's Behind that mask, and I know you did too otherwise you wouldn't like me behind the mask of a hawk."

I looked in shock at him, as I handed back his mask and grabbed his hand to intertwine my fingers.

"I'm Ino…But I'm also Mouse"

"And I'm Neji but also Hawk, and Substitute"

"You love me, both?"

He nodded at my confusing statement and as I looked down at our intertwined fingers and smile.

"Me two…"

"Not that hard to look behind that mask is it?" he asks

I grab the mask from him, and break it clean in half while he stares in awe at me, and I kiss his cheek, fondly.

"Now it's not…Hawk"


The End.


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