Okay, this shall be my official first Ouran High School Host Club fanfic XD The plot: Haruhi accidentally drinks a potion created by Nekozowa-senpai, & turns into a three year-old! While the Host Club frantically searches for a cure, they also try to capture the attention of the cute baby, Haruhi.

Disclaimer: sadly, I do not own the masterpiece known as Ouran High School Host Club TT the genius Bisco Hatori does 3 the only thing I own is this plotline P

"hello," talking

hello thinking

Now, let's get one thing straight. We all know that a regular day at the Host Club is not normal at all compared to our boring & very average lives, but even the strange consequences of this particular day have thrown the Host Club themselves for a loop.

Hosting hours were over, and everyone has left for the day, except for the club, Kassanoda-kun, & Nekozowa-senpai. Sitting before them with her school uniform pooling around her now tiny body, was a baby. She had plump, pink cheeks, soft brown hair, & huge chocolate-colored eyes. Haruhi had turned into a three year-old.

Kyoyo's POV

"Okay, tell me once more how this…… complicated situation happened," I sighed as I stood there staring at Haruhi.

She was having trouble getting out of the confines of her now over-sized clothes. Damn, she's so cute! I should have seen this coming when the twins had stolen Nekozowa-senpai's vile of aging potion-WAIT! How could I have possibly seen THIS happening. Time at the Host Club has taught me to be prepared for almost every possible problem when it come to dealing with Tamaki & the twins, but not even my father would have been prepared for this predicament!

"Well," Kassanoda started out awkwardly, snapping me out of my train of thought, "I had just come over when club ended, to give Haruhi a flower I had planted in the gardening club, when Nekozowa-senpai had come crashing into me."

I glared over the rim of my glasses at the creepy senior, who instantly started to break into a sweat under my gaze.

"I-I-I was only running because those mischievous twins had stolen my aging potion!" accused the frightened Black Magic Club president. I then turned my death-glare towards Hikaru & Karou, who had turned their heads nervously in the other direction with angelic, yet guilty expressions.

"The only reason we stole Goth-boy's potion was because we wanted to see how it worked." they stated in unison rather calmly considering the situation at hand.

My gaze still upon them, I said in a mono-tone voice, "So you decided to pour the vile's contents into Haruhi's teacup?"

Their well thought-out & witty response this time was a simple, "Uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm………,"

Bakas! Note to self, the next cosplay theme shall centered around twin girls….

End of Kyoyo's POV

All the while this conversation was taking place, baby Haruhi had managed to get free of her cloth prison & stumble her way towards the group of handsome teen boys towering in front of her.

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