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Twins: Finally!

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"Don't worry Komari-chan! We WILL find our dearest Haruhi in no time!" shouted a very confident father. While walking timidly behind Ranka was a timid girl, doubting of his every word.

"Ranka-san, are you sure you know where you're going?" the very unsure girl questioned the flamboyant father.

They were heading down a deserted hallway, the sun already clearly hidden behind the clouds and sinking farther down for a picturesque scenery. The walkway was also darkening quite a bit, but luckily (thanks to fancy-pantsy school) the overhead chandeliers lit up brightly. Normally, Ranka would've commented and chatted on about the radiant beauty of the grand institute for learning, but as of that moment he was to dedicated to finding his dearest daughter! Who knows what those BOYS could be doing to my angel while I'm away! Thus, began Ranka's inner-mind theater:

1... The curtains roll up.

2... A commercial plays.

3... The movie, BEGINS!

The opening starts, the camera slowly pans a fog-filled music room, and then it stops upon an assortment of rough-looking hood-looms. The host appear to wearing a yakuza fashioned uniform. The twins donned a pair over-sized sun-glasses and were chewing on the remains of a lollipop stick, Mori and Hunny were sporting matching leather jackets, Kyoya seemed pretty much the same save for the leopard print shirt, and lastly Tamaki wore a bright blue commoner uniform shirt and his blonde hair was now a pompadour (imagine Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho).

In the middle of the club, stood a shaking Haruhi. The frightened looking girl was wearing a frilly, pink, spaghetti-strap, sundress making for the perfect innocent little lamb. A white daisy was placed behind her ear.

"What-What are you going to do with me?" she questioned timidly.

Tamaki strode forward pompously and sat in a metal chair (Where did that come from?!) with his chest facing the back. "We're gonna play house."

The twin cronies chuckled evilly, Hunny smirked wickedly, Mori had an arrogant glint in his eye's, and Kyoya… just stood there taking notes.

"What do you mean… by house?" Haruhi's eye's widened.

"Hmmm, how should we explain this, Kyoya? How 'bout this? You are goin' to start callin' me "Papa"."

"You're no papa of mine! I already have a father!" the shocked 15 year-old grew some back-bone and defiantly retorted back.

The idiot king raised an eyebrow and seemed amused at her outburst. "Well, I am now! And you're going to learn to show some respect, my daughter."

With those last words, the host club began to descend upon helpless Haruhi! Then the over-reacting okama burst out his frantic mind-set with a scream of terror!

"NNOOOOOOOO! Haruhi! Fear not, for you real papa shall rescue you!" with a manly battle cry, Ranka fled down the corridor in lightening speed, leaving poor Komari-chan in the dust! The small child heaved a great sigh and started to jog after the manic cross dresser.


"Haru-chan, Haru-chan! Do you want to play with Usa-chan?" Hunny shoved the pink bunny into the baby's face. Haruhi stared at the toy for a few short seconds, than tackled it to the ground laughing angelically. The cousins smiled contently at the adorable child, whilst the four emo teenagers watched longingly toward her from the corner.

"Why is she being so damned cute?!" the whispered, wanting desperately to join the other happy trio.

So they did! Tamaki, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Kassanoda completely forgot the fearsome gaze that Mori-sempai had given them and cooed lovingly at Haruhi along with Hunny-sempai. During Kyoya's departure with Nekozowa, everyone had taken several snap-shots with their center of attention for future reference and blackmail material. The Host Club was filled with a joyful and carefree atmosphere now that the Shadow-King, and the Black Magic club president were gone. The cheerful attitudes were then shattered when two people charged through the third music room doors.

"Where is she?!" a scary voice commanded.


OH! Who is are the mysterious people?! Will Haruhi speak next chapter?! When will Ranka find his daughter?!

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