Bubbly (and Other Expensive Things) by AndromedaMarine

Author's Note: Written at the request of and for the title prompt given by sparklyshimmer2010. Subtitle added as an afterthought; not requested by the aforementioned penname.

"Champagne?" John asked, graciously taking the menu from the waiter. They were sitting in a quaint little French restaurant on Earth – celebrating their most recent victory over the Wraith during a routine vacation from the hectic Pegasus galaxy.

"Why yes," Elizabeth said, pretending to be someone who could actually afford the expensive drink. "John, we can't really be able to pay for all this..."

She was cut off when John lifted a finger. "I convinced O'Neill to get the Air Force to pay for it." He grinned. "And other expensive things." He produced a small velvet box, and John would've sworn that Elizabeth squeaked when she saw it.

"John..." she breathed, covering her mouth and smiling.

"I...uh...I'd get on one knee and all, but it's a nice restaurant..."

She looked at him with watery eyes. "You gonna ask or what?" she asked excitedly.

John grinned stupidly. "Will you marry me?"

"Yes!" she practically squealed, holding out her hand so John could slip the white gold band onto her finger. The diamond glittered magnificently, accentuated by the emeralds on either side. They kissed over the table, interrupted by the waiter who brought the bubbly.

"May I offer my congratulations, mademoiselle and monsieur," the waiter said, uncorking the bubbly and filling their glasses. "May he give you the world," he added, smiling as he walked away, leaving the bubbly in the ice nearby.

"He's already given me another galaxy," she breathed. "I got Earth a long time ago!"

John couldn't stop grinning stupidly. "The universe is next on the list," he said softly, kissing her again.

When Jack got the bill he couldn't decide whether or not to smile for the happy couple or swear never to pay for bubbly and other expensive things again.