Lessons in Love – Chapter one. (Sorry for the crappy title. I thought it fit)

Hey ya'll, it's me again. Here with a brand new YxYY story. This is a request fic for yugixyamiyaoilover. If you wanna find out why, go read Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Domino City. The answer lies in the reviews (I swear that isn't subliminal). The premise is simple. Yugi is a middle school teacher and Atem is the principal at the school. Atem has been trying to get a date with lil' Yugi-boy (Did I just do that? Shoot me) since they were sophomores in High School. But Yugi is afraid to let his guard down, afraid to get hurt. Will Atem finally be able to get a date with Yugi? Or will he be the one hurt?

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Principal Aknam sat in his leather executive chair, bored out of his mind. It was a rather slow day in the school. No fights broke out, all his paperwork was done, and nobody seemed to be acting up. He hadn't had one visitor in his office today, and he didn't feel like doing his homework.
Atem had way to much homework since he decided to go back to work on his PhD. Not that the classes were hard, he just had a lot of responsibilities at work. Whether he was at a board meeting or filing paperwork in the late hours of the night, he was busy.
Atem could take a nap… or he could be productive and begin teacher evaluations. It was almost the designated time anyway, so why not start early. Reluctantly, he got up and picked up his evaluation forms. He decided his first evaluation would be in the band room.
Atem told his secretary that he would be making his first evaluations today, and proceeded to walk to the band room. His thoughts began to drift as he wandered about the school, trying to remember which room belonged to the band. He began to think about his thesis. He needed something good, because his professor was a bit of a jerk. In his carelessness, Atem didn't see one of his young colleagues walking towards him.
Without even realizing what was going on, Atem crashed into Yugi Mutou, his long time friend and crush. The impact sent both for them flying to the ground, Atem's briefcase bursting open.

"Ah! Sorry Yugi! I didn't see you there!" exclaimed Atem, trying to be as apologetic as could be.

"Ah, it's okay Mr. Aknam, it was my fault. I saw you coming," replied the smaller man.

"No need to apologize Yugi. And you know you can call me Atem, just because I'm your boss doesn't mean we aren't friends," said the superior with a wink.

"Ah… sorry Atem… just don't want to upset anyone… it being my first year and all. So what are you doing?"

"Beginning my teacher evaluations," Atem saw Yugi gulp at this. "Don't worry, you'll do fine. It's really just a formality. So what are you doing?"

"On my way back to my classroom, going to finish up my prep hour."

"Well, I'll let you be then. Have a nice day. We should hang out some time!" chuckled Atem as he walked towards the band room.

"Of course! I'd like that! Have a nice day sir!" Yugi yelled back, walking in the opposite direction.


Yugi made his way back to his math classroom. His mind was scattered when he ran into his old friend and new boss. He really did like Atem. I mean, who was he kidding? Atem was gorgeous! A beautifully tanned body, very nice facial features, a great build. He was so kind too!
Yugi thought it was horrible that he had turned down Atem so many times. If it weren't for Yugi's stupid fear of rejection, who knows? He and Atem could possibly be married and living together. But Yugi felt vulnerable whenever he was around the tan boy.
Yugi quickly shook the thought out of his head. He couldn't be distracted. He had to finish preparing for his 3rd Period Geometry class. He quickly scrambled to find the proper pages and assignments, realizing he had wasted quite a bit of time.


Atem couldn't focus on the crappy music being played by the band. He couldn't get the thoughts of Yugi out of his head. He had adored this boy since he transferred to Domino in his sophomore year. Atem would go as far to say he was in love with Yugi. He always had been. Other guys and girls had tried to catch Atem's eye, but he could never get Yugi out of his head.
Atem couldn't forget that day Yugi turned him down…
(FLASHBACK. You can tell it is the past because it is in italics…)
"I'm sorry Atem. It's not that I don't like you… I just don't think I can trust anyone. The human race is a disgusting thing if you ask me. I… I do love you… but I don't know if I can trust you… if I can trust anyone… I hope you can understand…"
Those words brought chills to Atem. There was a chance that Yugi did love him, but Yugi had a huge fear of rejection. He is afraid that if he were to get close to someone, he would end up heartbroken in the end. He'd never do anything to hurt Yugi of course, but Yugi couldn't be sure of that.
Atem heard the music stop and quickly gave a respectful round of applause. He jotted some notes down, shook the teacher's hand and made his way back to his office. He needed some time to think by himself. He couldn't get that Amethyst eyed beauty out of his head…


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