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Yugi returned to his apartment, placing his bags on the table, looking down at his receipts with an exaggerated sigh. Why was he having so much trouble making ends meet? He had a decent paying job, with an affordable apartment. And yet, between paying for student loans, his car, rent, and groceries, he was having a hard time staying afloat. He walked to the kitchen, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge, leaning on a counter while he tried to think. He stared up at the ceiling, letting his mind wander.

His mind drifted, from finances, to lesson plans, eventually landing on Atem. A dark blush crept across the frail man's face. Why was it that every time he thought of Atem he was reduced to a blubbering pile of goo? He sighed, wondering what tomorrow night held for him. Would Atem like the dinner he made? Would he look nice? How would the concert go? He imagined, after the show, himself and Atem walking along the Domino boardwalk, his head resting on Atem's strong shoulders. He sighed, knowing that tomorrow was going to be heavenly.

A loud knock on the door interrupted Yugi's daydream, causing him to sweat a bit. He only knew one person who knocked so violently. It was his landlord, no doubt wondering why the rent check was late… and short about fifty dollars.

"Just a minute!" The man shouted, trying to regain his composure. He hung his suit on the coat rack, opening the door. "Hello?"

The landlord was a middle aged man, balding, dressed in sweatpants and a white wife beater, questionable stains splattered all over the white fabric. He was ugly and scary. Yugi hated him with a passion, but that's mainly because Yugi was always in trouble with him.

"Muto… why is this check short fifty bucks?" The older man scowled, his face showing displeasure. Yugi gulped.

"I'm still waiting on my next paycheck… I'll pay you the full amount on Saturday… with a little bit of interest…" He whimpered, obviously intimidated by the man. The man shook his head, frowning.

"This is the third time Muto… what do you expect me to do? This ain't a homeless shelter. You pay your rent, or your out on your ass…" The man frowned, being blunt with Yugi. Yugi puffed his chest up, trying to defend himself.

"This is only the second time I've been late… and I hardly think it's…"

"Shaddup!" The crude man shouted, cutting Yugi off. "You've shorted me in the past though. That counts. You owe us a hundred bucks by Saturday. If I don't have it, you're out on your ass!"

Yugi nodded sheepishly, watching the man storm out of the room, slamming the door shut. Yugi walked over, collapsing on the couch, defeated. How was he going to come up with one hundred dollars by Saturday? He had about sixty dollars in his bank account, and payday wasn't for another week. He felt tears start to form in his eyes. Why was it so hard? Atem wasn't having trouble…

Yugi looked over at his coffee table, smiling at the flowers sitting there. Atem. He was a strong individual. Why couldn't Yugi be more like him? The boy stood up, wiping the tears from his eyes, looking around. He'd find a way to handle it. He could always avoid putting gas in his car for the week, or go a day without eating.

The young man stood up, walking over to his kitchen with a proud smile, before staring down at his stack of mail, his shoulders slumping. Bills, and lots of them. He collapsed on the floor, the papers falling on top of his tri-colored hair, a pout on his face.

"It's hopeless…." He sighed.

Atem returned to his desk, sitting down, sighing. He was incredibly excited about his date with Yugi. He'd been waiting for this moment for years, and it was finally happening. He looked at his tickets again, smiling. It was going to be amazing, he could just feel it.

His happy thoughts were interrupted by his homely secretary, who was standing at his door, a letter in her hand. His eyes met hers, a forced smile. She usually had some annoying news for him.

"Yes?" The tanned man asked, wondering what she wanted.

"Mr. Muto's sub had an emergency and had to go home. We need someone to cover him." She replied, an annoyed look on her face.

"Pull a sub from another class then."

"We can't, they're all occupied…"

Atem paused for a moment, looking over his schedule then up to her.

"I'll take the class." He said, knowing that it couldn't be that hard. YYugi must have left a lesson plan, right? The secretary rolled her eyes.

"Whatever you say sir. I'll tell them you're coming"

Atem nodded, putting his jacket back on. It would be good to get back into the class room. It had been a while since he'd taught anything.

Well there's another chapter. I hope people will actually read it. I know two years is too long to wait for an update, but hopefully that will change.