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I don't usually write like this but I was in a dark mood when I wrote this.

Plot- It has been two years since Edward left. Bella finally has made up her mind. What happens?

Bella POV

Two years. Two years living in this hell that he caused. Because heleft I caused everyone around me so much pain. I live in pain. My best friend abandoned me. Charlie and Renee cannot even speak to me anymore. It is just to hard for them. Not only them but myself. I cause so much pain. I always believed that he would come back. Two years. I guess I was wrong about that. There was no point in living anymore. None at all. I glanced at the clock. 7:00 am. It was Monday morning. I have to go to school. I failed senior year. I missed almost all of the days, failed every test, and I didn't care. It won't matter anymore tonight. I sighed and got out of bed. I pulled on the blue sweatshirt that he gave me. I also pulled on jeans and boots. Aw hell. Let's do this right. I pulled off the jeans and put on my really short shorts. They don't even come mid-thigh on me. I took off the sweatshirt and pulled on a bikini top. I pulled on my high heel boots. I looked in the mirror. Might as well let everyone see my shame. My skin had turned so pale it could pass as a vampires skin. My ribs stuck out more than natural. I was really skinny. A size zero in pants. I walked to the bathroom and pulled my hair into a pony tail. My hair had lost it's shine and luster well at least until I dyed it. Now my hair is white, black, and blue. My cheeks were sunk in. My eyes had dark black circles under them. My eyes empty and broken. I got my makeup bag. I put on dark red lipstick, dark eyeliner, black eye shadow, and mascara. I grabbed my backpack and walked down the stairs. I got the truck keys and left for school. I had one friend. I guess that is what she is to me. Her name is Bloody Mary. Her real name is Katrina but she changed it to Bloody Mary. I call her Bloody. I also had my name changed to Crimson. Bloody and I are know as the Blood Sisters at school. I told her everything about Edward, James, Laurent, Victoria, Jacob, and vampires. Bloody is just like me. Involved with vampires. She dated this vampire named Tom Banks and he left he heartbroken. She said he knows the Cullen's. We plan on going out the same way. She told me whenever I was ready we would do it. I was ready today. Bloody is my best friend. She convinced me to get my lip pierced. I have a hoop on one of the corners. She has her eyebrows pierces. We also have our belly buttons pierced. I have an industrial piercing on my ear. I have seven piercing. My ears twice, my industrial, my lip, and my belly button. Bloody has eleven. Her ears three times each, her belly button, her eyebrows, her nose, and the space between her middle finger and her ring finger. I have changed since he left. I smoke cigarettes, I'm on heroin, I curse, I drink, and I sleep with guys. Oh! We also have the same tattoo. My tattoo is right above my belly button. It is of a black rose that is wrapped around a red bleeding heart. Then on the heart there is fangs. I guess you could say that we are emo. I heard my ring tone start playing.

I fuckin hate youYou're such a liarI love to hate you

You're all the same to meFuck youFuck youFuck youFuck you

I knew it was Bloody. I answered it with one hand while I steered with the other. "What up biach?" I asked into the phone.

"Nuttin but smutting. How is my favorite whore?" Bloody's voice came over the receiver.

"Good as good can be. Dude, I'm ready. So let's live today up like hell!" I yelled into the phone. I heard her dark laugh.

"Finally. Where will we do it?" She asked

"My house. Before Charlie get's home from work. Bring your video camera." I told her.

"Kay. You on your way to school?" Bloody asked.

"Nope. I'm there. I see you. Love ya bitch." I hung up on her. I put my phone back in my pocket and got out. I slung my backpack on. Bloody was leaning on the fence outside of the school smoking. She was wearing a black bikini, like me, and short shorts with boots. Her hot pink hair was curled into spirals and in a clip. I got many whistles and stares from the students while I walked over to her.

"Hey." She gave me a hug. I hugged her back.

"Bella!" I turned and saw Mike Newton running at me. He repeated senior year with me much to my annoyance.

"Damn it Newton. The name is C-R-I-M-S-O-N not Bella." I spelled it out for him. Mike had become emo to see if I would like him. He dyed his hair black and let is grow shaggy and he also smokes. I liked the new version of Mike better.

"Sorry Crim." Mike muttered. "Blood, can I have a drag?" Mike asked. Bloody handed him her cigarette. He took a drag and passed it to me. I took a drag and gave it back to Bloody. The bell rang and we made our way to class. Many more guys whistled at me as I walked by. Some slapped my ass, but I don't give a damn about anything anymore. The only thing I ever cared about is gone. I sat in the back of the class. Bloody sat next to me.

"We goin out with a bang." Bloody smiled. I nodded.

"No talking in this class." The teacher ordered.

"Bitch! I do as I please!" Bloody yelled.

"That is detention for you Miss. Mary." Mr. Leroy said. I laughed. "You too Swan." It didn't matter. "Be there after school." Bloody nodded. The class passed by fast. So did all the other morning classes. It was lunch. Bloody, Mike, and I walked to our table which happened to be the old Cullen table. My phone beeped as I sat down. It was a text. I flipped my phone open and read it.

I got the goods. Meet me outside the café in two minutes.

- Bitch

I smiled. "Bitch has the goods." I told Mike and Bloody. They smiled. "Let's go." I told them. We left with everyone's eyes on us. We met bitch around the corner of the school. She had the needles.

"Fifty bucks Crimson." I handed Bitch fifty dollars and took the needles. I handed one to Mike, and Bloody and one to myself. We each injected them into our arms.

"Hell yes!" Mike screamed. He reminded me of The Entertainer off of I love money. For some reason, he just did.

"Nice doing business with you Bitch." I told the green haired girl. She nodded and left. We went to class. The afternoon passed uneventfully. Mr. Leroy was looking for us. We ran out to Bloody's BMW and sped off towards her apartment. She ran in and grabbed her camera. I sped back to my house. Charlie was home yet. Good. I unlocked the door and we ran inside. "Set the camera up in the kitchen. No wait. Charlie's room." I smiled wickedly. I grabbed the letter I wrote to Charlie, Renee, Jacob, and The Cullen's from my drawer while Bloody set up the camera in Charlie's room.

"How many hours till Charlie gets home?" Bloody asked. I looked at the clock. It was 3:30.

"Three and a half." I said. She nodded. We recorded our videos alone and together. I took the tape out and grabbed the letters. "Let's take this shit to the Cullen's." She nodded. She grabbed her letter for Tom. I sped towards their house. I stopped. Bloody tried to open the door.

"Bloody hell! It's locked." She screamed. I laughed. I walked over and punched one of the windows on the door. I reached in and unlocked the door. I opened it. We entered. I set the letter for Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Esme, Carlisle, and him on the stairs along with the video. Bloody sat hers with them. I sped off back to Charlie's house. We went back upstairs. I set Charlie, Renee, and Jacob's letter on his dresser. I got in Charlie's closet and pulled out two 9mm guns. I tossed one to Bloody. I gave her a hug. "See you in the after world. I love you Bloody." It was true. Bloody was the only person I loved anymore.

"I love you too." She whispered. We each put a gun to the other's head. We pulled the triggers at the same time. Everything went black and I felt nothing.

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