Parvo had run to his Cheetahbot

"Ha ha not so mighty now are you Road Rovers? My machine is still imune to you're attacks"

"We can't beat that machine," Anubis said "Are powers don't work on it,"

"But mabey ours do," Huntiee said as he fired a star beam and Parvos robot. the beam blew a chunk of the robots sholder of

"Grrrr"Parvo said at this as he began to unleash the robots weapons which consisted of a few machine gun an rockets. "You seven may be able to harm my machine but in the end victory wll be mine!"

Parvo pressed a button to fire his weapons, but nothing happened.

"Looking for these?" Slash said as he and his sister Jewel sat behind a pile of weapons that had been sliced and busted off

"Why you little..." Parvos sentence was cut sort when he flet like his machine was flying, which it couldn't do.

"You talk to much, and your mustache sucks," Aleu said as she lifted the machine then let it hit the ground, hard. John then some of his super howling to cause a sort of sonic boom and fry the machines circuits. Marron used his ice breath to freeze the now vulnerable robot and turn it into a giant icekitty cube. Reese pulled out a huge chunk of earth and flung it at the Cheetahbot on ice, which shattered into pieces

Parov had escaped via ejector seat and had taken Colleen hostage as he held a gun to her head.

"Surrender or she dies." Parvo demanded

"Let her go!" Blitz yelled as he ran at Parvo. Only to be shot in the knee

"You hurt my parents!" Huntiee said

"YOU HURT MY PARENTS!" he said again

"YOU HURT MY PARENTS!!" Just then a sort of yellow aura surrounded Huntiee as he began to glow a brightly. Suddenly standing in Huntiees place was a sort of teenage Huntiee with a strange goastly yellow dog spirit standing behind him

PREPAIR FOR THE PUISHMENT!! the new super powered Huntiee said as he and the sprit ran at Parvo with incredible speed, leaving a trail of fire behind them.

"What the...?"


Parvo didn't have time to finish his sentence as Huntiee tackled him then tore off his bionic arm off

"I'M GONNA SMACK SO SENCE INTO YOU!" Huntiee began to beat Parvo with his own arm

The other Rovers were shocked at this.

"It can't be," Blitz said at was he was now looking at

"Hunter?" Colleen said

"Who's Hunter?" Slash asked. but got no answer since everyone was so shocked by what was happening

Huntiee now had beaten Parvo into the ground. Parvo lay there, his face swelling up from the beating he had taken. Yet it wasn't over

Huntiee then raised his right hand up to the heavens, his hand then glowed like a bright diamond

THIS HAND OF MINE GLOWS WITH AN AWSOME POWER! IT TELLS ME TO DEFEAT YOU!! Huntiee said as he delivered hi final blow to Parvo. Leaving a small crater where he lay (no he didn't kill him).

Then this new Super Huntiee changed back into his original self and fell down with exhaustion. Thre standing right next to Huntiee was Hunters spirit.

"Blitz, Colleen, you got one heck of a puppy here," Then he faded away


Soon everyone was back at RR HQ.

Bitz ad been patched up and would be better then ever in a week or two

You're all good dogs" Master began "And good puppies to,"

The puppies cheered and Colleen gave them all a kiss on their forheads.

"Mabey we could use a back-up team," Master said

With that the puppies were awarded the honor of being their own team

"The puppy squad,"

"Wait mom and dad who's Hunter?" Slash ased never getting the answer frm before

"He's...a friend," Blitz and Colleen said

The End


Should I make a story were Blitz and Colleen have another litter puppies?

Just askin

L8ter :)