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Broken Window

It was almost time to move out, to abandon the tower they had inhabited for almost a century. Kanda Yuu was packing his meager amount of belongings into his suitcase. He had a lot of memories of his room. He practically spent most of his life in the Black Order in his room. It was where Linali frequently ran to when she was scared; it was where he had nightmares and recollections which he can't remember; it is where he can be Yuu, not Kanda.

He looked at the broken window in his room, Tiedoll had told him a lot of times to get it fixed or his room would get drafty and he might catch a cold in winter. However, he ignored their words; he wanted to keep the window broken. It's a reminder, a constant reminder that at one point of time, he was weak. He doesn't want to return to that state again.

When he was 16, he had thrown his hourglass at the window. He hated the lotus and he still does, just not as much. He wanted so desperately for the hourglass to break so that he can crush the lotus petals, 11 were still intact at that time. He hated the way his body was like, how rapidly it recovered while those around him were bleeding, moaning and screaming from the pain. He was like a freak. While others fell, he had to keep fighting because he would definitely be the only one left standing. He wanted to fall too, to give himself time to rest. But he was "perfectly fine" all the time.

The hourglass never broke, the window took the damage instead. Fortunately, Lavi, who just happened to want to bother Kanda due to boredom, stopped him before the window shattered completely. Or who knows what he might have tried later.

He had told Tiedoll that the window cracked by accident but Kanda knew that Tiedoll could see through his lie. His master just chose not to pursue the matter.

Kanda took the hourglass from the table and tossed it in the suitcase before kicking the suitcase shut.

"Are you done?" Marie's voice came through the door. "It's time to go."

Kanda turned to look at the window; he won't see that cracked object anymore. Everything is going to be brand new from now on. He opened the door.

"Yeah, let's go."