So long, he thought. It's been so long. The water still shimmered like it did, the tree was still there... but the door didn't bar. No shadow, no fairy.

The water temple was low on his list of favorites, that's for sure. But, it could not be given the title 'dead last' because Link walked out with a bit more then he went in with. They battled together, laughed together, cried together, and loved together. In fact, the only thing they didn't do was die together.

It was a foolish mistake. "Come on, Link!" The shadow urged, "We can take 'em!" And they would have won, were it not for a surprise flanking. They fled deep into the woods, not being able to stop to warp out. At a dead end, the were both injured, badly.

Navi could only heal one.

She chose the Hero of Time, Master of Twilight, Protector of Hyrule. She chose Link.

So here Link stood. Almost ten years later, in this cold, unloving room. For those ten years, he traveled without a shadow. Odd, how no one seemed to notice.

Link waded across the room and pressed himself to that withered, dead tree. The Goddess' magic worked, and all the temples were preserved, minus the terrors within. The tree quivered and quaked, rocked and trembled with Link.

Link stayed in the Room of Illusions. He did not move to eat or drink. He simply breathed.

Sometimes, though, Link could have sworn he heard gentle breathing, waiting, waiting...

"Goddesses! What the Hell took so long, Link?"