My heart aches,

So sweet, but bitter too.

I look behind me,

And I see landmarks of my past,


Threatening to devour me whole.

I look ahead of me,

And I see the mountains of the future.

Greeting me.

Promising a better tomorrow…

If only I will sleep.

The earth is exhaling.

It is a sigh of ages…

Sorrowful, but still smiling.

The sky is relentless,

The trees fly by,

The sun parades over the clouds,

And the birds are distant.

Each place I come… and each place I go,

Promise hope and despair for my undetermined tomorrows.

Morn and eve,

Day and night…

Beckon me.

Life and death,

Bad and good,

Tease me.

I press on, forward through culture and constraint,

I press on, from the people I meet, and the places I see.

Twisted and sinful.

Pristine and benevolent.

And I see… that complex as it is,

Human only, am I.

Fickle and puzzling.

Kind and plain.

I am alive.

And that is all the certainty I need.