You haunt me

This is my first Neighbours story and the shortest fanfiction I have ever written. Also the first story that I have written that is purely based on a love triangle.

Warning: implied slash (malexmale)

You haunt me. I see you everywhere but you are never with me. You are with her. She is the mother of my child but to me she is just the glass that separates you and I. She must be so much more to you though. To see you smiling like that, at her, is both breath taking and like a knife to the heart at the same time. Like the most innocent and painful act of betrayal because I know that I could never get you to smile at me like that… with all the love in the world in your eyes. But I cannot let you see how all my action since we met have been for you.

What you don't know is that while I was fighting for my daughter, who I love with all my heart and soul, I was also fighting for you… I was fighting to stop the bond between you, my beloved daughter and her mother from deepening beyond the point of no return. That was wishful thinking on my part. I should have known that the bond was already to strong to ever prevent it from growing stronger. I now know that I only fought with you to try and close the gap that had always been there between us. But it seemed the closer we got together physically the clearer the gap between us seemed to be.

I never gave up the fight though until the ring was on her finger. Until I saw that small band of metal encasing her finger some part of me always believed that somehow I still stood a chance to make you mine… To be yours. If I had been a stronger man I would not have given up even then. I would have fought harder… maybe even confessed to you the feeling that I held in my heart but I knew that I would hurt you if I did… and I never wanted to hurt you. So I lost. I lost you and now you are nothing but a ghost. A painful reminder of what could have been but never will. You haunt me.

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