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Genderly Challenged

Chapter 28: Revenge Is A Bitch

"F-Femmy … wha-what are you doing here?!" Manny exclaimed as she struggled to get up. "Get off of me!"

"Stop this, Manny!"

"Don't you dare tell me what to do!" Manny yelled loudly as she scowled up at Femmy. "Get off of me!"

"Manny-san!" Her followers cried again in concern.

"Manny … don't do this …" Femmy said as he frowned down at her softly.

"I told you not to tell me what to do! You … of all people! Get off of me, Femmy!" Manny yelled as she struggled, but he kept her in place firmly.

"Manny, don't do this! Change them all back!"

"You asshole! I won't tell you again! I will not change any of you back! Especially not you, so don't even try it!"

"I never told you to change me back! I said to change them back! Look at them, Manny!" He yelled as he pointed to them, but held her down with his other arm. "They're just kids! Don't make them pay for a mistake that was never theirs … Don't make them pay for my mistake, Manny …" He said as his frown saddened.

The Straw-hats blinked up at them a little confused. "Sanji-kun … what's going on?"

"I-I don't know … I-I didn't even know he knew about us …" Sanji replied as he gaped up at Femmy.

Manny's expression also saddened as she stared up at him. Then suddenly her expression contorted painfully as she leaned her head back and covered her face, and as she did, she reverted back into a woman. She then dropped her hands as tears began to stream down her temples.

"Damn it, Femmy …" She whispered as a soft sob escaped her lips. "I loved you …!"

Blinking his eyes rapidly as tears came to them, Femmy then clenched his eyes shut as he swallowed hard. "I know you did, Manny … I'm so sorry …" He whispered before opening them again.

"Ah?" The crew questioned as they blinked up at the two.

"What the 'ell is this …?" Archie muttered as he frowned greatly. "Yer a woman?!"

Everyone ignored Archie as they continued to gape up at the two.

"Why?! Why did you do it?!"

"I was young … I was drunk … and I was stupid … Manny … I never meant to hurt you … I swear …" He said as the tears finally bubbled over, each one landing on her chest. "I loved you, and I'm so sorry …"

"Of course you're sorry! Because I changed you into a woman! You couldn't sleep with another woman ever again!"

"No, Manny … It wasn't because of that … It wasn't because I lost my gender … It was because I lost you …" He said as more tears dripped down to her chest. "I've regretted hurting you all these years." He said before shaking his head. "Not loved, Manny … I still do … I'm so sorry for hurting you."

She brought her fists to her forehead as she clenched her teeth shut and began to cry more. "That's a lie! You're just saying that so I will change you back into a man so you can go whoring around again!"

"No, Manny! Listen to me, damn it!" He yelled as he grabbed her wrists and moved them away from her face. "I don't care about that! I don't care if you never change me back! It's more than I deserve for what I did to you! I only want you to know that I'm sorry … and that I still love you, Manny … I … I-I also want you to change these kids back. Don't ruin their lives like this. Not because of me … Please …"

Rolling her eyes shut, more tears glided down her temples as she groaned a bit and sniffled. "Damn it, Femmy …" She whispered again before she opened her eyes again and stared up at the ceiling.

"Please, Manny … and then I will go. You will never have to see me again …" He whispered as he searched her face, tears still in his eyes. "Please …"

Her eyes quivered as she stared up at the ceiling as more tears began to form to replace the fallen ones. Then her face contorted again as she cried out in frustration. She then pulled an arm from his grasp, waving it down as she let it drop to the crates below.

The crew gasped and cried out a bit as they dropped to their knees. "Aah!"

"What the …?" Archie exclaimed as he looked over to them.

While everyone had been focused on Manny and Femmy, Usopp had managed to get Zoro out of the chains, and so, he too dropped to his knees. Dropping her hands to the floor, Nami began to breathe heavily as that awful feeling watched over her again. Blinking her eyes rapidly, her vision then began to clear after awhile. Breathing heavily, she looked down to her much smaller hands and slowly began to smile and laugh softly.

Luffy blinked as he quickly reached up and grabbed his chest, finding nothing there as he slowly grinned and began to laugh. The rest of the crew also began to laugh as they found they had changed back to their original genders. Femmy stared down with wide eyes as he slowly sat up and looked down at himself, and then he slowly looked down at her.

"Why?" He whispered as his brows furrowed.

Everyone then looked back up once they quietly celebrated their change back and then gaped. Manny had even changed Femmy back to his male gender. "Just go …" She said through clenched teeth as she glared up at him.

He gaped down at her before his brows furrowed even deeper. "No … No, I'm not going anywhere, Manny …" He said softly as he leaned back down to cup her cheek. "I'm not going anywhere …"

"Don't touch me …!" She cried softly as she moved her head away. "Just go!" She cried out louder as she kept her head turned away.

"I'm not going … I'm not leaving you, Manny … I love you … always have … I've kicked myself for so long because of that stupid mistake. I need you, Manny … I never stopped thinking about you." He said in a soft whisper as he cupped her cheek again gently to turn her to look at him. "Please … Please forgive me, Manny …" He said as the tears still remained in his deep blue eyes, even after being changed back into a male. "Give me one more chance, and I promise I will never hurt you again."

Manny stared up into his eyes, the tears only seeming to enhance the glisten to the blue and making them look even more like the waves of an ocean. She rolled her eyes up so she didn't have to gaze into their deep depths, because they really did show what he was feeling.

"I can't … I can't do this … I won't be able to …" She started as she shook her head and her face contorted again. "I can't …"

"I swear, sweetheart. I will never be so stupid again … I will never betray you again. I promise you that. Do you really think I would be here still … asking this of you … when you could change me back into a female at any time, if I didn't mean what I said? I would take that risk if it meant being able to be with you again." He whispered as he caressed her cheek softly. "Please …" He pleaded softly as he closed his eyes, causing more tears to fall and land on her cheeks.

She breathed in and out softly as she stared into his handsome face, having thought she would never see it again. She felt as his tears mixed with hers, rolling off from her cheeks. She knew he was telling the truth. There was no other reason for his being there. If he really didn't want this, he would have run away from her to keep his gender without a second glance. That's what any other man would have done, run with his tail between his legs, but yet, here he was. Her expression saddened, not being able to help herself as she slowly lifted her arm and touched his face.

Gasping softly, his eyes shot open as he stared down at her wide eyed before his eyes saddened and more tears formed again. Then he shut them tight as he reached over to cover her hand over his face.

"I'm so sorry …" He whispered softly as he hugged her hand to his cheek.

She bit her lip hard as she stared up at him. She loved him so much that it hurt. She had thought that she would be able to put this whole thing behind her, but she hadn't, and now she had done a lot of horrible things because of it.

"Felix … I'm sorry …" She whispered as her face contorted again as a soft sob escaped her lips. "I'm so sorry …!"

His eyes flew open as he frowned down at her. "No-no-no-no, sweetheart." He said softly as he used his thumb, his hand still cupped to her cheek, to wipe away her tears. "There is nothing that you should ever apologize to me for. What I did to you was unforgivable. In only two months … two months we were going to get married, and I betrayed you. Don't apologize to me … I don't deserve that. What kind of a man does that to his betrothed?"

"I did such horrible things …"

"Because of me … let me take all of the blame, okay? Don't blame yourself for anything."

"I forgive you, Felix … I love you so much … even … even after … all of that …"

"I love you too, Mandira." He whispered softly before leaning down to kiss her.

She continued to cry as she reached up to cup the back of his head and add pressure on her end.

"This is fuckin' ridiculous!" Archie cried as he looked over to the Straw-hats.

They all looked over to him, finally remembering he was there. Luffy's lips slowly curved up into a smirk. "You see …? I told you I was really a man …" He said as he slowly stood up. Then he began to walk over to him, taking his time and cracked his knuckles. "Now that I'm myself again … I'm going to seriously kick your ass …" He said as his body suddenly began to steam and turn red.

"That goes for us too …" Sanji said as he smirked, glancing to the other men as well.

"Mmmm hmmm …" Zoro agreed as he smirked just as nastily, already unsheathing his swords.

"Boss … I recognize them now …" One of Archie's cronies whispered. "They're the Straw-hat pirates …! The captain alone has a bounty of three hundred million …! He did say his name was Monkey D. Luffy, and that's Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro …! He has three swords …!" The man said in a panic.

"What?!" Archie exclaimed as he looked over to the man with wide eyes before looking back at the three ominous figures almost looming over them.

"Shit …"


Robin and Nami waited outside with the unconscious Tsura as the boys had their revenge on Archie and his men. Both girls had changed while wearing the robes, and so were now dressed. After the screams and cries finally silenced, the boys came outside, along with Femmy and Manny. Nami frowned a bit as she laid her eyes on Manny, but kept quiet.

"We owe all of you an apology." Femmy said as he smiled at them a bit sheepishly. "You got mixed up in our … quarrel …"

"Shishishi, it's okay!"

"No, not really …" Nami said as she frowned, still staring at Manny. "I want her … to apologize to our captain …"

Femmy's brows furrowed a bit as he looked over to her. "Why?"

"No … she's right …" Manny said softly as she finally lifted her eyes to Luffy's. "I'm so sorry … I was … so consumed by my anger … that I really lost sight of things … What happened to you was … really horrible, and I could never really imagine the … the horror of it. I was about to put you through it again … and I'm so sorry …" She said as tears came to her eyes.

Luffy lost his grin as he stared at her. "Just promise you won't use your abilities on others without permission again, and we're good."

"I promise." She said as she wiped at her eyes.

"Manny?" Femmy questioned as he looked down at her.

"We can … talk about it later … Y-You might not want to stay with me anymore once I tell you …" She whispered as her expression saddened.

His expression softened as he took her hands in his. "We'll talk about it later."

Nodding softly, she then looked up at them again. "I'm also sorry to you all too …"

"You apologized to Luffy … I think that's good enough for us." Zoro said as he crossed his arms, and the others nodded in agreement.

"You all seem to have a lot of respect for him, and from what I got to see … he and all of you … are good people and didn't deserve what I did. So … I'm still sorry."

They all nodded, accepting her apology. "Then apology accepted." Nami said as she still frowned a bit at her.

"We'll make sure the captain and his crew are taken care of. It's the least we can do for you." Femmy said as he smiled at them and nodded towards the warehouse.

"I have a question …" Sanji said as he frowned at Femmy. "How did you know?"

Femmy chuckled a bit as he smiled at Sanji. "I knew the moment you said you believed me … and was confirmed when you said you preferred your own gender. I was kinda surprised to know that she'd changed someone else too, and I just wanted to help out."

Sanji blinked at him in a gape before clearing his throat and looking down in a bit of embarrassment.

"For the record … you make a really good female …"

"Right …" Sanji replied as he scratched the back of his head, a mortified flush forming over his cheeks.

Zoro snickered as he smirked over at Sanji. He would have to rub that in his face later. Nami smiled at Sanji nervously before turning to Femmy. "Thanks for the help, Femmy. It means a lot to us."

"You can call me Felix. Femmy is a name Manny gave me to … kinda go with hers." He said as he chuckled a bit. "I only went by it while I was a female, because I couldn't really go by Felix, now could I? Anyways, Femmy is just my name for her."

"Ah, well, thank you, Felix."


"Thank you for changing us back." Nami said quietly as she watched Manny.

Lifting her head a bit, Manny frowned softly before nodding. "Of course …" She muttered softly as she gave a bit of a shrug and looked back down.

"Hope everything works out for ya!" Luffy said as he snickered and grinned.

"Thanks." Felix said as he grinned back and then looked down at Manny before turning her and leading her away. "Bye!" He said over his shoulder.

"Bye!" Luffy said as he waved.

Looking over, Sanji then made his way over to the girl resting against the warehouse's wall. "We should take her home." He said as he carefully lifted her into his arms.

"Aa." Luffy agreed as he turned to them, his expression blank.

The others then began to walk away back to the ship. Nami suddenly stopped when she realized Luffy hadn't joined them. Turning around, she blinked when she didn't see him.

"Eh?" She questioned as she looked around. Turning back around, she watched as the others kept going, rounding a corner and disappearing. Turning back to where Luffy had been, she then began to walk back. "O-Oi, Luffy!" She called as she frowned and looked around.

When she didn't hear anything, and still didn't see him, she began to really worry. "Luffy!" She called again before rounding a corner, and when she did, she was suddenly scooped up. "Aah!" She cried in surprise as she stiffened, but then realized it was just Luffy. "Luffy! Y-You idiot! What is the matter with you, scaring me like that?!" She exclaimed as she smacked the back of his head.

However, the boy only snickered as he began to walk with her in his arms. "Shishishi, sorry!"

"What are you doing anyways?!" She asked as she looked over at the ground below her before looking up at him.

His expression suddenly softened as he stared down at her. "I wanted to finish what you started …"

"Eh …? F-Finish what I … started …?" She said, already becoming breathless from his expression as her cheeks flushed a bit.

"Yup …" He said softly as he suddenly leaned down and took her lips with his.

Sucking in her breath, her eyes widened as her body immediately began to tingle from the soft touch to her lips. Finish what she started. She suddenly remembered what he was talking about. When she had been carrying him back to the ship after his ordeal, she had almost kissed him. Eyes softening a bit, she then wrapped her arms around him, closed her eyes and kissed him back.

After awhile, he pulled back and smiled down at her softly. "Looks like we do …"

"Looks like we do what …?" She asked breathlessly.

"Looks like we still do feel the same, even after being turned back."

"Oh …" She said as she looked over his face. "It's so good to see you again …"

"Likewise … so beautiful …" He whispered as he leaned in to kiss her again as they walked.


Tsura opened her eyes, her vision blurry, and it felt as if she was moving. She blinked to try and clear it, but couldn't seem to. "Aah …"

"Ah, Tsura-chan, you're awake." A deep, unfamiliar voice said, although, it was a pleasant and safe voice.

"Wha …?" She whispered as she furrowed her brows a bit in confusion. Blinking a bit more, her vision began to clear a bit, and a handsome face was looking down at her in a bit of concern.

"Are you all right?" He asked as he frowned down at her.

"I …"

"Oi, Sanji, is she awake?" Another male, nasally voice asked.

"Aa, she's awake." The blond man holding her replied.

"You might scare her with your ugly mug though, love-cook." Another deeper voice said, and she really began to frown, becoming a little afraid.

"Ah, it'll be all right, Tsura-chan. You're safe. We're taking you home." The man holding her said as he smiled down at her softly.

She frowned, but then her head really began to ache, and she lost consciousness again. "Ah … she passed out again …" Sanji said as she frowned down at her.

"Well, we're almost to that shop. I'm sure we will be able to find out where she lives …" Zoro said as he looked around. "Then we won't gotta worry about her anymore."

"I wonder what happened to Luffy and Nami?"

"Don't worry about them … I'm sure they're fine."

Usopp and Zoro both blinked as they turned to look at him. "What?" He asked as he blinked his one eye at them.

"Nothin' …" They both muttered before turning back around, and Robin just chuckled and smiled as she walked with them.


The next day, Tsura had woken up in her own bed and had been extremely confused. She had remembered dreaming about a handsome blonde man with a really nice voice and wondered about it. She also wondered what had happened to Nalu and everyone else. So, she had taken off towards the harbor to find them. They had to have had a ship around their somewhere. As she walked down it, she noticed a rather large ship with a pirate Jolly Roger on it.

Gasping softly, she halted, feeling a little afraid as she stared up at the ship. "Ah? Tsura …?"

Gasping again, she quickly turned to the feminine voice coming from the pirate ship. "H-How do you know my …?" She started, but then her eyes widened as she stared up at a beautiful orange haired woman. "Ah …?"

"What are you doing here?" The beautiful woman asked as she blinked down at her.

"D-Do I know you …?"

"Oh! … Right …" Nami said as she chuckled nervously. "Of course you wouldn't recognize me …"

"Ah, who are you talking to, Nami?" A high pitched, male sounding voice asked as another person suddenly looked over the side. However, he then pursed his lips as his eyes drooped. "Oh … it's just you …"

"Ha?! How do you people know m-?!" She started before her brows furrowed deeply and her jaw dropped a bit. Just under his eyes was a very familiar scar.

"What are you doing here anyways …?" He asked rudely as he suddenly plugged a nostril with his pinky.

"Luffy, don't be rude." Nami said as she frowned up at him.

"Oh my God!!" Tsura cried as she quickly pointed a finger at him. "It's you!!" She yelled, remembering Nalu having said the name Luffy.

"Mm, it's me …" Luffy said as he dug further.

"You're Luna!!" She cried before shifting her eyes to Nami, and then sucked in her breath softly as her frown also softened. "And … and you're …" She said as she drooped considerably. Nami's cheeks flushed a bit as she frowned down at her. "You're Nalu …" She finally managed to whisper.

"Yes … I am …"

"I don't understand …"

"Ah, who are you talking to, Nami-swan!" Sanji exclaimed as he also looked down and smiled gently. "Ah! It's Tsura-chan!"

Gasping softly at the familiar voice and face, her eyes widened as she gaped up at him. "I-It's you … I thought … it was just a dream … Y-You were carrying me …"

"Aa, we took you home." Sanji said as he chuckled.

"Y-You're Sana … aren't you?"

"Aa, I am."

"I … I don't understand …" She whispered again as she frowned.

"Why don't you come on up, and we'll explain everything to you." Nami suggested as she smiled down at her a bit.

"B-But you're … you're pirates …" She said as she frowned in concern and took a step back.

"Ah, we would never hurt you, Tsura-chan. If we were, we would have done so by now." Sanji said in a soothing voice as his smile softened.

This was true. "I-I guess so …" She said and as she did, Sanji tossed down a rope ladder for her.


As everyone sat in silence, they all had their eyes on Tsura, who was staring down at the table after everything had been explained to her.

"S-So she … turned you all into the other gender …"

"Yup, that's about right. It was hell …" Usopp said as he drooped just remembering.

"I … would imagine so …" Tsura said softly before she blushed. "I-I'm really sorry, Nal … Nami … about …"

"I-It's okay … Don't worry about it …" Nami said as she laughed nervously.

"I'm really sorry for what happened … but I'm glad I was able to help at least."

"Aa, you were. If it hadn't been for you … we would have never found Felix." Sanji said as he blew out the smoke from his cigarette.

"To think he really was a man …" Tsura said as she chuckled softly. Then she looked at the other three. "I don't remember seeing you."

"Ah, yeah. They stayed and guarded the ship. Plus, we didn't want to take the chance that Manny might have change them too." Nami explained as she looked over at Franky, Brook and Chopper.

"I must say … I was extremely surprised to see a walking skeleton and a talking reindeer …"

"Yeah, we get that a lot …"

"You're a very interesting crew …"

"Yeah, we get that too …"

She chuckled at them all for saying the exact same thing. "Well … I've taken up so much of your time. Thank you for explaining everything to me, but I really should go now. My father may already be wondering where I ran off to." She said as she looked up and smiled at them.

"Of course." Nami said as she and the others stood up.

As they all walked her to the railings, she then suddenly stopped. "Oh … one more thing …" Tsura said as she finally turned and looked at Luffy. "Thank you … for saving me … You protected me yesterday, so thank you."

Luffy shrugged. "Don't worry about it."

Blinking a bit, her cheeks suddenly flushed as she looked at him. He really wasn't bad to look at, and he really was a good person. He had, after all, used his own body to protect her.

"Mm …?" Nami hummed as she blinked at Tsura, who was still staring at Luffy. However, she then pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes. "Oi, oi! Will you go home already?!"

"Ah! I'm sorry!" Tsura exclaimed as she flushed further and looked over at Nami's expression. Then she tilted her head and then laughed. "Oh, I see! I understand now! The two of you … you're together, aren't you? No wonder you're both so jealous!" She said as she waved and then turned to leave.

"Bye!" Usopp and Chopper said as they waved her good-bye with smiles.

"Good-bye! Thank you!" She said as she waved back up at them while she walked back into town.

Sighing and drooping, Nami then rubbed her head as the others dispersed into the ship. Turning to look at her, Luffy snickered as he walked over to her. "Jealous?"

"Not anymore!" She said as she looked up to purse her lips at him, but then she smiled. "So, you really were jealous of her when we first met her, huh?"

"Mm, I guess I was. I definitely didn't like her." He said as he seemed in thought.

"Did you really have no idea that you were attracted to me?"

"Mm, no, I knew I was, but I just didn't realize that …" He started before he shrugged.

"Didn't realize what?" She asked as she leaned her arms on his shoulders, locking her fingers together behind his head and smiled.

"Well, I've always thought you were beautiful, and I never really liked when other guys looked at you. I didn't really care about Sanji … at first … because he did that to all the girls, and so I didn't take him seriously. However, when I was a girl … and with Tsura … it was like ten times worse. I hated it and wanted it to stop." He explained as he frowned.

"That so?" She asked as she smiled wider, enjoying his words.

"Mm …" He hummed in reply. "I guess … I did kinda start to realize that … I wanted you for myself …" He said as he also wrapped his arms around her waist. "And what about you?"

"I didn't realize I was so attracted to you until I was a male … I mean I cared about you and all … but I never realized I was attracted to you. It's kind of embarrassing that it took a hard on and Robin to realize that." She said as she chuckled.

Snickering, he then pulled her closer, pressing his forehead to hers. "Do I make you horny, baby?"

She grinned up at him with her own snicker. "Yeah."


"Yeah, and what about you, hmm?"

"Oh yeah …" He said as he pulled her closer.

"Oh!" She exclaimed as she flushed darkly. "I-I see …" She said as she began to breathe a little harder. "Then we need to fix that …"

"Mm hmm …"

Smirking suddenly with a snicker, she then pulled away from him and then turned him around. Then she leaned against his back, all the while looking at the men's quarters' door. "Well, there's the door. Have fun."

Luffy's throat croaked as he blinked at the men's quarters' door before drooping. "Cock blocked …" He muttered under his breath.

Then she leaned up closer to his ear and whispered, "Don't ever tease a woman … She comes back in a most vengeful way."

"Revenge is a bitch …"

The End …

Author's Note: I know! XD You totally hate me, don't you?! XD Hahahaha! XD He did tease her when he was a female, twice! XD Revenge is a bitch! And that's what this whole damned story was about! XD In any case, I assure you she was only teasing him. She didn't really make him take care of his own problem. X) Man! I'm so glad I am done with this story! Damn! XO Gave me so much trouble too … Bleh! I hope you all enjoyed it! Because I sure as hell didn't really enjoy writing it! XD I just don't understand how this story did better than Denial … Yeesh … Anyways, thanks for all the reviews and support anyways! X9 Ja ne!