Fate Smiles Prologue Sango-sama

The sun had been beating down onto her exposed neck, enough so that her moderately fair skin was feeling the pain of the burn that had beginning to form. In retrospect, she honestly wished that she had taken the time to put on sunscreen earlier in the morning before the sun had come up in full force. But her mind had been consumed with thoughts of this eroded old shrine that was nestled in the back roads of this rural community.

Not long after the small roadside shrine had fallen into a sad state of disrepair, only the rotting wooden posts remained in the soil. And much of that soil had begun to wash away, enough so that a weary hiker managed to get a glimpse of a bright white bone sticking out from under the mini- shrine and rushed to the village inn to call the police, who in turn had informed the University's Anthropology Department. As luck would have it, she happened to be heading out this way for a brief relaxing weekend at a local hot spring and so she agreed to leave a day early to investigate the site. In the end she had given up her relaxing weekend to spend her time

Brushes, small shovels, and sifters were scattered in an organized disarray on the ground beside her, all of it a testament to a full day's toil. The bones she had unearthed seemed to belong to an animal of some type, probably a larger feline, perhaps some as of yet undiscovered species. She certainly was unable to place it with the current species of cats that occupied Japan. And the bones themselves were incredibly dense, much more hard than most of the human bones they unearthed from only a few centuries before.

But the real prize was the small crystal orb that was lay right next to the creature's neck. She picked the jewel up, smudging the dirt away from its shining surface. Was it supposed to be attached to the beast's neck as some sort of ceremonial piece, with whatever had attached it long since decayed by the soil and rain? Or had the animal stolen it away and died beside it? The people obviously felt compelled to build a shrine in its honor, whether for the jewel or for the beast she obviously would never know.

The jewel glowed brightly in the sunlight, but she could just barely make out the tiniest bit of writing coming from inside the ball. She mentally shrugged, unable to decipher its meaning. Ancient writing was not her forte, but surely someone else in her department would know. In either case, she would be incredibly famous and probably rich for making such a wonderful discovery and for such little effort on her own part.

She could not help but feel giddy as she replaced the jewel onto the soft cloth and picked up her cell phone to call the head of Archeology Department. So giddy, in fact, that she didn't even noticed the brief flash of darkness that had consumed the ball.


Author's pre-story rant: This is an AU fic...(Some) names have been changed, but I will include a listing of who is who as they appear. This is the spawn of about ten different sources including: X-Files theories, Kaitou Saint Tail, Indiana Jones, The Saint, 3 x 3 Eyes, and of course InuYasha. Look for further explanations of plot details in the following chapters' Author's notes. Thanks as always to Mynuet and Elf from Space for their assistance in beta-reading. ^_^;

I also feel I have to say that I claim no knowledge of the Tokyo area and its museums, shops, etc. I am doing some supplementary research, but it will not be perfect. Please understand this in advance. Also, all character names are fictionalized unless mentioned otherwise. In a later chapter, I will have a complete listing for main characters, but there is a current one below.

I expect for certain to pair Inuyasha with Kagome and Sango with Miroku...but I will likely also add hints for other pairings.

Character Key: Sakakibara Sumire: Sango Sakakibara Katsura: Kohaku Kazamatsuri Makoto: Miroku Abukara Kaori: Kaede Asano Shigure: Sesshoumaru Kazuna Reiko: Kagura Okimoto Ryu: Kouga