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"People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but, actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly... timey-wimey... stuff..."

-The Doctor, Doctor Who

A Time Travel Fic

Written by Marauder No. 5

Chapter one

Late August

Ally sighed as she leant back against the cool window of the library, grateful for the quiet solitude around her. She had been in this time for nearly three months now and she could definitely feel it taking its toll on her. When she had arrived it had been about a week before the school had let out for the summer break and she had been staying in the castle since then, there were only a few days now before the students would return.

She still remembered the night she had arrived in this time. How could she forget it? A near death experience followed by your perfect little world being changed forever would haunt anyone's sleep. Looking out the window on the sliver of moon and the few stars visible through the cloud cover she thought back to the memory of the forest below and everything that had happened since then.


"Owww…my head!" She groaned, sitting up. Confused, Ally looked around and noticed where she was. She seemed to be sitting on a narrow dirt path in a forest that looked like something out of an old horror movie.

It was still night and the surrounding forest was dark, the trees were thick and close together, not the kind of Aussie bush she was used to seeing from her window at home and a blue-ish light she presumed was from the moon lit up small patches of dry, dead leaves on the forest floor around her. A cold wind blew in around the trees making Ally swear and rub at her arms to try and warm up.

She got up and tried to brush the dirt and clinging leaves off her pyjamas, which now seemed horribly stained and brushed her hair out of her eyes. A howl echoed in the distance. Ally looked around again, now feeling more frightened than confused. "Where am I?" she mumbled trying to remember what had happened but she couldn't think past going to bed.

Another howl sounded through the forest but this time it was much closer. Taking a step backwards along the path away from the howl, she turned deciding that following the path would be better than waiting for someone to find her. Wherever she ended up she felt it would be better if she were away from whatever it was that had just howled.

After a few minutes walking Ally was feeling really creeped out. Unusual for someone who did a lot of night walks around the local bush areas. It was so cold it felt like winter and the summer pyjamas she had on were not helping any. She was jumping at the slightest of noises now and was really wishing she hadn't read that fanfic last night. Werewolves and vampires and the evil Dark Lord Voldemort were not a good thing to be imagining behind every tree or as the cause behind every little night sound. The forest was looking more and more like the one in the Harry Potter movie she'd seen a few weeks ago.

'Great! Now I'm thinking about Umbitch as well!" Hissed Ally, as she pushed her wavy, dark brown hair away from her face before continuing down the path.

A dog barking somewhere caught her attention and she paused listening for it. It came again and sounded as though it was heading towards her but she couldn't be sure over the wind that was still coming through the trees and whipping her hair around her face.

After a few minutes, when she hadn't heard the dog barking a third time, she started moving again only to stop after a few metres. Something had moved behind that bush. Hoping that it was only the wind that was frightening her, she stood still. She didn't know why she felt so scared though. Huh! In the bush people only really need to worry about snakes and spiders most of which wouldn't bother you unless you went around lifting up rotting bits of wood. So why was she so scared of something that sounded too big to be a snake.

When no more movement came from the bush she took another few steps forward until she was right next to it, at which point the bush moved again.

"You had so better be a roo," she whispered to herself as she stood still again.

A low growl sounded from her left followed by the sound of frenzied crashing through the undergrowth and the barking of a dog. She turned slowly so that she was facing the offending plant.

The bush moved again and slowly a dark brown, furry head came out followed by the shoulders and front legs of a rather large animal that looked scarily similar to a wolf (the one off Van Helsing not HP3). Ally squeaked a chocked "eh!" and quickly took a small step back. She vaguely remembered something from a documentary saying not to run from a predator as it kind of screams 'look! I'm edible!' and if she hadn't been staring straight at something from a nightmare she would most likely have laughed. How could she run when she was finding it difficult to move even enough to breathe?

The crashing sound came closer and the animal, still growling lowly, turned its head slightly towards the noise before it turned back and started to slowly advance on her. Ally stood frozen for a few moments more looking at the saliva that dripped from the bared fangs then shuddered and took a slow step back. As whatever was crashing through the undergrowth grew closer and the wolf-like animal stalked forward, Ally kept moving backwards not even noticing she had gone off the side of the path until her back came up against the bark of a tree. She let out another chocked squeak and closed her eyes just before the animal came within lunging distance.

Before it got close enough however, the something that had before been crashing through the undergrowth hurtled between the trees followed by the barking dog. Ally vaguely recognised the two animals but was in too much shock to try figuring out why as she watched as the stag lowered its head and charged, it antlers catching the animal still growling at her, the dog moving forward in a protective stance in front of her growling menacingly towards the two animals now fighting a few metres away, one trying to get closer to her; the other forcing it back.

Ally looked from the fighting animals to the dog and back again. The stag could probably be taken down by a normal wolf, despite its size and obvious strength but, against this wolf-like nightmare, the odds didn't look good. As for the dog seemingly standing guard in front of her, it might be of larger than average size but one swipe from the nightmarish animal's paw and it would likely go flying. As Ally thought of trying to run whilst the creature was occupied and wondering how far she'd actually get before it caught up to her, the stag gave one last, almighty push against the animal and turned swiftly throwing out its hind legs and ramming the hooves into the animals exposed shoulder. The animal yelped and ran from the path into the night without so much as a glance back at what was nearly a meal, the dog following shortly after. Ally stared at the undergrowth into which the two animals had vanished, unmoving and not noticing that the stag had slowly moved closer to her.

As the sound of the injured animal's flight disappeared into the distance Ally heaved in a shaky breath, her legs no longer able to hold her up she fell to her knees on the ground. Looking up she saw that the deer had come closer to her and she could now also see a long scratch down the side of its neck. Slowly getting to her feet again she edged towards the animal holding out her hand to it. The stag did not back away and only flinched slightly when she ran her hand down the side of his neck as she checked the cut. Thankfully it wasn't deep and would likely heal over naturally.

Ally looked towards where the wolf and dog had run and, giving the stag a last pat, she headed in the opposite direction. Hearing movement behind her she turned around slowly, her heartbeat steadily increasing, and saw that the sound was the stag following her. "Alright then." She gave him a pat on the shoulder and continued walking keeping an ear out for any more sounds that could announce the return of the wolf.

The sun was starting to rise by the time they reached the edge of the forest. A castle stood before them, the rays of the sun turning the sandy coloured bricks golden. Looking at the beautiful scene of the castle on its well-kept grounds with a lake shimmering slightly in the distance Ally could only say "damn." As she had walked through the forest with the stag beside her she had thought back to their shared encounter with the wolf. She blamed the fanfiction story she had read before going to bed but she thought they could have easily been three of the famous marauders. There may have been the fourth, a little grey rat, but in the face of a werewolf, understandably the rat wouldn't have been given any notice. She had only just managed to convince herself that really, seeing people (or whatever) from a fictional book was not possible. Magic wasn't real; it only made for good stories. Now this stupid castle was destroying her neat rationalisations! There weren't any castles in Australia that she knew of and certainly none near where she lived.

Turning to the stag standing next to her she gave him a last pat on the shoulder and looked back into the forest before turning to him again. "Thanks for your help, but I think you should go back to your friends now." He stood there looking at her for a moment longer before turning around and heading into the forest, the sunlight making a dappled effect on his dark coat.

With a sigh Ally started the long trek up to the large wooden doors of the castle.

Once inside Ally took a good look around. The entrance hall was massive, the ceiling lost in darkness. There was a white marble staircase in front of her with a large wooden door on either side and to her right there was a set of double doors nearly as tall as the ones she had just walked through but these were covered in a carved scene showing men in armour on horseback fighting against a dragon curled around the tower of a castle.

Heading up the stairs she looked around at the hallways leading away from her. Along their walls was a scattering of pictures, tapestries, statues and suits of armour. Looking at the picture closest to her Ally gasped and took a step back. The two women in the painting were talking to each other! She could hear them! Taking a deep breath she took a few steps closer to the painting, "um…excuse me?" The women in the painting looked at her. "Yes dear." The elder looking of the two asked, her grey hair was piled under a frilly edged hat that was covered in flowers. "I'm looking for a professor Dumbledore. Do you know where I might find him?" Ally asked nervously. The talking paintings on top of what she had already seen in the last few hours were enough for her. Either she was going insane or magic was real and she wasn't in Australia anymore or even her time. "Of course dear," the old lady smiled at her, "you follow this hallway until you reach the statue of a griffin. His office is behind there." "Thank you very much" Ally then hurried down the hallway stopping at the statue where she realised that she had no idea of how to get in. "You couldn't just open up for me could you?" There was no sign the statue had heard her. "Damn" she said for the second time that night and then she started naming any sweet she could think of.

She had been leaning against the wall opposite the griffin trying to think of any more wizard sweets she had read about having gone through all the non-magical ones she knew (and some made-up ones) when she heard voices coming down the hallway towards her.

As two boys came around the corner she became horribly aware of what she was wearing. Barefoot and wearing short pyjama shorts and a singlet top was okay for the heat of an Australian summer and she didn't have a bad body but still, it was very disconcerting and uncomfortable to have two undeniably cute boys checking you out. Crossing her arms in front of her chest she glared at the two boys standing in front of her. "Are you waiting for Dumbledore?" The boy wearing glasses asked her. His black hair was messy and behind his glasses she could see dark brown eyes, lowering her eyes a little she also saw a bloodstain forming on his shirt collar. Noticing where she was looking he brought his hand up and adjusted the collar so that it was hidden beneath the black robe he was wearing. "No, I'm actually trying to get in." She said bringing her eyes back up to meet his. 'Looks like I was right about those animals' she thought to herself.

"He usually has some type of candy as the password," said the other boy. His hair was also black but tamer than the other boy's, slightly wavy and curling where it reached his shoulders behind bangs of which she could see he had light blue eyes.

"Yes I know he does but I've tried all the ones I could think of and it still won't move." She explained, directing the last part at the griffin with an added glare.

"Oh well last week it was lemon drops-" as he said this, the statue moved aside revealing a slowly spiralling staircase; she wanted to hit herself as she couldn't believe she hadn't said that one. "Well thanks for your help," Ally said as she started up the stairs. "No problem" she heard the confused sounding voice of the boy she was going to call Sirius (until proven otherwise) reply as the stairs took her around a bend.

Knocking on the door Ally tried to think of what she was going to say to Dumbledore. 'Hi, I think I'm from the future and have somehow landed in a fictional world.' 'Yeah, right'. She looked up as the door opened and saw Dumbledore standing there. "What can I do for you?" he asked as he looked at her outfit before motioning her into his office. "Well my name is Ally Page and I think I'm from the future and am now in a book." 'Oh yeah, that was so much better.' "Perhaps you had better take a seat and we will discuss this further." He said, handing her a cloak off a coat rack behind the door and motioning her to a seat. "Tea?" Gratefully Ally wrapped the cloak around her shoulders and took the offered seat. "I think this conversation will call for hot chocolate if you have any." Dumbledore nodded and there was a cracking sound behind her. In her fright Ally jumped so far that she fell off the chair.

"How mays I be helping you, sir?" Smiling sheepishly, Ally got up off the floor and sat back on the chair when she realised the little creature was likely only a house elf. "Could we have some tea and a mug of hot chocolate?" The little green creature nodded before disappearing with a crack. "Now tell me what is bothering you." As he spoke a silver tray appeared on his desk holding the drinks and a plate of biscuits.

Ally looked down at the cup of steaming hot chocolate now in her hands; watching the little marshmallows floating around as she thought of what to say. Suddenly everything was beginning to seem real. "Well…I woke up a few hours ago and I was in that forest out there," she gestured to the window through which you could see the tops of trees, "I have to say that it wasn't very fun walking through it in the middle off night, anyway, I followed a path and it lead me here. Now I'm in a different country, probably in a different time, in a world that shouldn't exist, in my pyjamas!" By the end she had started to get hysterical.

"That sounds like a lot for one night but may I ask, what makes you think my dear that you are in another time?" Dumbledore asked, smiling understandingly at her. "You're not dead." She stated matter-of-factly. "What is the date anyway?"

After a brief pause, Dumbledore replied, "It is the third of June 1977."

They sat there in silence while she tried to get her thoughts straight. There was a soft trilling and a rather ruffled looking bird landed on the back of her chair. Most of its feathers were missing, the rest were ruffled and stuck up at odd angles. It looked a sorry sight indeed with its head bowed low and its breathing sounding laboured.

"Fawkes is a phoenix. It is very close to his burning day. I am sure that by the end of the week he will have become a chick again." He must have seen the expression of pity and curiosity on her face.

Still looking at the phoenix, Ally asked softly "can you get me home?" Dumbledore sighed, "I'm afraid that I am not aware of anything capable of carrying you forward through time, though I will speak with my contact in the department of mysteries. I assume you have come from some distance." Ally nodded and answered sadly with "my mum will only be a teenager now."

He nodded. "Perhaps for now," said Dumbledore, "you should refrain from mentioning anything that could hint at the time you are from." He smiled gently at her, "we will have to arrange a cover story for you, but I think that can be put aside for the moment. For now, let us talk of less depressing things. I would like to test the strength of your magic. Then we may see about admitting you into the school, Miss Page."

Ally shook her head "Just Ally is fine and I can't do magic."

"Nonsense" said Dumbledore and Ally looked up. "It is obvious you don't see the castle as a derelict old building which is what you would see if you were a muggle. Now come stand over here and give this wand a good swish." He said as he stood up and walked towards the middle of the room. When she reached him he held out a wand to her that he had picked up out of the draw of his desk. Not the elder wand she had read about but likely a spare as Dumbledore pulled out another from a hidden pocket in his robes. He demonstrated what he wanted her to do with it and a shower of multi-coloured sparks flew from the end of his wand. Dumbledore nodded for her to give it a try and explained that magic was in the most part intent. Ally took a deep breath and imagined what she wanted to happen; a shower of sparks similar to Dumbledore's but green and blue and each spark a different size and shape, then she waved the wand in an arch and a mass of the green and blue sparks of her imagination flew out before her and swirled around like a multi-coloured snow storm, albeit an unusually warm snow.

"Very good! We certainly have room for you at Hogwarts." He smiled at her shocked expression. "My dear that was quite powerful magic. Tell me, did it come out how you expected?" Ally could only nod as she stared at the seemingly innocent stick of wood lying on her open palm. "Good, good." He then walked over and sat behind his desk, Ally took a moment before moving to her own seat and the comforting presence of Fawkes.

(End flashback)

After that Ally remembered Dumbledore going through what she would need to do to get her to a stage where she would be able to join the returning students as a seventh year. They had organised a cover for her sudden appearance and lack of magical knowledge. She would now be known as Ally Page. She would be the daughter of a friend of Dumbledore's who had been killed in one of the increasingly common raids against muggles by Lord Voldemort. Her parents had not wanted her to go to a boarding school but she had been learning from books and from an elderly witch who lived nearby during her holidays. Because her parents were old friends of Dumbledore's he offered her the chance to attend Hogwarts in England and she had accepted. If anyone asked about her accent she would just say that she had lived most of her early life in Australia before moving to England a year ago. He also suggested that her calling him Albus would help the cover. It would be strange if she called a friend of the family 'professor' or 'headmaster' all the time, after all, being old friends of her parents she would have known him for a few years. She laughingly suggested calling him Uncle Albus occasionally and with a nod and a smile he agreed that she could.

Dumbledore had then spent most of the summer teaching her, with the help of Professor McGonagall (as strict as she was in the book with a strong Scottish accent), both practical and theoretical magic as well as starting her on Occulumency. Dumbledore thought it best to keep her true identity a secret from as many people as possible. They spent most of their time on the practical applications of magic giving her reading lists so that she could catch up in her own time. It had been a very tiring few months and by the end of the summer vacation they had her prepared to the level of a student who had just completed their sixth year of Hogwarts and she was able to block most Dumbledore's mental probes. If she continued with the exercises, he assured her that within the next few weeks she would be capable of blocking him fully and hopefully, if the worst came, Voldemort too. For the last week she had been sitting equivalent examinations for the subjects that were OWL tested.

Bringing her gaze back in from the night sky outside she looked over the piece of parchment professor Dumbledore had given her, her OWL scores.

She had received Os for potions, Herbology, DADA, transfiguration, charms and care of magical creatures, an E for Arithmancy and an A for astronomy. More subjects than a Hogwarts student was permitted to take but she was supposed to have been tutored at home. Sighing she headed out from the library to the room she was given until she was sorted into a house of her own and got herself ready for bed. Tomorrow Professor McGonagall was taking her to buy supplies for the classes she had chosen, everything else having been taken care of when she had first arrived. Crossing another day off the calendar she had made until September first came around Ally lay down and quickly drifted off to sleep.

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