Disclaimer: Hikaru no Go is the creation of Hotta Yumi, not mine.
Summary: Years later, Hikaru revisited Innoshima.
Author's notes: Fic #13 for Livejournal community Ficlets on Demand's Fic a Day June Challenge '08. Request: Incorporate a Chinese poem by xellosspoo. Poem used: To Han Chuo, Magistrate of Yangzhou by Du Mu.


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Years later, the coast of Innoshima was still pristine and sunny, the wind gentle, the lap of the waves soft.

Hikaru stretched, and reviewed the board of solitary game he had laid out. If he placed a hand to the upper right corner... no, it would not work out. He might have played himself into a bind here.

It was easy to get lost in the environment, so native and different from hectic city streets he was used to, once he let his focus drift. Hikaru could hear the shrubs around rustling in the sea breeze, the faint cries of gulls in the distance. Suddenly he perked up, attention drawn, to the trill of instrument amid the sounds. Seemed like someone was feeling musical on this fine summer day. Hikaru closed his eyes, trying to pick out the tune.

The melody wafted in and out of range, forever elusive. Randomly, Hikaru remembered a poem Touya once told him. Something involving flutes...

Green mountains in the mist, streams far off

Autumn's finished, but in Jiangnan the grasses still haven't wilted.

On the Twenty-Four Bridges, under the bright moon tonight,

Where is that jade white girl you are teaching to play the flute?

Touya had said that the poet was picturing autumn in his hometown, where his friend had been. On this island, where Kojirou had played... Hikaru scanned his surroundings, wondering how the landscape had been like hundreds of years ago. If the sun had been as bright, the wind as refreshing.

He wondered if a boy had sat alone in his spot, playing a game of two.