The real Spiderman 1 (a Nancy Drew mystery) I don't own spiderman.

The real Spiderman 1 (a Nancy Drew mystery)

Nancy: So, I am on the case…..You say a weird Spiderman is saving everyone. I will find out who he is if it is the last thing I do.

Peter Parker: Oh, no not Nancy Drew. She will find out who I am.

Green Goblin: I can not have my son Harry finding out I am the green goblin….I will kill Nancy.

Nancy(to Peter Parker): So you knew Spiderman. You say he died. Do you know who he was?

Peter Parker: Yeah, the green goblin killed him. No, I do not know who he who he was.

(Peter leaves)

Nancy: He was lieing, he never knew Spiderman. Unless, he was Spiderman. Which he is not.

(Green Goblin appears)

Nancy: Ah, Spiderman. I knew you weren't dead. Peter didn't know what he was talking about.

Green goblin: (he gets the look disappointment that Mr. Michael Goop had on his face in Meet the Robinsons when they lady at the desk talked on her phone to someone about dry cleaning.)

…What you think I am Spiderman? Peter who?

Nancy: Yes, I found you out. Peter Parker. He said you were dead. He said the green goblin killed you.

Green goblin: Okay, you found me out I am Spiderman. Now, I will tell you who I am. But first drink this. (a bottle of something he gives her.)

Nancy: How do I know that this is not poison?

Green goblin: Spiderman use poison? Only green goblin uses that. It's a sleeping potion.(Nancy takes it and falls down.)

Green goblin: Is she dead?(checks pulse) (Looks at bottle.) Noway, this is sleeping potion.

I thought for sure it was poison. Now what do I do with her? (Looks around)