The official Zagrite records state that the Earth expedition ended in failure. Admiral Salas (the true shortened version of his name) was hailed a hero in death. No one ever knew the truth. And perhaps it's better that way. That way, the losses in that campaign died with honour, rather than the shame they would have had heaped upon their families if the truth got out.

As it stands they all got what all Zagrites crave, carved into their graves at the memorial of the Earth Conquest fleet.

Honour in Death. Glory in the Next Life.

But this was not the end. The high command council had decreed that they would build a new fleet, and assemble a new force. The planet Earth would pay for the death of Admiral Salas and his ship – The Zagrites would be avenged. They were warriors, of the first order. Soldiers, through and through. This fleet, it turned out, would be vital to the future of the Zagrite race...

They would always have a war to fight, a battle to win – a planet to conquer.

Earth would not be forgotten in a hurry.