Hot Shot's girl: Okay this story was comes from a later story that I have yet to write. It's called 'The Adventures Of Young Primus' It's where Alex, Hot Shot, and Bumblebee go into an alternate universe, each different. Well Hot Shot, me and my sister decided on, get's stuck in a universe where all that were guys are girls and all that were girls are guy :D Me and my sister thought it'd be funny to tell the movie version of it, and I couldn't wait to write it so I did now. I hope you like it and mind you it's very ridiculous ;P

"Before time began there was . . . STYLE! Well not exactly, you see there's this little heart thingy that creates style, which we were till some glitches wanted it for themselves for who ever holds the heart of style is the most popularist person in the universe! Squee!! Woo, sorry about that I get overheated a little. Anyways well you see we lost it annnnnd now we have to go find it 'cause . . . 'cause without it we just . . . we're nothing 'Sob, sob' Oh I'm getting so emotional. Beebee can you take over I just can't—oh yea—sorry about that. Ironhidey?"

"Fine, fine! Alright now we have to go find it before the Deceptiglitches do. There! I said it, it's as simple as that!"

"Thank-you Ironhidey, you're the best 'Sniff, sniff'"

"Daw, it was nothin'"

"No, no really. You're so beautiful with words."

"Ya think so?"

"We know so."

"Oh you girls."

"Oh my gosh three more months of this and I don't know what I'd do," sighed Donnelly. "I mean look at what the humidity is doing to my hair!"

"You and me both girlfriend," said Epps. "Oh my gosh, why don't guys just fight their own wars which they started?"

"Because they're a bunch of lazy a—" started Fig, but was caught off by Lennox.

"Ugh, Fig, what have we told you? Manners. We're women, not rugged men," said Lennox sitting back in her seat.

"I don't know . . . we can sure look like it now," chuckled Donnelly.

"You're probably right," chuckled Lennox.

"Hhh, so what's the first thing you want to do when we get home?" asked Donnelly. "I want to go to a salon, get my nails done and hair, and just relax with the ladies."

"I can't wait to go home to daddy," said Fig with a smile. "He makes the best alligator known the womankind."

"What about you Lennox?" asked Donnelly.

"I just want to hold my baby boy again," she sighed thinking of him all alone on the farm with his daddy.

"Awwww," sighed all of the girls. "Why didn't you stay after you had him?"

"Well he was driving me crazy with those loud cries of his and I just let Sam deal with him, hee, hee, but I changed my mind I want to hold him again," she said with a smile.

"What did you name him?" asked Epps.

"I named him Anthony," she said with a smile. "It was my husband's middle name."

"I know what you mean about children and all," said Epps with a sigh. "I have three sons of my own. They're with their daddy as well. Shoot, I'm not watching three boys by myself so I just left and let him have 'em."

At that they all laughed and just waited for the plain to reach Quatar.

"Hey, um, Miss, there's a funky looking helicopter coming our way," said one of the soldiers.

"Well don't look at me, I don't know who it is," said the commanding soldier.

"What if it kills us?" asked one of the soldiers.

"Well we're still alive aren't we?" said the commander

"Uuuhhh, yea," said the soldier.

Just as soon as the helicopter landed the soldiers all waited for the pilot to get out, but she wasn't moving. Not a moment too soon after that the helicopter moved and changed and shifted into this large creature. Once everyone got a better look at it they saw it was a giant alien robot, that strangely resembled a female. She had an hour glass shape so why wouldn't anyone think that?

She immediately started shooting up a storm and Lennox and her team tried to make it out of the base alive. There was this little Arabic girl that Lennox took with them knowing she'd be able to lead them to a place where they could tell the U.S. about what happened and that they survived. They didn't want to stay around the base to find out what became of it so they tried to make it out. Epps almost had gotten stepped on by what looked like a high heeled foot.

"Those are some big pradas!" she gasped getting up and taking a picture of the robot who seemed to be evilly laughing as she destroyed the whole base.

Blackish looked down and saw that human female take her picture and so she immediately took her gun out and tried to shoot her, but she was blinded.

"AH!! Little glitches!!" she cursed in cyberglamish.

She then sent out her pet, Skorpinny. She knew she'd hunt them down and kill them. Blackish then continued on her way trying to get information about a certain femme, but, like always, was cut short. Oh well she could destroy the base anyways and she did . . . leaving no survivors.

"Well I've decided to do a report on my great great grandmother," said Samantha as she came up to the front of the glass, but as soon as she had she was shot with a piece of mascara.

"Who, who did that?!" said the history teacher as she stood up, her forerim glasses making her look like a dork. "Responsibilities children. Go on Samantha."

"Thank-you," said Samantha as she continued naming off instruments about her great great grandmother. "My great great grandmother was the first sea Captain that was a woman. She was the first to explore the Arctic Circle and when she was there she said she found some icewoman below the ice and later on going insane drawing these strange figures."

Just as she finished the bell rung and the class left. Samantha then asked the teacher what she thought and what grade might be fair, but she told her a B-. Samantha couldn't have that if she wanted a car. So later she eventually convinces her to give her an A-.

"Mom, mom!!" squealed Samantha running out to her mother who waited in the car. "I got an A-!"

"Well if it's still an A I guess we can get your car," said Ruth as she drove off.

Samantha wasn't too pleased to find that she had to get an old used car, but it had to do. The car dealer named Betty Bolivia scared the crap out of him, and not just 'cause she was a large black woman either, just her attitude was creepy and annoying. Samantha didn't like any of the cars she saw and just wanted to go home until this old 80's Volkswagen drove up and just stopped like God Himself sent it to her. She got in and noticed a strange insignia on the steering wheel that was a red robot-like face that glittered, but she just ignored it.

"Mom, mommy, I want this one," said Samantha.

"How much for it?" asked Ruth.

"I say about four thousand," said Betty thinking it was nothing but a piece of junk and wanted to get rid of it no matter where it came from.

"Deal," said Ruth as they paid her. "Go have fun Samantha!"

"I will mom, thanks!" said Samantha with a smile, she had her own car and was the proudest girl in the world!

Hot Shot's girl: Yea, I've changed it around just a little to make it more funny. Hope you liked it, it just gets more coocoo later on XP